Ignored Feelings…

“But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.” ~ Anne Frank


Holding in your feelings, ignoring them.

It’s something I have been known to do.

As I grow and evolve I get better and better at speaking my mind, saying my piece.

But sometimes it feels like I fall down, get pushed over, looked past, and I allow it to happen.

Not so much because someone is actively ignoring my feelings, but because I am ignoring my own.

I put other’s needs and feelings in First Place and my own in Last.

I forget I am allowed to have feelings, even inconvenient or uncomfortable ones.

I worry that I am taking up too much space, too much energy.

I make myself small.

I am the message on an old gravestone, rubbed out and unreadable.


I know better. 


I have grown so far, why do I fail myself in this regard?

I know I can’t ignore the feelings.

They burrow deep down inside me and grow roots.

Roots of anger, sorrow, sometimes joy unshared.

I recommit to myself to not ignore my feelings.

To feel them.

To sit with them.

To become friendly with my insides again.


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****Photo by the author – E.L. Byrne


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