Let’s Play!

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Callie was in the mood to play. The weekend of fun she had just had, her ass reddened by a nice firm spanking and a good hard fuck with his hands clenched around her neck had only served as fuel on the fire. He was gone again, back to his family and job, her one weekend a month over too quickly, as always. Now she was alone, horny, and bereft of her lover. 

Scrolling through her WhatsApp, she idly stroked her full cunt lips, realizing even the slightest thought of fun was already heating her from the inside out. She eliminated one name after another.  This one was too vanilla, she could only rely on this one if he invited her, this one she would see next week and while he was sexy as fuck, he was too intense for what she had in mind. She wanted to play. To frolic. To romp freely. 

Then she saw it, the perfect name.  Oh yes, that would do nicely. She quickly sent a text.

Time to play?

Yep, when?

Now? Tonight?  

9pm? Want booze? 

9pm! Prosecco! I’m in the mood for fun! 


9:20pm the doorbell chimed, and she headed to the door wearing frilly tap pants and a lacy camisole that left very little to the imagination. The anticipation of fun made her skip the last few steps. She straightened her big tits in the top, pulled the shorts straighter over her plump ass, and opened the door with a grin. A bottle of Prosecco was thrust into her arms and she was kissed hungrily on the mouth, first by Chico and then just as enthusiastically by Connie, his girlfriend. 

The three of them laughed happily and with arms wrapped around each other’s waists walked into the kitchen to open the wine. Connie was chatting happily at Chico and he was translating furiously. Connie doesn’t speak English and Callie doesn’t speak German, but poor Chico speaks both and is always the go between. He told Callie how much they had both missed her these past few weeks.

“We missed you, Callie. We came so hard last night thinking about fucking you. We’re so glad you called.”  

It didn’t take long for the pleasantries to cool off and things to start heating up. They just couldn’t wait any longer. Connie’s fingers start running up and down Callie’s arms, alternately teasing and pulling away. Chico came from behind, playfully slapped Callie’s ass, then grabbed Connie and spun her around, and said, “Ladies, time for the bedroom! Vamos! I expect to see lots of tits and fucking and sucking, ASAP!” 

The ladies ran off to the bedroom, Chico chasing them, and jumped on the bed in a fit of giggles. They quickly stripped down and curled up together, all legs and tits and asses. They watched as Chico fumbled with his cell phone until he had funky 70’s disco playing from the bluetooth. 

He began to strip for them. He started with hip circles, moving his pelvis with quick circular motions, in time to the music, taking off his shirt and throwing it onto the floor. He graduated to hip thrusts, tilting his pelvis forward and back as he unzipped his jeans. This earned him claps and cheers from the naked women sprawled out in the bed. But the spinal undulations? The wave of motions that traveled the entire length of his spine, as he took off the last of his clothes, revealing his beautiful buff tattooed body, had them standing on the bed cheering and shouting for more. 

The three of them collapsed on the bed breathless from laughter. As they regained their breath, Connie straddled Callie, pushed the hair from her face, and started kissing her. She couldn’t wait any longer to get her hands on her body, to touch all the curves and sensitive spots. Connie loved the noises Callie made when she got excited. Chico laid on the bed next to the women stroking his huge cock and enjoying the view. 

Connie moved up higher and crushed her wet cunt against Callie’s face. Callie grabbed her ass, pulled her closer, and eagerly pushed her tongue into the wet folds between her legs. As Connie ground herself on Callie’s face, eager to feel the pleasures of her tongue, Chico explored the length of Callie’s body. He ran his hands over all her full curves, loving the soft folds of her stomach, and the fullness of her huge breasts. He fondled her thick thighs and sighed in pleasure as he reached into the warmth between them. 

Callie spread her legs eager to feel his touch, she already knew the pleasure of his fingers inside her and was greedy to be filled by them again. As he probed gently, she pushed her hips up trying to get more, he laughed and pulled away. He came up to the top of the bed and whispered in her ear, “Chill out Babe, I got you.” Then he kissed Connie passionately and pinched her nipples until her grinding on Callie’s face was hard and rhythmic and she was panting in climax, her juices flowing as Callie lapped greedily at her hot wet cunt until she was spent. 

Then, both Chico and Connie moved back down the bed to Callie’s wet waiting snatch. Chico pushed two thick fingers inside and Connie lapped slowly at her sensitive clit. She was writhing on the bed now, loving how they were giving her exactly what she needed. As Chico pumped his fingers in and out, she could feel her insides swelling and pushing forward. That familiar feeling meant a flood of hot gushing wetness was about to explode. Chico pushed his fingers in and quickly yanked them out with a small twist, over and over unti she was screaming in pleasure and squirting all over his hand, soaking the bed under them. Connie eagerly continued to lick and suck and enjoyed being splashed with the evidence of Callie’s pleasure. 

Chico laughed with the joy of her release and quickly got up onto his knees and plunged himself deep inside her. He fucked her hard and fast while Connie licked her huge swollen clit until the build up was too much, until wave after wave of pleasure was pouring over her. Her orgasm was so strong, so intense, her pussy clenched his cock so hard, that it wasn’t long before he was crying out with his own shattering orgasm.

The three of them fell onto the bed, arms and legs splayed, tangled together with sweat and the juicy evidence of their play everywhere. 

“Well shit, THAT was fun!” Chico declared. He pulled the blanket up over them, and turned up the funky disco music, “Just give me a minute, I might have another dance in me!” Connie and Callie laughed in anticipation. 

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