A Toy Story, Part II


We were both almost out of poppers, so before I left that morning, we made a plan to place an order. Later in the week I would check with him in case he thought of something else he might want me to buy and I would place our order using my account. Fortuitously, I got an email the next day with a 15% off the whole order. SCORE! I sent him a text with a picture of the coupon and asked if there was anything else he wanted to order. 

Before long he was sending me photos of his computer screen and I was squirming in my increasingly wet panties thinking of the fun we were going to have. The toys he wanted me to order suited our sex life perfectly, but also in many ways were a stretch for me. I trust him completely and he regularly helps push my boundaries to try new things and apparently this order was going to be one of those times. 

It was like looking into the mind of the ‘Naughty Professor,’ my personal sex scientist- Stefan.  He has this mode he goes into where everything is an experiment. He wiggles his fingers and asks me, “How’s this? How does it feel? Is this better or is this? Do you like fingers better or my cock here?’ He explores my body and all of my insides. He studies my reactions both verbal and physical. He catalogs my responses and keeps the notes in his head to pull out again and again when he’s pleasuring me. He is continually figuring out the formula and knows each time, better and better what keeps me on the edge of climax and what pushes me over that edge, and when. 

All of this exploration has taught me about myself too. For example, if he hadn’t asked, “Do you prefer I move my hand this way or this?” and then turned his fingers downward instead of upward, I never would have learned that I squirt much quicker that way. His honest explorations of my sensitivities, my desires, of what feels good to me, has been a labor of love for us both. I attribute a lot of who I am now sexually to his careful and thorough contemplation of my erogenous zones. 

So now, here he was sending me photos of the items I should add to our poppers order. The first one was two jars of fisting gel. (Commence pussy clenching now.)  We have used many different types of lube and I tend to be partial to coconut oil for some of our adventures, but I have to admit, the fisting gel is smooth, wet, and cool; and because he is always extremely generous with his lubrication habits, it works great for, well exactly what the name says it’s to be used for, fisting. Just thinking about him slathering both of us in this slick gel and pushing his whole hand inside me- had my breath going shallow as I located the item and added it to our shopping cart. 

The next item that appeared on my screen, caused me to pause for a minute. I mean, yes! But uhm, Eek? No? Yes? The “Monster Anal Expander Kit” held so much possibility for “growth.” We already enjoy great anal sex, it’s one of my favorite ways he expresses his dominance when we play. Almost every time we’re together results in hot, hard, deep ass fucking at some point in the night. But this box of toys would take ass play to a whole new level, if we used them this way. (When the items actually arrived, I discovered that the word ‘MONSTER’ in the packaging was no joke. These things are huge!) 

Before I knew it, the ‘scariest toy yet’ showed up on my screen. A fist dildo! Shaped like a smallish woman’s hand, this bright red squishy toy made my insides wobble. I would never admit this to anyone, but I had seen a larger black version of this in a toy store once and kept sneaking peeks at it from the corner of my eye, intrigued. I had even seen this exact toy in the online store just now, while looking for toys to add to the order, but my deeply ingrained reluctance to admit my sexual fantasies caused me to move past and not suggest it for the order. Thank god Stefan has no such inhibitions! He sent the photo and expected me to add it to the basket.  I did, my heart beating quickly and my imagination excited. 

Next came a strap-on, for him. The “Fetish Fantasy 10-inch Choco Dream Hollow Strap On.” This would not be the first sheath toy he had covered himself with to fuck me, but this one was long and thin instead of thick and stocky. That first time is still clear in my memory, it was also the first time we used the sex swing hanging from the ceiling in his living room. My legs were spread wide by the thick black stirrups as he stood between them with the extra girth positioned at my wet and ready pussy. The bounce back and forth of the swing aided our rhythm as he took me hard and fast. Oh yes, I could handle another one of these.  Plus, it had been a while since I’d had a good hard deep PIV fuck, and this looked promising. 

(I wrote about using this toy- Toy Story- Part I.)

I started to get into the spirit of the search and send him a suggestion. How about this pretty blue glass dildo with the scrummy bumpy bits? His response was unenthusiastic. “I had a glass one before, it was quite cool, but I think a clear one of the silicone dildos will be more interesting, more flexible.” 

So, I set off to search for a “clear” dildo and voila! The ‘Basix 10 Dong with Suction Cup- Clear’ appeared in my search. A thick, 10-inch realistic dildo made of a clear-ish material, with a suction cup on the bottom. That fit the bill! Not terrifying, definitely a nice length, pretty thick. I liked where this was going. I sent him the picture. I was recently starting to enjoy the idea of thicker, larger dildos, hands, and other toys inside me and thought this one would be a nice gateway. Stefan agreed, and I added it to the basket. I immediately had a fantasy of placing it on the toilet seat cover and lowering myself onto it, over and over again, while Stefan watched from the comfort of his evening bath. 

Finally I was ready to finish placing the order. I added about 25 condoms each. I figure those condoms will last, well, forever! He and I are fluid bonded and generally the other men I am with are very good about bringing condoms and he doesn’t find much time for new sexual adventures these days. We just like to be sure we have condoms, because well, you never know. 

I also added two three-packs of poppers, the whole reason we started this order process to begin with.  Good lord I love fucking with poppers. Between smoking weed and doing poppers, sex with Stefan is always ‘next level.’ I love the high. I love how the poppers take my mind away from the mundane and make each moment seem to be all feels and sensations.  The headspace they push me to, in addition to the relaxing properties that make much of our play infinitely more comfortable, means they are almost an essential piece of our sexual adventures. 


I was so excited for this box to arrive and for the day to come that we could unbox it and have all the fun! That night I went to sleep, lightly caressing my inner thighs and probing the silky lips between my legs, thinking about all the options. I knew my ‘Naughty Professor’ in full on ‘sex scientist’ mode would find new and fabulous ways to make me squirm and squirt and come, over and over again.  

All the toys just waiting for us to unbox and enjoy!

***Don’t worry you dirty little birds, there will be more. I am fully prepared to tell you about the wet, juicy, quirky, and delightful fun we had trying out these toys. There will certainly be a part III maybe even IV and V. Now that I have discovered toys as a way to enjoy sex together, I have purchased four more toys in addition to these! Stay tuned my freaky friends!


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16 Replies to “A Toy Story, Part II”

  1. Eeeee! I was so excited to see part 2!
    I laughed out loud at “(Commence pussy clenching now.)” Because I was instantly turned on reading “fisting gel”. I must have some in my life ?

    So looking forward to reading about how much fun you have with your new purchases!

    1. THANKS! I was nervous to write about fisting but… hey what the heck right? If it’s what I’m into… Thanks for coming back… I promise this was a teaser- the REALLY good stuff is next!

  2. Ohhh I do love a glass dildo. I don’t know that final suction cup dildo is made off but it does look like it might be some sort of jelly or rubber, if that is the case I would be super cautious about using it as that means it is probably porous and look for things made from silicone. Hope that is not being a downer on your order but not saying anything didn’t seem right either


    1. The very first sex toy I ever bought was a glass one. I have carried that sucker all over the world in my travels with me, I have always preferred a good hard deep thrust to vibrations. 🙂

      The toy did say it was Phalate free- but when I did a little more research, I didn’t like what I saw, so we use a condom over it to play. I am currently in search of something similar in size and girth that is safer to use without protection. Thanks for your concern!! This is how we all learn!

    1. Thanks! He has toys at his place, but this was our first real foray into this together. Once I started being on Twitter I got total FOMO seeing all the dildos and sex toy reviews and and and… 🙂

  3. I get this entirely, I get pussy clenching and pantie dampening thrills from browsing sex toys & lingerie for myself, sometimes just wondering how things might be used. If my man was giving me a list and being dominant, that would be super exciting! I’m glad Molly made her comment, I was thinking the same and was going to advise you if no-one else had, I have my eye on a dragon or tentacle dildo – from the Bad Dragon range – they have a variety of sizes, softness or hardness, with ‘sucker’ base, with the ability to ejaculated … oooh spoilt for choice. I cant wait to read further episodes!

    1. THANKS! It was one of our hotter moments (him telling e what to order and getting all these toys) for sure, and it has produced amazing results in our sex life too!

      Thanks for the info. I have definitely learned more about toy safety since I started this Twitter/blogging thing. I bought a few more on my own, more expensive, super safe, and oh so lovely- but it’s different because it wasn’t him controlling the process etc. Ya know?

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