My First Erotic Massage

First Time at a Swinger’s Club

Marc and I were going to our first swinger’s club. I was so nervous and excited and eagerly anticipating so many amazing firsts. I couldn’t wait to parade around in my black lace cross halter bra and corset-tied-back panties. I couldn’t wait to see other couples having a sexy good time together. I wanted to explore group sex in a way we hadn’t had the chance to do before. I didn’t know it would also be the first time I had an erotic massage!

When we arrived, the staff was kind, showed us around, and made us feel very comfortable. We took some time to get to know the layout of the club, had a drink at the bar, then wandered outside to the patio area and laid together on one of the divans. We figured, here was an easy place to get comfy, be a little sexy and dip our toes into being a bit exhibitionist, without a lot of pressure. It was perfect.

We started making out and Marc was quick to push my panties over and let his fingers caress my vulva. Between his fingers and the cool air caressing my skin, I was starting to warm up indeed. I noticed a man on the other side of the patio watching us, and it was hotter than I could have imagined. The night was off to a good start!

The Club Was a Spa

Inside the club was set up like a spa. There was a sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi, a massage area, and open area showers. The pool was inside on the main floor as well. As we walked past, we noticed there were already naked couples relaxing in the warm water. Marc and I decided to go to the sauna first. The gorgeous sauna attendant had convinced us both it was a good idea. I think we both liked the idea of looking at him while we sweat as much as the idea of the sauna. Marc is a much more experienced sauna user than I, and when I had enough and rushed out to breathe cool fresh air again he stayed inside and enjoyed the heat and the view. It was while I waited for him, I first noticed the massage table and Julio. But just then Marc came out of the sauna, pulled me close for a kiss, and off we went.

Our next move was to the showers. At this point we realized even if all we did was enjoy the spa services, we were gonna be naked more than clothed, so we stripped down from our sexy lingerie and left them on a hook after showering. Then we wrapped ourselves in towels for the remainder of the evening. It felt so good to be free and mostly naked in such a comfortable surrounding. Many of the other clients were also draped in towels or robes by this time as well. It was so different to be sitting mostly naked at a bar, holding Marc’s hand, kissing him, touching his bare leg while we flirted outrageously. I loved it!

Marc wanted to go into the steam room next, but this plus-sized babe was done with all things hot and steamy (except for the sex to come) and I opted to go back over to the massage table and check it out. I am a massage aficionado, getting them in all the countries I visit, at spas and saunas and home in-call places. That night I was super excited to just relax a bit in this sexy atmosphere. I should have been expecting, but wasn’t, that this would be an erotic massage!

Erotic Massage!

As we started, Julio, introduced himself to me and we had the usual small-talk about style, where I might need a little more attention, neck, lower back, etc, what pressure was I comfortable with, and then he asked me, and “Do you want me to massage your erotic zones?” I was a little surprised, but also very excited to respond positively. YES! I did want him to massage everywhere!

The massage started as usual, but instead of stopping at the edge of my back, his hand wrapped around and flirted with the side of my breast. Julio was a little shorter than me, so as he reached across me, part of his naked chest also leaned across my body. He carefully pulled the towel down and revealed the mound of my lovely fat buttocks. He carefully massaged them, while slowly and lightly also caressing the folds between my legs. It was a lovely tease.

The pool was in front of me and as I lay there I watched a couple play together in the water. The man pushed his partner up onto the side of the pool and hungrily went down on her. While I was being turned on watching them, Julio carefully moved my legs a little further apart so he could reach through and carefully caress my clit. He honed in on the perfect spot almost immediately. It was very difficult to keep my moans quiet as he expertly brought me right to the edge. Then stopped!

When I grunted in protest, he laughed and moved to my lower back, and resumed the normal massage. He moved his hands back up to my mid-back and then used both hands to reach around and cup my large breasts. Lightly pinching my nipples as he held them firmly under me. It was a surprisingly sexy feeling. I loved that this man was touching me so intimately in front of others, and in a situation that normally so carefully avoids all parts of the body that are usually reserved for your sexual partners.

As the short time limit for the massage was nearing, he leaned down close to my ear and whispered, “Do you want me to make you come? or do you want to wait for your partner?” I have to admit, I was soo tempted to let him finish me off, but I really wanted to have a few orgasms once we went downstairs and started playing with other couples, so I opted to wait. He had set me up so nicely, I was feeling all hot and bothered- properly edged. It was the perfect way for me to go downstairs with Marc and start playing with the other couples.

I am still looking forward to the time when I have another erotic massage and I finally have a real “happy ending” but until then, the memory of this massage frequently plays out in my fantasies!


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