The Fantasy Horse Dildo

Fantasy Horse Dildo Review- Paid

I hadn’t seen “Review Bae” (RB) since before Christmas and we’d been anticipating playing with my new fantasy horse dildo for all that time. I dressed carefully for our date, knowing full well before the end of the night, all those clothes would be on the bedroom floor and we’d be naked in the bed. Anticipation is always fun!

We met at the same bar we were at for our first date. The atmosphere is sexy, the bar stools covered with green velvet and the wood-covered walls, accented with plants and metal decorative structures. The lighting is romantic and the music at just the right level that sometimes you want to sing along with the songs, but mostly it’s just there around you.

We always sit at the bar, we enjoy being able to touch legs, lean our shoulders into each other, easily kiss or touch. We also fancy ourselves connoisseurs of bar food and enjoy picking small plates off the menu to share. It’s always a fun and relaxed evening with lots of catching up and flirting. This night was no exception. When I took off my coat he smiled a big grin, “You look gorgeous!” We kissed hello, and when I settled into the barstool next to him, he leaned down and kissed the bare shoulder my jumpsuit left exposed just for this reason.

When we went back to my place, we grabbed a bottle of delicious Malbec from my wine bar, poured two very large glasses, and headed immediately for the bedroom. Alexa played us some 90’s love songs- giving us everything from Jodeci and Boyz to Men to Aerosmith and Extreme to help us enjoy our evening. Since I was wearing a jumpsuit, taking that off, revealed my whole body, and before it was all the way to the floor he was behind me, kissing my shoulders, one at a time, arms wrapped around my waist, a lovely deep sigh (maybe it was a groan) in this throat. We happened to be standing in front of the mirror and I loved watching his hands on my body, his lips on my skin as we stood there enjoying the moment.


Large blue and white fantasy horse dildo on a tray with wine bottles and cordial cups

We moved to the bed, both of us naked now. I love how comfortable we are with each other as he lays out on the bed and I climb up beside him. I grab a swish of my wine and we start making out. Kissing him deeply I run my hands over his chest. He is dark and swarthy and his chest is covered in glorious dark hair. I love to find the peek of his hard nipples in the midst of it and suck and tease him. Even more, I love the sounds he makes when I do!

Moving down his body I tease him by running my fingers and touching my tongue to every part of his torso except his cock. His moans are a bit more frequent now. I know he doesn’t mind the teasing, it’s all about anticipation and he knows I am good for it. WE are good for it. I am in a slow, relaxed, and easy mood tonight. For once, I don’t feel like I want to rush to the conclusion, frantic for every touch. Tonight, I want to lick, suck, kiss, and tease. So I take a few more sips of my wine and look at him, beautiful and naked in my bed and enjoy the process.

I bend to him and hold his hard cock in my hand. I move it to the side and lick up the side of his shaft then back down, letting my spit leave a wet trail. I move my mouth to the spot between his shaft and his leg, licking and kissing, pressing my tongue deep into the crevice. He starts to writhe and moan and I’m sure I hear him say, “Yes…” a few times. I love the sounds he is making so much, I move up to his cock again and take it in my mouth, sucking and licking and stroking him up and down. His hard shaft feels so good in my mouth, I run my tongue along the sensitive base of his head, relishing the power I feel to make him make those noises.

I worked my hand up and down his hard cock, spreading lube liberally up and down, moving slowly enjoying the feel of his skin under my fingers and the sound of moans coming from his mouth. He makes the best little gasping noises I cannot resist. I move my mouth down to take him in, licking and sucking up and down his cock with my hand firmly grasping the base. I work my mouth up and down and add my other hand to lightly tease his balls. I ran my tongue over the head and we both admired the long line of spit that pulled off. That pushed me over the edge, and I was determined to make him come, now.

Up and down, sucking and licking, I could feel his cock throbbing and hear his moans growing louder and more consistent. I love this moment, the moment I know he is going to come, the moment he gives in to me, lets go of everything, and frees himself to the sensations. It’s the best feeling. I think he’d agree as he comes, his thick cum spurting out into my hot waiting mouth.

I moved slowly back up his body, kissing my way across his torso again. Reaching his mouth, we kiss passionately and deeply. I don’t want it to stop, and we don’t. We settle onto our sides to face each other, wrap our arms around each other and keep kissing. Eventually, I pull away and we take a quick wine break, sit next to each other, and listen to the music for a minute.


Large blue and white fantasy horse dildo on a mantle with a spider plant and an antique clock


Before too long, I turn to him and ask, “Do you want to play with the toy I want to review?” He had seen pictures of the fantasy horse dildo before, he knew which one I was talking about. We had already discussed playing with it tonight. His face lit up and he agreed, yes, let’s do it. I kissed him hard and fast, then jumped up to get what we needed. I pulled out the large horse dildo, as well as the lube, and my awesome sex towel. We settled in again, my head towards the bottom and RB sprawled across the top of the bed.

We were still hot and bothered by the fun we had before, so it wasn’t long before he pushed my legs apart and started fingering my pussy. He used some lube and pushed his fingers slowly inside me. Nothing about tonight has been rushed, and this is no exception. I feel like he is enjoying exploring my body, as he kisses my inner thighs, and pushes his fingers in and out.

He looks up and asks me, “Have you been a good girl?”

I nod enthusiastically, “Yes. Yes of course I have.”

He just smiles and pushes another finger deep inside me. “Good. Do you want this?” He picked up the fantasy¬†horse dildo and squeezed lube all over it, rubbing it up and down, stroking it like he would his own cock, while looking me in the eyes. He turned the lube over and liberally applied it to my vulva, sliding a few fingers in again just to make sure we were good and ready. Then he turned the large almost flat head of the dildo and pushed it against my vagina, slowly applying more and more pressure, as he pushed it inside me.

The sensations of fullness were immediate. He smiled as I groaned and wiggled, wanting more. He pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled. The texture on the sides of the dildo rubbed delightfully as I enjoyed the sensations. RB moved into a more comfortable position, better leverage, and pushed the toy in even deeper. It gets larger toward the bottom and there is a rib around the circumference. He stopped there and let me enjoy the feeling of fullness.

I enjoyed the sensation of being full so much I pushed up my hips to get him to give me more, but he decided to tease me and pulled it back out a bit. He pulled it out all the way and lubed it up again and this time when he moved it inside me he started pumping in and out hard and fast. He moved again to get more leverage so he could keep up a steady rhythm. Once he had that rhythm, in and out, in and out, the pressure began to build. I could feel the filling in my belly, the pressure too much to resist. He had to pull back just a bit as the hot liquid he forced out of me came flowing out, soaking the towel and his arms and hand.

We both laughed a bit after the pressure was released, but he grabbed the lube and pushed it inside me again. Again he stopped at the texture across it and held it there inside me. I asked him, “Did I take it all?”

“Can you take it? Do you think you can?”

I nodded, “I can. I want to.” I panted, ” Give it to me?”

He smiled and pushed it in, pushed it all the way in. I gasped and pushed my hips up to make sure he had it as deep as it would go. I rocked my hips to feel the exquisite pressure deep against my cervix, wiggling as he held it in tight, feeling all the sensations. Griding against the toy as he held it there, I asked him,

“Is it in? Did I do it? Did I take that whole big cock?”

“You did, you did it.”

“I’m a good girl, right?”

“Yes, yes you are. A very good girl”

I grinned and immediately came hard, clenching around the toy, over and over, like the good girl I am. The force of the orgasm pushed the toy out onto the bed. We both lay there gasping and breathing hard. I love that his breathing is as ragged as mine after pleasing me like that! We moved the toy away and curled up next to each other. Our hot sweaty bodies connected in a lovely spoon. I asked Alexa to play us some classic Sting songs, and we dozed in each other’s arms.


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