My Life- From a Neighbor’s Perspective

The other night I went to a writing get together, Expat women in Berlin writing together. It was fun. One of the two challenges that night was to write a short story about how your neighbor might talk about you after observing you from their window. Below is what I wrote… I think it belongs here rather than my normal travel blog…

Neighbor Looking into My Place

Hmm, look at that, already 10am and her curtains are still closed. I knew there was something fishy about that girl, I think she’s American. Who sleeps all day like this!? Why is she still asleep? Must be that man that was there last night. He was tall, lean, dark, and swarthy, an immigrant, I don’t think I trust her.


Ah, it’s a miracle she is up AND her windows shades are open before 9! I wonder if she is ok? She must have a busy day ahead of her. Is that a TV I see shining from the side of the room? That’s new. I can’t imagine how she watches anything though, I heard she doesn’t even speak any German. What kind of person moves to a city in a different country and doesn’t know the language? I am not sure if she is brave or stupid. Right now, I am leaning towards stupid.


Hmm, this is an interesting development, the man that just went into her apartment after parking his bike in the courtyard, is a tall red head. He wears the geeky glasses, but I admit he has a great swagger… hrmph uhm.. hmmm what IS going on in there? When I move to the other window to investigate further, and I can see him take her in his arms and kiss her. VERY interesting. I wonder what happened to the immigrant guy?


I knew there was something about this woman I did not trust, the immigrant is back, and I just watched as she kissed him good-bye at her door! That was not a platonic kiss either. Does the hot redhead know she is with this other guy? I need to pay more attention. I might need to alert him to her shenanigans.


Ah, there we go again, 10am, curtains still closed, she is so lazy, does she even work? But wait, the lights are on. What IS she up to in there? Oh, here the door is opening, I hope it’s the red head… no wait! This isn’t either the red head OR the immigrant, this guy is bigger than the immigrant, but oh, this one is especially handsome. His 5 O’clock shadow clearly needs to be shaved, his eyes are dark and deep set, and his smile is radiating some kind of secret as he pulls her to him and… what is this? He pushes her up against the wall and kisses her deeply. I need to talk to the hausmeister, this behavior is indecent. Who does she think she is!?

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