New Year’s Eve at the Kit Kat Club

The techno music is pumping off the walls of this basement enclosure. The DJ is an albino giant of undetermined gender in a Japanese kimono with blood red lips. The bartender at the bar behind us is wearing an orange tube top and pink fish net stockings- nothing else. Dancing around us are people in various stages of undress: a man in a jock strap with white tube socks and converse sneakers, another with long dreadlocks, leather pants, combat boots and glow sticks intertwined in his hair, a woman with half her blond hair shaved, white spider web tattoos across her shoulders, and a pearlescent harness over the top of her chest, down her back, through her ass like a thong, ending in a teeny triangle over her pubic area.

I am dancing with two of the most beautiful women in the world. My friends. Both my girl-crushes in one way or another. Both of them stunningly gorgeous. Hannah is long and lean, with perky breasts and legs that never stop. Valentina is curvy and her round ass flows from her waist like a sculpture. Her ass was made to be touched. I feel so lucky to be dancing between them. The beat of the music thumping in my chest, my eyes closed, my arms up. I am one with the music.


I look pretty amazing too, if I do say so myself. I’ve paired a sexy corset with a pair of silky tap pants with lace along the bottom. I wanted them to be short enough to see the colorful tattoos on my thighs but long enough to cover the fat end of my belly. These are perfect. The corset is actually a little big, it could be tighter (that’s another fantasy- for another day!) but it does showcase my breasts quite nicely. I feel great!

At the club, with these two amazing gorgeous thin women at my side, I am completely comfortable and confident. I own my body these days. I love how I look. Even with so many other half naked people, worrying about how I look isn’t a thought, except for the occasional, “Yes, you can look at me, I am hot!” thoughts.


Hannah puts her long black crop in Valentina’s mouth, Valentina takes my hand, and we walk through the throng of people on the main dance floor, Hannah leading the way. She is actually quite the bratty bottom, but something about other women tends to bring out her top side and she enjoys pulling us through the crowds and being the lead here. People part as we walk by, giving us room, giving us knowing looks. I get a little wet between my legs.


The dungeon isn’t very “dungeon-like.” There are no dark corners, but there are leather benches along the edges of the wall. There is an older gentleman in the corner, with a steam punk outfit on, complete with clock. He will hypnotize you if you like. We don’t like. There is a station with every size and shape of flogger and paddle available, hanging there for your use and pleasure, should you like that sort of thing. We do like.

Hannah asks the tall, lean, muscular, dread locked man using a foot-long flogger on the sweet ass of his partner if he will spank her too. She is much braver than I am. I am in such desperate need of a spanking, but all I can do is watch as he performs a magic dance of spanks, slaps, beats, and whacks on both of their raised asses as they bend over the brick stairs designed for this purpose.

My lover Chico is there, and we kiss a bit while we watch the performance, but his interest is currently more on Valentina than me. His hands leave my ass (without the spanking I know he can give me) and his mouth finds its way from the nape of her neck to her beautiful ass as he slowly winds his way down her body. This doesn’t bother me so much, he is simply a lover not a relationship, but I was really hoping he would “get the hint” when I reminded him how hard he hit me last time we were together and offer to do it again right there.


It’s almost midnight. The four of us hold hands and rush back to the main dance floor for the count down. Except, it seems Berlin is too cool for an actual countdown, so there are just random shouting out as various groups decide it must be mid-night! LOL Eventually there is a larger swelling of agreement that NOW is the time, and people light up sparklers, start jumping up and down, and everyone starts making out. I kiss Chico, a deep naughty kiss, and then he reaches for Valentina. I move away from Chico into Hannah’s arms and get a beautiful New Year’s Eve kiss to remember. We pull away and then, ok fine, go back in for a bit more beautiful tongue action, before I spin around and am pulled back into Chico’s arms. Eventually Valentina and I get to share a big hug and a peck on the lips too.


The variety of humankind here is people watching at its very best. Tall, short, skinny, fat, black, white, Asian, Turkish, Syrian, clothed, naked, sneakers, boots, boas, bikinis, pierced, tattooed… I see a man with pearl like jewels attached all over his face in a complex circular pattern, a huge sparkly necklace dangling below his Adam’s apple, a red velvet robe, purple velvet pants and go-go boots. His head is bald but covered in the most colorful tattoos. A couple climbs on to one of the beds in the dungeon area and starts to fuck. There are dark corners with leather covered beds and pillows all over the club, but they choose this most public of places, to get busy. People sit on the next bed, the stool next to the bed, and line the benches where we are sitting to watch.


A man crawls by wearing only black leather shorts and high heeled platform boots. Around his neck is a heavy metal chain, being carried by a woman in a little black dress and a carnival mask. We follow them into the back room and the bar attached. She offers the chance to spank his sweet bottom on the way in the door. Many people are taking her up on the offer. We go to the bar and get another drink. Valentina is approached by a man who tells her how beautiful she is, and they immediately start making out. Hannah is flirting with a couple she met after her spanking show.

I look around and think, “I am not having any fun here. I have NOT had enough drinks for this place. But- I don’t think there will actually be enough drinks for me tonight. How soon can I go home?” I can feel my emotions welling up inside of me. I miss my boyfriend, who is my most intimate relationship, my spanker. Also, this is the beginning of the last weeks I have here in Berlin. This club was on my bucket list. I’ve done it. Now what?


The coat check gal, wearing only a red harness across her chest and a black and red polka dot tutu, takes my ticket. I am relieved to have my backpack, phone, and coat. I am ready to go home.



Be Happy this week and get a little Wicked Wednesday in your life!

15 Replies to “New Year’s Eve at the Kit Kat Club”

  1. You know I’ve been waiting on this post! What a phenomenal job painting the scene here, allowing us to live vicariously through you. I felt the longing, the arousal, the disappointment and the genuine vulnerability. *Lots and lots of hugs*
    Oh and fuuucccck you looked gorgeous!!!

    1. Aww thanks doll!! I loved the idea of the Wicked Wednesday theme: vignette for this. It just seemed perfect! And Thanks for the compliment… I sure felt great!!


  2. First of all, you looked SO hot! Good for you for loving your body! Isn’t it just wonderful to be at peace with the way we look? Then, it sounds like quite the New Year’s Eve party! And, if I may ask, what’s happening after Berlin? Thanks for sharing your evening with us 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. THANKS! It really is awesome to just know you are who you are and whatever! I have too much amazing sex and too many awesome relationships to doubt my sexiness! I am glad did it- the Kit Kat Club is something every kinkster in Berlin has to do at least once!

      As for after Berlin- here is more info:

      (PS I did go back and add the Wicked Weds image! Oops!) I loved the way the vignette theme really worked for me with this story… made it tighter and easier to manage than telling it straight through.

  3. Your description here was brilliant and I felt almost like I was experiencing it with you. You also looked stunning in your pictures and I am so happy that you felt comfortable in your own skin. Loving your body is a huge thing and something I can aspire to reaching one day. Fab post ?

  4. This sounds an amazing club and you looked great. The vignettes worked so well in mapping out the events of the evening. You are right, sometimes you would never be able to drink enough for a situation to work out right. xx

    1. THANKS! I was definitely glad that the prompt was vignette, it really helped move the story along with that structure! Thanks for the compliment- I felt pretty awesome myself!


  5. I love living vicariously through the blogs of others who are more adventurous than I am. Maybe someday I’ll grow a set and step out of my comfort zone. You inspire me.

    1. Glad to be an inspiration! It can be difficult to get out and do new things, but once you start- it can be addicting too! I never lived anywhere far from where I grew up until I moved half-way across the country. Then I left my husband and moved to Costa Rica- before I knew it, it’s 4 years later and I never went back to the US. Sometimes the first step is more impactful than you can imagine! HUGS!


  6. Wow! Vignette totally embraced & encouraged how this post rolled out. Indeed you and your crew looked sexy AF and the action around you sounds hot and pushes the boundaries. I totally relate to your down feelings towards the end of the evening – NY does that to me too if I go out, I’m better off staying home with my beloved or doing something untypical of New Years’ celebrations. Loved this.

    1. Yeah the vignette really worked for this one! THANKS! We felt hot AF! 🙂 I don’t normally go out for NYE either, but it seemed like the thing to try to do- check it off my list finally! :_ Glad you liked!

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