His Fist and Me

Oh man- Every since I saw that the Kink of the Week (#KOTW) topic was fisting, I have been chomping at the bit to write this post. I mean, I LOVE fisting. So much so that in one of my relationships, it is the primary feature of our sex life, and in my other two, it plays a significant role.

I remember the first time I learned about fisting. I had never seen it on porn, never discussed it with anyone, or even knew it existed before this. Stefan had only just introduced me to squirting and through this experience- I knew I loved a hard deep rough fingering that made me scream and squirt. But this night, we had a discussion about sex, what we wanted, if we were doing the things we wanted to do together, etc, and the next level of our sexual relationship and fisting commenced.

He told me to lay back on the couch, and asked, “Have you ever been fisted?”… The rest, as they say, is history! Now, it didn’t happen that night, it didn’t even happen soon after that, and in the end, he wasn’t even (sadly) the first person who finally fully fisted me, but he set us (ME) on a path of no return that evening.

There is something about the feeling, first the fingering. I mean who doesn’t love a good finger fuck. Fingers curl and twist and push and pull in ways a cock just can’t. Having my partner’s fingers deep inside my wet cunt is a turn on like no other. Then as we start moving forward, the stretching feeling… more fingers, more pushing, more rotating, more motion, more sensations, more limits being reached and surpassed (consensually of course.)

The feeling when all four fingers are inside and now, liberally lubed, he’s working against, yet with, your body to relax it enough, to stretch it enough, to release the tension enough, to push past the knuckles and slide (POP) inside. OY! That stretch, those glorious few moments of pain/pleasure. I could sit at the point of “almost in” for a long time. The sensations, the anticipation…

For me and my partner(s), these are the moments he is in control. I am just an open vessel, waiting for him to read my body, watching his face as he gets hornier and his breathing more ragged too. He feels my movements, reads my face, understands my body. I love watching him control the moment, before BLISS.

The moment his whole hand pops inside, something happens to me. Something primal. Almost always, my back arches, my hips press down into the bed, and I sigh deeply or even scream out with the intensity.

With DJDM, our connection is so much more than physical and already so emotionally intense, I will often raise up on my elbows, and sit up, with his hand inside me. I want to kiss him, I want to wrap my arms around his shoulders, to pull him close, look in his eyes, and then while he pushes even deeper inside me, I need to press my hips up to meet each thrust.

I love to breathe into his mouth, feel his lips on my neck and his fist pressing inside me, slowly turning, slowly pushing deeper and deeper. I can look down and see my pussy clamping on his arm way above the wrist now.  We’ve discovered that in this position, (usually looking into his eyes- we’re just that in love) he can push his arm up even deeper. We go slow, and it’s a steady pressure. He will gently rock his fist like it’s nodding, I swear (he can confirm because I am not sure) that he has like one knuckle out further than the others, and it feels like he is massaging my cervix!

Now, I have always loved a super deep hot rough fuck (and DJDM is the King – My King- of delivering one) so this? This is like the best of a million different worlds. The deep intense, constant pressure (A-Spot? P-Spot? Cervix? I don’t know but it sure feels like he can’t get any deeper!) makes my eyes roll back up into my head. Usually, by then, DJDM will push me back down on the bed, so we can take a deep whiff or two of the poppers, and he can get a better angle. If my bullet vibe is handy, I add that to my clit and for the next few minutes, there is no earth, no bed, no us, no nothing. Only feels. The deep steady massage of my insides, our ragged breathing, and the most quivering intense type of orgasm I have ever had and only DJDM can cause. (He knows my body, he goes slow and pays attention until he knows what works best for us and then he takes it away!!!)

With Stefan, fisting is more like an athletic activity. Sometimes it feels as if his goal is to wring every last drop of liquid from inside my body as possible. After squirting so much, I think I couldn’t possibly have more liquid inside of me, but he shoves his hand inside me one (or 7!) more time(s), pumps in and out, in and out, and somehow, more hot, slippery, wet liquid, more screams, and many many groans are pulled from me, again. Fisting with him is almost always like what the porn shows. (Yes, now that I know about it, I watch fisting porn- A LOT!) The in and out, the intense movements, the actual fist punch… Phew!

I am especially blessed because both of these men love filling me as much as I love being filled. For us, along with fisting almost always comes some kind of sex toy play. Experimenting with double-penetration, both with toys and with hands and penises… whatever they can find to fill me with, they do… and I am more than a willing vessel.

One time, DJDM had his fist inside me, then he pushed his hard cock inside me too (he is a contortionist, I swear) and found himself enjoying the sensation of masturbating inside me! Or those time(s) Stefan had his hand inside my cunt and a toy in my ass. Some times they are doing so many amazing things to me, I don’t know what is in which hole. Later, laying spent and half-asleep in their arms, I have to ask… what exactly did you do to me and with what?

“Let’s See if This Works…” – The Sex Scientist Files

Fisting is something, I clearly enjoy. Anal play is also something very high on the list. So, you can imagine… what might be next? Stefan and I started to play with anal fisting before I left Berlin way back in Feb. It was only a small beginning, but it definitely excited me, made me curious, and made me want more.

These days, more often than not, lesbian anal fisting porn is what I watch when I am feeling especially horny and needy. I’ve shared these videos and fantasies with DJDM. He’s even sent me to my bed to wait for him, by watching those videos and playing with myself. (Oh yes, his Dom side is nice and strong and his timing is impeccable!) I feel rather confident that the next months when I am back with him again, we will explore these fantasies more and see what comes of them.

Oh, before I go, I should mention, I also like fisting. As in, being the fister! Maybe because I like it so much myself more than once, I have enjoyed the incredible sensation of plunging my whole hand inside the wet and willing cunt of a beautiful woman. I can attest that the moment your whole hand slips inside, is an amazing feeling. Warm, tight, wet. Oh, baby. Watching her face from between her legs, the smells, the change of breathing, the heat, the energy exchange, it is all so amazing. No wonder my partners are happy to have this act as part of our own sex lives!

So, Uhm yeah… Fisting. So happy to write about this for #KOTW because it truly is one of my all-time favorite things sexually.

If you want to read some hot, intense, and explicit erotica about fisting and usually anal action too, check out my Sex Scientist (Stefan) stories. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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16 Replies to “His Fist and Me”

  1. I have written this on nearly all the KOTW posts, but I’ve never tried fisting as either the recipient or the giver, OMG though you are all getting me so hot for it, lol. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll make it through 2020 without having to give this a try, so much of what you have described pushes so many of my buttons! Super sexy writing and this bit … ‘One time, DJDM had his fist inside me, then he pushed his hard cock inside me too (he is a contortionist, I swear) and found himself enjoying the sensation of masturbating inside me!’ Oh my … that sounds like an amazing experience x

    1. Floss- I have seen those comments… I am sure you will end up having this experience before too long!! Just remember, Lube, lube, lube and only go as fast as your body and brain are ready to go… and let go and enjoy!!!

      (PS when he did that? I was almost delirious and in another headspace… it was amazing…)

  2. El mejor sexo en toda mi vida definitivamente es contigo… Deseo ansiosamente que llegue ese día para volver a estar juntos y explorar todas estas cosas que faltan por explorar. Cada experiencia que tenemos juntos en mágica, es doblemente excitante. Hasta donde podrá resistir el cuerpo humano tanta excitación y éxtasis??

  3. This may just be one of those areas where I may get swept up in the enthusiasm! I’m neither a fister nor a fistee. But I can’t escape the joy and eroticism that you experience and the way you convey it. Oh, and YES! Sex can be amazing, even if it does not involve a cock in a vagina.

    1. It’s been fun seeing people read this and think I am joyful and enthusiastic… I guess I really am… it is a fave… and I love that we so many people in our community understand that sex is sooo much more than PIV!!

  4. Your joyful (and sexy!) description of being fisted brought back memories of the few times I’ve been fisted. I reacted in a very primal way, too. It was DELIGHTFUL. 🙂

    1. I do think one of the common threads I’ve noticed in these posts is the primal pull, the energy that is exchanged is pretty intense. And I love that so people have commented on my “enthusiasm” for the act! LOL XX

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