I Like to Look at Him

There is a, more or less, new guy. He’s great. He is becoming one of my partners. He doesn’t have a lot of time, but when we share time, it’s lovely and connected, both emotionally and physically, and I love to look at his naked body.

This is a “thing” for me. Generally, I love men’s bodies. All hard, and sinewy, and muscles, and sweat, and masculine energy, and hair, and beautiful. BUT…

I have never been really comfortable just looking. Watching. Enjoying. Maybe I take side glances. I look from underneath my eyelashes. I may take a covert photo of him cooking dinner for me in his boxers, or looking out the window of a hotel room with his long hair flowing down his back and his ass showing. But it’s always just a secret look. To watch him walk across the room, see his muscles ripple, his ass as he leaves the room… openly, honestly… this is not as easy for me as it would seem.

We won’t go into why, so let’s just talk about his ass. He is tall, thin, and has the most beautiful light eyes, and he looks at me when I talk like I am the only person in the world… and then, there is his ass. LOVELY!

I have never felt this way about looking at a man naked. Comfortable. Turned on. Easy. Fully me and in the moment. Amazed at the beauty. One morning, he was coming from the bathroom back to the bedroom, and as he walked toward me, I was in truly in awe. His body is so beautiful. I have never felt this way about a man’s body.

He has curves in all the right places. He is tall, and skinny, and when he is dressed, he is casual, baggy pants, oversized sweater, BUT underneath he has muscles that show his silent strength. He doesn’t talk about working out. I have no idea if he does or not, it just shows in the muscles of his arms, his back, and his chest. He is beautiful.

His arms are ropey, his chest has just enough definition, his stomach has just a little pouch, and his hips… oh my god. That place between his cock and his hip socket, it is so sexy, the indentation makes me want to lick it every time I see it. I do put my mouth to that beautiful place as often as I can.

His ass is firm, and round. Not flat or boring. It has such a beautiful curve. He is long, lean, lithe, and then… again, that ass. The round loveliness of this curve is almost unexpected from a tall thin man like him. His hips have bones that jut out, and his manhood is perfectly proportioned for his body. Then… his ass. It’s beautiful. Connected perfectly to his back, to his beautiful stomach, to the body that moves so easily in it’s own space, his curves work perfectly in every place you want a man to have curves.

When I touch his nipples, the most lovely sound emanates from his lips. It’s beautiful to know that my touch inspires that sound. When he is touching me, he almost hums with desire, it makes me SO high. He makes me want to make him feel all the feels, it makes me want to let him make me feel things I’ve never felt before.

I told him this week, “I love your body.” We were making love, dim lights, beautiful music, I loved watching him, seeing his body move, watching his body connect to mine in the most intimate of ways. I told him as I touched his chest, and pulled back to watch him make love to me, “You are so beautiful!” His smile was quiet, and lovely, and so intimate.

I want to watch him walk, maybe even strut,  across the room- naked. I want him to make me coffee or a cocktail, while walking around naked, a vision of beautiful, strong, confident masculinity. I love the way he looks. I love how I feel when I look at him. I love that, when I told him how much I loved looking at his body, his response was, “Next time I will walk up and down and you can look at me.”

He is so free. He is so open. We are beautiful together, and I can’t wait to see him again. To watch him walk down the hall or across the room and to look at that spot between his hip joint and groin and then make my small claim to his beautiful body. I will enjoy his nipples reaching out from his chest, and look at the beautiful curve of his ass, to know that I can touch it, and enjoy it, and be secure in the knowledge that we bring each other so much pleasure.

I can’t wait to see him again and watch him strut his stuff for me, naked, around the house, turning us both on.

Do you take the time to truly enjoy the vision of your beloved and his/her/their body?? Tell me about it!



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  1. This was a lovely read. I use to feel this way about one of my partners years ago. Every woman should experience that kind of longing as someone that beautiful walks towards you without a stitch of clothing.

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