Fantasy Fulfilled

Everyone who met her fell under thrall of her silvery laugh and the dulcet tones of her whisper. Even as I denied my attraction to her, I knew in my heart, I was going to loose the battle. My eyes keep darting her way. I try valiantly to focus on what Thomas is saying… but her laughter rings in my ears and every time I hear it, my cunt clenches in pleasure. 

Thomas is a good guy; attentive, polite, and very good looking. He knows how kinky I am, and loves me for it, it’s just not really for him. He’s a bit boring, predictable, vanilla.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course, but tonight none of those things are turning me on. She is. 

Shit. How am I going to get her to notice me? She’s surrounded by three good looking corporate types. Adonis like men who probably came straight down from the offices above. This is the downtown business district, that’s why we’re here. The restaurant is close to Thomas’s law firm and he has to go back to work after we eat. He is working on a big case and only snuck out to meet me because we haven’t seen each other much lately. This just compounds my guilt at being so turned on by the woman in white. 

I swear she catches my eye and I try to catch her eye again, but I don’t want Thomas to notice my lack of attention. He gets up to go to the men’s room, and I’m almost giddy with the freedom to stare at her while he is gone. She’s tall, almost as tall as the men surrounding her. Her white suit is cut just above the knee, showing off her long tan and extremely tones legs. And OMG, the black stiletto heels make me want to lay prostate on the ground in front of her and worship them. 

I reluctantly drag my attention away from that little fantasy and look at her face again. I must turn six shades of red when I see her looking right back at me. I start to sweat, could she tell I was staring at her feet in lust? Crap. She smiles at me, tips her wine glass in my direction, and turns back to the man on her right. I’ve seen him here before, I think he works in the same firm as Thomas. Speaking of Thomas, what’s he doing? OMG he is walking up to them!

He pats his friend on the back and they start talking animatedly. He gestures to our table and they all look over. I try to play it cool and tip my wine glass back at them, two can play at this game. Before I know it, Thomas is on his way with his coworker AND the beautiful woman. I take the napkin and use it to wipe the perspiration from my forehead. 

Thomas introduces me to Pedro and Annette. I go through the motions of shaking their hands and I am sure I say all the right things, but when Annette brushes past, the scent of her perfume overwhelms me and I feel faint. She shakes my hand firmly, almost too firmly, and holds it a second too long while looking directly into my eyes. I begin to feel like maybe she DID read my thoughts about those sexy black shoes. The submissive little girl inside me gets all tingly with lust.

They takes seats at the table with us, Annette sits next to me, and Pedro sits next to Thomas. The men immediately launch into talking shop. Annette and I don’t speak, we just listen as if we are truly interested in their conversation, but I am so aware of her presence, it almost hurts. I think there’s something going on here, but I don’t know if that’s just because I find her so incredibly beautiful, or because it’s true. 

She reaches for the pitcher of water in front of me, her arm grazing my breast. That was real right? Not just my imagination? My pussy clenches again- I have got to figure out how to make it stop doing that! She leans past me to replace the pitcher, only this time she leans even closer and whispers in my ear, “Spread your legs.”

My eyes widen, and I gasp, “What?” 

“You heard me. Do it. Now.”

I try to hide the grin on my face as we rejoin the conversation with Pedro and Thomas, and of course, I spread my legs as directed. The light cotton skirt, I paired with my cleavage enhancing tank top, is the loose flowing kind and allows me to open my legs fairly wide. I sit there, pussy open, my knee almost touching hers under the table, but to all appearances above the table nothing unusual has happened. 

Before I know it, her hand is on my thigh. She laughs, oh lord that laugh, at something Thomas says and while he is looking right at her, she moves her hand even higher until her fingers are grazing the now very moist place between my legs. How can they not know what is going on under there? I try not to gasp when her pinkie slides my panties to the side and she pushes a finger in and slides it up and down, feeling my wetness. 

It only lasts a moment, but it was pure heaven. She pulls her hand out, pushes my knee back, which I take to be a command to close my legs, and pops her fingers in her mouth one at a time, as if she is licking salt off them from the snacks on the table. Am I the only one seeing this? But everyone else at the table is acting normally, and I do my best to keep up my end of the conversation. 

A short while later, Annette reaches down between my leg again, but when she finds them closed she slaps the top of my thigh and gives me a shocked look. She leans in, again brushing the side of my breast with her arm, and whispers, “Did I say you could close your legs?”

“Uhm, I thought…”

“No. That’s not how this works. Go to the ladies room and wait for me. I expect you to be kneeling in the accessible stall when I get there. Go now!” 

I hop up and excuse myself from the table, and practically run for the rest room. This is my best fantasy come true and I am not going to mess it up by not following her instructions. I check to see if there is anyone else in the bathroom, and am relieved to find there isn’t, though I don’t think Annette would care if there were. Instructions are to be followed, regardless. I check myself in the mirror, plump up my breasts in the bra, adjust my panties, and do as instructed. I kneel on the floor of the largest stall. 

It seems like forever before someone comes in. I panic thinking, what if this isn’t her? But when those beautiful shoes approach the stall my fears are allayed. But are they? Or is this just the beginning? She steps into the stall, locks the door, and stands directly in front of me. 

“You will do exactly as I say and you will say ‘Yes Ma’am & Thank you’ when you do. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you.” 

“Ah very good my little kitten. For that, you can lick my shoes. I know you want to, I saw you staring at them earlier. Put your hands behind your back and clean them well. Use lots of spit, got it?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you!” 

I put my hands behind my back and lean down. I have to push back a little to reach them and my breasts are mashed down on the dirty bathroom floor, and my ass is up in the air. It’s disgusting but I am so turned on right now, that my mouth automatically fills up with the saliva I need to do a good job licking these gorgeous shoes clean.  

When Annette deems I have done a good enough job, she pulls the hair at the back of my head and yanks me to my feet. She pushes my legs apart again and puts her fingers inside my panties. She feels the slick hot wetness and grins. 

“You’re even wetter now. I knew you were a little slut when you opened your legs for me so quickly before. And now, oh what a glorious feeling, your juices all over my hand. Here taste.” 

She takes her fingers from my pussy and puts three fingers my mouth and makes me lick them clean. Then she kisses me, holding my head on both side so I can’t move. She kisses me so deep and hard that I’m panting for air when she stops. She presses me up against the wall and pulls down my tank top to reveal my breasts and immediately alternates between pinching and biting them. I start to moan, but she covers my mouth with her hand. 

“Shhh. No noises from you my little slut.”

No noise? I am known for the noise I make when fucking. I am loud and passionate. How am I gong to withstand this onslaught in silence? Turns out I can’t and with the next bite, I moan again. She grabs my hair, flips me around so my naked breasts are pressed up against the wall, and pushes her body against mine.

“I said no noise. Now how am I going to punish you?” She reaches down in front of me and starts to roll her finger over my very sensitive clit. I really do try to be quiet, but I am squirming and moving back against her, and the sensations are building so strongly… Suddenly the bathroom door opens and another guest comes in. Annette covers my mouth and whispers in my ear, “Shhhh.” She slows the frantic pace of her fingers and moves her index finger now very slowly in small circles over my clit.  

I need to press my body against her finger, try to get her to touch me harder, despite the other person in the room, but Annette pulls my hair harder and shakes her head, ‘No!’ Once the other woman leaves the room, Annette pulls my ass back towards her, bending me over, flips my skirt up, and pulls my blue lace panties down to reveal my ass. 

“I told you to be quiet, but you didn’t listen. My little sluts always listen or there are consequences, aren’t there?” 

“Yes ma’am. Thank you!” With that, she began to spank me. The sounds of each stinging thwack echoing loudly off the walls of the bathroom. 


I count each hit, the sensations burning through my body, my pussy juices literally dripping down my leg, I can barely keep myself upright even with my arms braced against the wall. I am so turned on and hot and bothered. 

“You are a little slut aren’t you? Licking my dirty shoes, letting me finger you under the table. Just a dirty nasty slut.” 

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you!” Oh lord, I don’t know how much more I can take before my knees give out. I am sure my ass is turning a beautiful shade of red, as each crack begins to really sting.

“Have you had enough?”

“No Ma’am. Thank You. I need more.” Where did that come from? I don’t need more! I can barely stand as it is, but somewhere deep inside me, I know I need more. I want more. So I keep counting. ’13, 14, 15…’ I should be worried that Pedro and Thomas will wonder where we are. How long have we been in here? But I’m actually not concerned at all, I am beyond concern. I am lost and flowing in the moment of pain and bliss. 

Annette stops spanking me, and sinks three fingers inside my wet slit. “Oh, yes my slut. My beautiful little whore, look at this, three fingers with no work. You are such a wet little slut they just slid right in, didn’t they?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you!” 

She thrusts her fingers in and out, in and out. I press my hips back to meet each thrust and draw them deeper inside me. The only thing I like better than being spanked is a good hard deep rough fuck, and it appears that is exactly what Annette is going to do with me now. I push back on her hand and ride her fingers like the wild adventure this is. Her thrusts going deeper and faster and my orgasm building and building until I need to cry out with release. 

“May I come? Please?” 

“Not yet little one, not yet. Hold on,” she responds and adds a fourth finger, her pace speeding up. SHIT. My head is about to explode, there is nothing left but the sensations and sounds of her fucking me in that bathroom stall. I can feel the sensations building, like a volcano, the lava preparing to come up and spill out. She’s thrusting in and out. I’m bouncing my hips back and forth in a frenzy and suddenly (and not quietly I might add) I am squirting that lava all over her hands, it just keeps coming out. I can feel it dripping down my legs and hear it splashing on the floor, but I can’t stop. We keep moving faster and faster. I grind back on her hand harder and harder until I’m moaning even louder, again I ask, “Can I come? Please! Please! I need to come.” 

“Yes my little slut. Now you must come for me.” She continues to call me nasty dirty names and at the last minute pulls my hair back so hard, that it pushes me over the edge. I climax harder than I ever have before, and she pounds my dripping wet stretched pussy with those four fingers until I am spent and completely done. 

My legs are shaking so hard, that she pulls me into her arms and we lean against the wall in an embrace until I come back into my head and my legs are firm underneath me once again. She gently rubs my forehead and strokes my hair, and I lay my head on her shoulder. 

“What a beautiful little slut. You did good tonight. Thomas is going to be so proud of you.” 

I pull away from her, confused, “What do you mean?” 

She gently helps me rearrange my clothing, put my breasts back into the tank top and pull up my panties, before she says, “Thomas. Your boyfriend. He arranged this for you. He knows how you are and wanted to give you a chance to blow off some steam since he hasn’t been around much lately.” 

She kisses my bewildered, but fully satisfied face, opens the stall door and washes her hands. I follow her out, wash up, and make myself as presentable as possible. When I’m ready, she takes my hand, and we walk back to the table. 

22 Replies to “Fantasy Fulfilled”

  1. Super hot, this is my new fantasy.
    I love how she acknowledged how dirty some of the moments were (e.g. tits brushing the floor of the stall) but was still aroused by them – that’s such an exciting tipping point, when you know you’ve stepped over the ‘lines’ you’d normally stay behind!
    This gave me fanny gallops galore! Wonderful to have discovered your writing, I shall check out your blog for more.

    1. Thanks! I really appreciate not only the praise but the specific feedback… cool! I find that I am just finding my voice, but most of the stories here are true… so there is that! <3 Thanks for reading!


  2. so wonderfully wicked, those chance moments acted upon can be amazing.I live the descriptions of all the people, I could all but hear and see the events unfold
    thank you for sharing

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