Mutual, I’m Sure!

I slowly rise to the surface of this cold winter morning, enjoying the soft snuffle of Odysseus’ snoring in my ear, his long arms wrapped around me, spooning me from behind. What a strange but lovely relationship we have. Alternately friends who just snuggle on the couch and wild fuck buddies who never kiss or have PIV but have some of the sexiest nights ever.

The first time we were together, after a night of ridiculously excessive alcohol consumption, there was foot fucking in the bathtub, anal sex with toys for all, and so many bruises on my arms from biting that BOTH of my boyfriends were startled when they saw me in the week(s) following. Somehow that energy has translated itself into this eclectic, sexy, comfortable, friendship. I am certainly not complaining this morning as I wake up in his arms. He is nothing if not a good cuddle!

I disentangle myself from him and climb out of bed. He’ll sleep for a few more hours. His internal clock is almost the opposite of mine, frequently putting him to sleep at 4am, when I wake by 9. I putter around the flat, work on a few blog posts, do a few chores. But I’m bored.

Eventually, I climb back into my warm bed where he immediately curls his long dark body around mine and falls back asleep. I lay there for a few moments, letting my feelings settle. I stifle a sob. I am so sad about leaving Berlin, leaving O, leaving my loves, and my friends, if I leave my heart unguarded for even a minute, the feeling come unbidden and rise quickly to the surface. A few deep breathes later I am under control and falling asleep.

I wake up to O rubbing my ass, gently stroking my skin. I push myself back against him and feel his firm erection. My ass is still sore from the toy he vigorously used on me last night, but that doesn’t stop me from getting wet again now. He pulls me close, crushing my breasts in his large hands. He whispers in my ear, “You ok? You were crying before.” I hadn’t thought he would notice, I thought he was asleep.  This is what I love about him, we have a gentle caring friendship when we’re not whipping each other up into a frenzy in bed!

We lay here for a while, talking and gently stroking each other. First, I touch him, edging him over and over, then I ask him to touch me. This isn’t something we often do, and I’ve never actually asked him specifically to make me come, but he quickly proves his skill by taking me over the edge in record time.

Neither of us is ready to get out of bed and face the day again, even though the sun is already fading in the sky, the day mostly gone. He leaves the room to finally go to the bathroom (how DO men hold it for sooo long!?), and comes back with a bottle of water, two glasses, snacks, and the laptop. It looks like we’re settling in. We sit on the bed, drink water, and eat snacks while he turns up his favorite porn on the laptop.

After that we lay here, naked, side by side, both of us still touching ourselves, occasionally talking, him watching the porn, me listening with my eyes closed and hand thrown over my forehead. I concentrate on feeling my vulva. I had shaved the day before, so that nice fresh peach fuzz covering of the day after was just appearing. I gently touch and caress each side of my labia, loving the feeling of my skin and the hairs, knowing the pleasure I get from this makes me simply want to enjoy each slow moment. Eventually I feel inside, reaching gently into the wetness and barely feeling my finger before pulling it out. I love laying here, lazy, fulfilled, and relaxed. I listen to the sound of the porn on the laptop and the occasionally ragged breathing of O lying next to me. He isn’t in a rush to come either, both of us enjoying the closeness of our friendship, and the feelings we’re creating touching ourselves there in the bed together.

Eventually, each of us begins to feel the urgency for release. I hear his breath start to grow more ragged, which in turn turns me on way more than the porn sounds ever could. I quicken my pace, pressing my first two fingers harder to my mound, just above my clit. I almost never use a vibrator, the motion is rarely rumbly enough for me, but I search around in the drawer and pull out my small couple’s We-Vibe.  I plunge it inside of me. The vibrating head rests lightly under my clit and the vibrating inside gives me just enough sensation to mimic fullness. Before long, the vibrations and the pressure of my fingers causes my own breathing to get quicker and raspier.

Now it’s my turn to cause O’s excitement. He’s not watching the porn anymore, though the moans and gasps from the screen still fill the room. He turns onto his side to watch me while firmly grasping his own cock and giving it long hard strokes. I ignore him. I know he’s watching, but I am too intent on my own pleasure, rolling my hips gently up to meet my fingers, pressing the vibrator in and out, simulating a cock pushing itself in and out of my hot wet folds. His strokes grow faster, his breath grows quicker.

I am falling over the edge, my head light and dizzy, my cunt clenching, my fingers rubbing in the extra wetness as my orgasm rolls over me. At the same time, O gasps and stops breathing momentarily as his own orgasm overtakes him. I open my eyes in time to see the milky white liquid of his release pour out across his hips and stomach. Wordlessly, we both reach out and touch the results of our pleasure. He pushes his finger inside me to feel the wet heat of my pussy, and I run my finger in and out of the cold wet lines of the sperm spewed across his belly.

When our breathing slows, we lay back, side-by-side, arms up and folded under our heads in a fully “satisfied with ourselves” position. He looks over at me, “What the fuck was THAT?” He slaps the top of my thigh and says, “I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry. Let’s get dressed and grab some dinner!” And that’s exactly what we do.


This is my first time joining the Kink of the Week Meme. I have been wanting to write this story, and this week’s theme- Mutual Masturbation- was obviously perfect for it! Check out other interpretations of the theme by clicking the icon and reading to your smutty heart’s content!

11 Replies to “Mutual, I’m Sure!”

    1. Thanks! been meaning to write it for a while. My friendship with O has pretty much fizzled out- but it was great while it lasted and I got a nice story from it. LOL 🙂

  1. This sounds like such a wonderful slow exploration and the bit about men holding onto their pee for so long made me laugh…. How do they do that?


    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed both the date and the writing of it! And Good lord, I used to think my step son must be dead because he never had to come out of his room to pee! So funny!!

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