Cheering His Orgasm Like a Football Fan

Him: “Babe! Last night was hilarious and HOT!”

Me: “Oh yeah? How so?”

“You were cheering me on like I was a superstar!”

“Well you are a super star!”

“Ha! No but for real! You were all ‘Come for me baby! I wanna hear you come!’ and I was all, UHNNNN”

“I love to hear you come.”

“I know baby. You were telling me, ‘Come for me, come for me!’ So I yelled out, ‘I’m gonna come for you!’ Then you started cheering for me! ‘Go! Go! YES BABY YES! You got this!’ You even wrapped your legs around me and lifted your arms up like you were cheering me on in a stadium!”

“Cause you’re the man baby!”

“I knew it too! Once you started cheering me, I just went for it! oh yeah… UUUHHHNNNNFFGG! YES!”

“HA! OMG Babe that was so much freaking fun!”

“It was Babe! It was!”


This short little blurb about the sex I am having was inspired by @_floss_84 at Floss Does Life – Sex Diaries.

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