And Finally, Salsa

Jennifer relaxed in the humid sunshine drinking café Tinto, munching a buñuelo, and enjoying the fresh breeze flowing through the valley. She had been apprehensive about moving to Medellin, worried about dating short Colombian men. But now, she’d met Jose Fernando and was lazily remembering his visit the night before.

Jose Fernando was 10 years younger but that wasn’t the problem, her appetites had always fit better with younger men, but his height? OY! He listed himself on Tinder as 5’ 7” (170cm) and she was easily 5’ 10” (178cm). If you take into consideration that men usually exaggerate their height, he was probably even shorter than that. He was also SMALL. We’re talking adolescent child size, one of her legs wouldn’t fit into four of his pants legs sewn together small! And she was, well let’s just say she had ample curves, a soft belly, large breasts, and a strong physically active body. But oh, there was something about him. His smile. The way his eyes lit up. The way his lips tipped a little to the right when he laughed, and he laughed with such joy. Even when she realized how small he was, there was already too much chemistry for her to say no to an invite for a weekend away.

She had climbed on the back of his red motorcycle, too big for a man his size, thinking about small dicks and other myths about men with big bikes, and worried he wouldn’t be able to keep it upright with her on the back. But she is a good rider and has great balance, and the ride through the Colombian countryside was exhilarating. He raced around corners, their bodies bending together to make the big red Moto corner with ease. The fresh mountain air, the rumble of the seat, holding on to his body; all this combined to make her panties so wet when they arrived, she wasn’t sure she would make it inside before she squished him up against the wall like a bug and had her way with him!

Fortunately, he was spared that fate when his friends came out to greet them. They spent a pleasant evening chatting, drinking aguardiente (the local guaro,) and sitting outside enjoying the cool moist mountain air. The traditional home looked over a gorgeous manmade lake which reflected the stars, and showcased a silhouetted view of the giant rock- El Peñol. Between keeping up with the men drinking the sweet anis flavored aguardiente, her near fluent Spanish, and her curves; Jennifer was warmly welcomed, especially by the men. But her eyes followed only Jose Fernando all night. His laugh, the way he treated their hostess/mother of the family with such respect, his ease and presence, all impressed her.

Late in the evening, around the huge picnic table by the fire, they sat side-by-side quietly typing their flirty words into the Google translate app. He wanted to tell her his thoughts in English.

“I love looking at you.”

“Your eyes are so beautiful.”

“You are so gorgeous in this light.”

“I want to kiss you.”

When Jennifer read that last one, she looked at him from under her eyelashes and responded, “Entonces, Besame!” He leaned in and gave her a slow, wet and promising kiss. All his friends started laughing and cheering, causing them to pull apart quickly, blushing.

Ever since that night, they spent as much time together as they could manage. He was a busy veterinarian at a farm in the country, but when he could plan a few days, he would come to Medellin on that big motorcycle to romance Jennifer. They went out to eat, fancy Italian, fusion Mexican, hamburgers, nachos, pizza as well as bandeja paisa, empanadas, and lechona. Oh, such lovely nights of eating and drinking and sex. Walking back to her flat together, she sometimes wondered what people thought. Did they look at them funny because she was so much bigger than him? But he would take her hand, smile in her face, and all those thoughts were gone, replaced with thoughts of his kisses, the way his hand touched her thigh, how his mouth nuzzled her neck. Such delicious thoughts.

Yesterday, they shopped at the food market where locals go instead of to modern grocery stores. They wandered through the maze of narrow corridors, laughed and kissed while testing fruits and veggies for ripeness and buying fresh fish. Once back at Jennifer’s flat, she hopped in the shower to wash off the heat of the day. When she came back to the bedroom, wrapped only in a fluffy white towel, Jose Fernando had made a picnic on the bed and was sitting there in his boxers, grinning mischievously. Good Lord! Her heart swelled, she was falling for him.

They ate their fruit and cheese in a quiet camaraderie, and she fell asleep for a short afternoon siesta, while he did some work. She woke and covertly watched him as he talked to a colleague on the phone. Finally, he noticed she was awake and smiled that sweet grin that filled his face. He closed his laptop and stood up. Before she knew it, he ran across the room and hopped up on the bed. He landed on his knees, bounced twice, and ended up straddled on her body. They both giggled uncontrollably, until Jose Fernando’s lean fingers began to caress a large breast.

She grinned as he first firmly pinched one nipple then the other, pulling and distending them, causing long hot pulses all the way to her cunt. He pulled the towel off her naked body and made warm murmurs of appreciation. He slowly caressed the soft skin of her fluffy stomach whispering, “Ah, a mi me gusta tu estomago.”

She blushed and fought the urge to cover her stomach with her hands. Her stomach was not a part of her body she appreciated, but he put his face against her skin and kissed it gently over and over. He moved up to kiss her breasts, biting and suckling each one alternating between gentle and firm. But soon his attention was on the thick part of her upper arm. He pulled away, looked at her arms, then caressed each one, landing firm bites over and over,

“Me encanta tus brazos!” Again, she felt the urge to pull away and change the focus of his attentions.  She tried to redirect his mouth, but he looked at her, his eyes gentle and said, “No. Son mios, los quiero. Tu eres tan linda!” He turned her over and continued his ministrations by kissing up and down the length of her upper arm, licking, sucking, and biting. As he lovingly caressed one of her least favorite body parts, she began to relax. She felt his love pulse through her blood and swell her labia. But he wasn’t done yet.

He shifted lazily in the mid-day heat and worked his way down her back, over her fat round ass, ending at her thick thighs. She sighed a little, thinking ‘oh lord, not another of my worst parts!’ Sure enough, he stopped there, pushing and pulling on the fat of her thighs. He kissed and bit her body, murmuring loving sexy words in Spanish. She allowed herself to be soothed by his touch, by his obvious appreciation for her body, and floated into the bliss.  They continued to touch and play until her body was limp and relaxed, and her heart full of feels.  She lay languidly in his embrace, and when she felt restored she kissed him on the lips and hopped out of bed to make dinner, naked.

She poured herself a glass of wine, handed him a Club Colombia Red, and started pulling the fresh ingredients for dinner. Jose Fernando turned on some music and before she knew it, he grabbed her, spun her around, and started dancing. He pulled her into his arms, leading her confidently in a fast salsa around the kitchen. Her body moved gracefully with his as they danced their naked bodies to the beat until they were sweaty and laughing.

She had always thought she was gorgeous, and she had always been “fat and happy.” But just then, in a studio flat on a noisy street in Medellin, dancing salsa with a tiny Colombian man, she integrated those last few body parts into her heart and mind, and suddenly it was true. She WAS fat and happy! With that, a loud laugh escaped her lips and he spun her around in circles of joy!


This story was inspired by the Masturbation Monday Prompt- a photo from the always lovely Violet Fawkes. The photo reminded me of me of how I think I look- soft, round, curvy, beautiful. It made me think of the way different cultures experience body image, how different people around the world perceive beauty, and the hangups about my own body I have had to overcome as a North American woman. This story is more or less true. There IS a ‘Jose Fernando’- the sweet little man! But some of the way the characters interact in this story is a combination of latino men I have known over years.


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11 Replies to “And Finally, Salsa”

  1. I love that you have written about a couple that is so different in size and yet happy. It happens all the time in real life, but often when we write erotica, we focus on beautiful perfect people… the cliche…where the man is big and muscular and sexy and the woman is thin with big boobs and a curvy ass. All sorts can be beautiful and erotic, and the more we write about that…the better!

    1. I agree, there is a certain “image” people assume and we should talk and write about realistic bodies more. I have been trying to make sure when I describe myself in any of my writing I use realistic words for my own body, ample, large, voluminous LOL My goal is that if someone read my stuff and then saw me, they would not be shocked at who I really am! LOL

      Honestly- before I started traveling I always wanted to date and be with men who were a bit bigger, because I am. Now? My partners are very tall but very thin men. And it doesn’t even make me feel any kind of way about it anymore. They love me, so we go on! <3

  2. This was absolutely wonderful to read. JB is 5’6″ on a good day and now that he’s lost weight, we do look a bit like a short Jack Spratt and his wife. And yet, I know he loves my curves and soft spots. Though he’s definitely not latino, I could see him and us through your story…and you legit brought (good) tears to my eyes. Now if I could just see my curves the way JB and “Jose” see those kinds of curves.

    1. So many big hugs for this! Men like JB and “Jose” certainly help give us curvy girls a safe place to start from when learning to love our own bodies! I have a few other ideas for posts about loving my curves, I think this is a good safe place to write about that kind of thing! HUGS!

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