About Me

Hi! I’m E.L. Byrne. Thanks for stopping by.

In 2015 I divorced and moved from the US to Costa Rica. There I had my “eat, pray, love” cycle and had a chance to heal from the “broken marriage” thing. In 2016, I embarked on an incredible adventure- I traveled around the world and ended up in Berlin for a few years and now I live in Medellin, Colombia!

Girl! On this trip, Stella got her groove back for real! I have always loved dating, loved sex, and I have always loved men (and women too…)

I mean I LOVE PEOPLE! I love the way they smell, I love the way they move, I love how their muscles look, how their bodies move, the way they think, they way they make you feel… yep. I love sexy people.

This trip has given me the chance to get to know A LOT of men, and more recently women. Near the beginning, I learned about Tinder! It became my new favorite app! I was in about 40-45 countries from 2015-2018 and dated in almost every one of them! Boy, has it been fun.

I started telling these stories to my girlfriends and all of them said, “You have to write about these things!” So I did- as E.L. Byrne! I have also started adding fictional erotic tales to the mix, because well, why not!

Along the way, I learned so much about myself, my relationship style, etc. I discovered polyamory and never looked back. I write about being poly, relationships and other things on my other site, www.elbyrnewriter.com

Check me out there as well!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in traveling, sexy real-life stories, Tinder and other dating app adventures, as well as fun erotica too. I write a review of each week too. Sometimes they’re sexy other times, just the normal life of a solo-polyamorous single 40 something woman!


If you’re looking for really hot explicit stories of sex, I recommend you start with Toy Story- the first of the Sex Scientist Files.

A Toy Story, Part I

If you want to know more about me and what my life looks like, start with one of the “Week in Review” posts. This is the most current one at the time I wrote this.

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<3 E.L. Byrne