A Toy Story- Part III

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All the Toys!

The box had been sitting in front of my wardrobe for a week. I didn’t need foreplay. I had all week to anticipate the different ways we would use the toys. I was in a constant state of arousal all week, panties constantly wet, and my skin tingling at the slightest touch. It was finally Thursday night, our night. Every week, on Thursday, I hop on the M10 tram and I head to his flat. No matter what time I get there, we get naked, turn off our phones, eat dinner, and see what happens. Our phones don’t go back online until the morning, usually around 10:00, as we start to make our way back to the real word.

That night, I climbed onto the tram with this very large box of new sex toys in my arms. I could just picture something going wrong, tripping over the entrance or something equally clumsy, and all the toys flying out for the inspection of the rush hour traffic! The whole ride, I was on high alert, which only heightened my anticipation for the evening’s events. Thankfully, I made it to his place without incident.

He greeted me at the door naked, gave me a hello kiss, took the box from me, and put it on the couch while I took off my clothes. The living room lights were on but the red candles in black wrought iron candelabras were blinking soothingly and I could smell dinner cooking, the scent of steak with cheese wafting from the kitchen. I sat down next to his beautiful naked self, leaned in for a deep hot kiss, and we smoked some weed. Then he said, “Let’s see what we’ve got here.”

One by one he pulled out each toy, opened the box, and inspected each item to see what it looked like and figured out what it did. He squeezed, wiggled, and checked each one thoroughly before setting it on the top of the couch and going on to the next. By the time our dinner was ready, the top of the couch looked like a staging area for a porn video and my stomach was full of beautiful butterflies. I could see his ‘sex scientist” wheels turning and that always means some serious pleasure was coming up. We ate our dinner on the coffee table in front of the TV, off one plate with one set of silverware, as usual. When we were done, we smoked some more weed and I poured a big glass of lovely jewel red rioja from his well-stocked shelf and leaned back in relaxation.

As soon as my glass of wine was finished, he tapped my knee, jerked his head to the side, and took my glass from me. He got up, turned off the lights, grabbed a towel from the bathroom, and lube and poppers from the table across the room. I knew when he got back, he expected me to be seated with my back to the arm of the giant couch, ass comfortably lifted on a pillow, and legs spread. I was ready when he came back.

First things first, he opened the small vial of menthol CBD lube and applied it to my labia and clit. The gentle massage felt so good as it relaxed me that it wasn’t long before I was a tingly wet mess of excitement. He let the oil seep in and continue to do its magic, while he picked up the various toys, hefted them, checked each again, deciding which would be first.

He chose the Monster Anal Plugs and laid the smallest one on my stomach. Bold choice for the first toy! He opened one of the huge jars of Fisting Gel and liberally dipped his hand in and then started working my vulva, slowly circling and probing my labia with the slick wet lube on his fingers. He dipped first one finger then the other inside my wet waiting cunt. Always moving in slow easy circular motions, he moved fast then slow, keeping me off kilter, not knowing what was coming next.

He changed up how many fingers he used, sometimes pushing one into my throbbing folds, other times three. He knows we don’t really need to work up slowly. Once I am hot and wet, I want him to fill me right away, but he always makes me wait, working with my body, teasing and testing me, my hips bucking and knees shaking when he hits a particularly sensitive area. He laughs and moves my legs back to their original position, and in those moments,  I can just imagine him noting down in the scientific journal in his head, “Legs shake when I move three bent fingers to the left 30 degrees…”

Finally, he took the plug off my stomach and liberally coated it with the fisting gel. I stared at it with a bit of trepidation. Even though it’s the smallest one in the box, it really is quite big, and he really hadn’t been paying much attention to my ass while he was warming me up. But I trust him. His goal is always to see me satisfied and to see how many new ways he can make that happen. He never wants me to be in pain so I watched, curious, as he decided what to do with it.

The plug has a small flat handle on it which fits nicely between ass cheeks or labia lips. The plug itself is like a clamp but it’s wide open, almost like wings. You have to use your fingers to hold it closed as you insert it. After it has passed the narrow muscles of whichever body part you insert it into, it opens up again, like wings unfolding from the body of the plug and filling the space inside of you. He held the plug closed, no easy task, and gently but firmly inserted it into my vagina. I was worried that once it was inside it would “whip open” but he held it closed as long as he could. I could feel it tighten inside me once it passed the narrow opening and the wings unfolded. He let it sit there for a minute.

“How does that feel? Is it normalizing yet?”

When I nodded yes, he slowly spun it around inside me, I could feel the “wings” moving and pushing against first one side then the other.

“How about this? Does it feel better this way?” Tugging on it, he could feel that it wouldn’t fall out easily. “You could wear this. It won’t fall out. Hmmm, I could probably wear this while I fucked you. I think I like this one. Let’s try the bigger one, shall we?”

He left the smaller one inside while he lubed up the middle sized one. At its widest point this one was bigger than most of our dildos and also had the clamp/wings thing. I am sure my eyes grew wide because he gently ran his finger down the inside of my thigh, “You can do this. No problem.”

He grabbed the small plug; pulled and tugged to remove it. The wings created a lovely feeling of tightness inside me and it came out with a pop. I think that was my favorite part, the extra full feeling as it slowly came out. Now I was excited to see how the bigger one felt going in AND coming out.

He added more lube and used his fingers and hands to make me squirm again. This time he added more fingers, more pressure, and more motion. He even used his small finger to dip into my ass as he pressed his other fingers inside me. There were so many sensations, I couldn’t tell what was where. My hips wouldn’t stay still and I pressed up against his hand, silently begging him for more, to go deeper, to add more fingers. I wanted him to push his hand down and in so badly. He started to breath heavily, his eyes glazed over, and he started to get ‘that look’, you know the one. The one that says he is ready to slide into the bliss himself as he continued to pleasure me. He leaned in closer, pressed in nearer to me, started moving his fingers even faster, in and out, in an out… but then he bumped into the larger plug sitting on my stomach and it brought him back to the present moment. He slowly shook himself, smiled the dirty professor grin, and held the plug up for me to see.

This clamp was much harder to hold closed so it could be inserted. He used both hands to hold it together and directed it to the opening of my waiting cunt, pushing the cold tip firmly so he wouldn’t lose his grip and let the wings open before they were far enough inside me. Once the tip was far enough in not to fly open, he went slower,  giving me time to feel the sensations of being stretched full by the wings as they passed through the muscles.

Again, ’sex scientist Stefan’ worked all the angles, asking me what felt good, what did I want him to try? He massaged my lips with his lube-soaked fingers. He pushed the plug all the way in and rearranged my lips all the way around, hiding it inside. He looked up and grinned, almost maniacally, “You could wear this one too.” That sent spirals of fantasy ideas swirling through my mind, but I didn’t have time to process them because he was rubbing my clit, teasing it lightly, using the pad of his calloused finger to swish back and forth and back and forth across my tender swollen sensitive body.

My hips were bucking and out of my mouth came the craziest sounds of pleasure and arousal. He held one of my legs down and threw one of his legs over my other, so I couldn’t wiggle, and he concentrated his motions. Now using three fingers to quickly, oh so quickly, shake his hand back and forth just barely touching my clit as the sensations built up, higher and higher, closer and closer to my orgasmic peak. I looked up and he had the best grin on his face. He was watching me for signs of my pending release, he was enjoying my pleasure so much that his own face was changing with every moment, his own breathing getting ragged, a small moan escaped his lips, which in turn finally pushed me over the edge, falling hard into an abyss of sensations.

He was still holding me down as I lay there, spent, breathing erratic, in a pool of my own sweat. He gently caressed the thickness of my thigh as he released me and kissed the inside of my knee in a sweet gentle gesture. Then, he looked over to the top of the couch, reached for another toy and asked,

“So, what’s next?”


STAY TUNED- Oh yes, there is more!


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  1. Lovely vivid depiction of what you used and how it felt – I enjoyed having a ringside seat for your ‘experiment’!

    I have one of those blue toys in the shop window – (it’s beautiful and sexy!)

    1. I still have one more story about that night… two toys (gotta manage that word count somehow though! LOL) and the freaking most amazing climax I ever had! LOL Still to come…

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