Dark and Swarthy

Yes- lately I like them all dark and swarthy. Give me an olive skinned, black haired, bearded cutie any day. And I’m in luck because these sexy men tend to like me back!


Germany is one of the places in the world that is still taking in refugees right now, and also Berlin has a very large Turkish and Middle Eastern population as well as being one of the most diverse cities in Europe. So there are lots of the tall, dark, and handsome types around if you happen to like them!


Beautiful men named Mohammed, Anas, Swarim, Samer… dark brown eyes to stare into mine for days, beautiful accents of various thickness (other things of various thicknesses too!) And right now, beards are “in” all over the word, so even if they wouldn’t normally have a beard many men do.


Let’s call them D&S from now on, shall we?


When I swipe right on a sexy D&S man, I am almost guaranteed to get a match. Of course, if you ever use Tinder you know you have to swipe a lot of guys to get matches, and then you have to have a lot of matches to actually get dates, but when those dates happen… Fun!


Right now, one of these guys is “in the running” to keep around. It is in super early stages. Anas. He has longish hair (just above his collar) an amazing smile, and has started to call me his princess. (Oh yes, I am a sucker for the sweet talk!)


He is always whispering,” OMG I am so lucky to have you, OMG you are so beautiful, OMG I want to stay here close to you forever…” you get the picture!


He has the longest, thinnest fingers. Normally, I might think that his hands looked a little feminine, delicate even. They are small enough that I can feel the difference when I hold his hand, but GOOD LORD what those sweet delicate fingers can do! I don’t know if there is an equivalent phrase in Islam for “Hallelujah!” But I think I will ask- because Good Lord! Or Allah or any other deity whose name I am NOT supposed to use in these circumstances… They are amazing.



And then there is Mohammed.  He is in the “takes me out from time to time” category- Our first date was so much fun! He took me to a real dinner. I can’t remember the last time a guy took me out to EAT rather than just have a few drinks or even just a coffee on a first date. We had Korean BBQ, and drank some Soju (perhaps starting off like that was partly responsible for the great time we had the rest of the night… that Soju WILL kick a girl’s ass!)


Afterwards- we went to this Jazz bar and had a few more drinks while waiting for the live music to start. At some point before the music started, he kissed me. After that? It was like we had been dating for months and months. We were sooo comfortable together. Laughing, Random kissing… he sat on a stool in front of me and leaned back into me, pulled my arms around him, while we listened to the music… and drank more gin… and more gin… (See where THIS is going? LOL)


I actually woke up in the morning expecting to see him lying next to me, but after going with me to make sure I made it home in a cab, he had gone home as well. I rolled over and checked my phone and there was a sweet message waiting for me. I would tell you more about what actually happened between the cab ride home and waking up but well… soju… gin…. I’ll have to wait until we go on a date again- then I can give you more details. {Eek!} He did come to my birthday party the other day- but couldn’t stay long. Just stopped by to say Happy Birthday!


So- there we have it. More stories to come I am sure- but right now- the D&S are winning by a land slide!


What is your type?




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