It Might be a Matter of My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Vagina!

It’s a very big toy; so it might be too big, but then again, it just might fit. When I picked it on the site, I knew it would be a bit larger than life. (*a bit! LOL) Most of the fantasy toys on the site are big. I have tested three so far, and none are “average.” I knew. Yet, when I opened the box, I gasped. Gasped, I tell you.

First of all, it’s beautiful. The colors are bright and cheerful, and it glows in the dark! But the base? It flares way out and has ridges that seem to make it appear bigger. It’s shaped like a giant monster’s tongue. I was intrigued and excited. But nervous.

I mean, in general, I am a size queen. If you’ve seen some of my other review posts, you will see I do like big. If you read some of my Sex Scientist stories, you will know that I love having the full full sensation of a fist in my vagina. Even more fun if there is a fist AND a hard cock in there. Or ooh.. a fat toy in my cunt, and a fat cock in my ass.

I love all these things so much, that this toy should excite me more than intimidate me. Yet intimidate me it does.  Probably because I have not had any kind of sex in ages. (I mean depends on how you define AGES- but it’s been since the middle of June, and now it’s the middle of August, so…  that’s a lot longer than I like!) In addition, it’s been much longer, much, much longer since I’ve had the kind of sexy, filling, fisting fun that I enjoy with my Berlin Boo Stefan.

Laying there, legs splayed open, thrown over his legs, so he has better access. His grin as he playfully explores my vulva. Running his fingers over my full lips, scratching through my hairy mound, lubricating all my bits. Slowly enjoying what he sees and allowing me just to let my mind wander while he pleasures himself by enjoying my body.

Eventually, he will push his fingers inside me. He never starts with just one; that’s for amateurs, not experienced fisting pro’s like us. We build up, just like anyone, but we build up from three-fingers to fists to large toys, to double penetration… Oh, the joy, the ecstasy of exploration, the thrill of being fuller than I even think is possible, the intensity of being stretched (literally) and my limits being pushed.

I am sitting here with the new giant toy on my bedside table, feeling like I could totally enjoy this if he were using it on me. To see his face light up with that devilish Sex Scientist grin, knowing he was going to take me to the stars- he might even put his fingers around it while it’s inside me, just to prove he is in control of my body. I want him in my bed. I miss that particular brand of sex that I honestly have never had with anyone else! He taught me that my body could do these incredible things, and now I crave them. Seriously.

The good news is, that the toy is NOT bigger than my vagina. Thinking about Stefan and being reminded of what my body can do. I know I can do it. It might take a little bit of work, but it’s gonna make a great review post! Stay tuned for more…


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