Date and Dash

So there is this phenomenon, I call it “Date and Dash.” Remember, when you were a kid? Ding, Dong, Dash? Go up to your neighbor’s door, ring the bell, and run like the wind before they could see you? It’s like that! Really! You go on a date with a guy, and he completely disappears almost immediately after. Date and Dash!

Example One: Nice guy, tall, blond, German man, about 34 I think. He tells me he thinks I am hot, and since it’s still summer, he hopes I am wearing a dress when we meet. I am. We meet on the corner by the S-Bahn, where he parks his bike. We have a perfectly normal lunch of pizza and water. No sparks, but it wasn’t uncomfortable either. Kiss on the cheeks good-bye, in the proper German way. Never hear from him again, but I did send him a brief, thank you. (Though I am not sure what I was thanking him for, we paid for our own meals!)

Example Two: Very suave Spanish man, about 43. He met me at the bar around the corner from my house and we sat outside. He was there before me, and when he stood up I could see he wasn’t the typical Berliner. He was wearing pressed and creased jeans, pointy toes shoes, and a blazer jacket. I was sporting my metallic toned sparkly Birkenstock sandals, and camp skirt. We spoke in Spanish and English, with his body turned slightly away from me the whole time. A quick kiss on the cheek goodbye, I already knew this was no love match. I got home, two blocks away, and he had already unmatched me on Tinder. (We had never exchanged WhatsApp info.)

Example Three: Mediterranean Man, about 38, short with a wild beard. His look online was way sexier than in person, and the fact that he was about 5 inches shorter than me, doomed him from the beginning. We had a cup of coffee and talked. I felt like he was “indulging me” the whole time. Thankfully I had a conference call to get home for, so it was easy to make my excuses and leave. Neither of us ever tried to connect again.

These were all cases where I hardly even noticed they were gone. But it is still an interesting phenomenon. Let’s not even talk about the guys you go on one date with, you text on and off again for a while, and then you EVENTUALLY never hear from them again… That’s a whole other list.


Does this happen to you? What’s the deal!?



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