One Sunday Afternoon (Part 1)

The week had been very long. I had a work project that kept me chained to my desk (or the couch) working long hours every day. I worked late into Friday night, most of the day Saturday, and I hadn’t left the house since Monday. People always think my life is so exciting, and even though many weeks look just like this, I cannot convince them otherwise. Probably because of my Sunday.  

Even though I had been trapped in the flat working, I did have time to let my fingers do some swiping in Tinder. I had a few chats on the go and was enjoying some light flirting and getting to know people. One of those guys was “A.” Even though we didn’t get into any intense conversations in the app itself, there was something about him… (Probably the fact that he is tall, lean, inked, and has the most amazing smile had something to do with it…) 

Anyway, we took the conversation to WhatsApp and it started to get flirty. The energy between us was electric, even though it was only texting. He asked if we could exchange pics, and my response was “No nudes.” I knew the energy was charged with sex, even though we hadn’t really talked much about it yet. I felt it. I knew it was going to be a very sensual “relationship” whatever it ended up looking like. But I wanted to prolong the anticipation, feel this excitement of the “before” for a little while longer. 

My flatmate was away for the weekend and it was so nice to wake up Sunday morning all alone. I relaxed in bed for a while, texting with A. One thing about living in South America is that your days start early. The sun only shines for about 12 hours, (approximately 6 am to 6 pm,) so you just naturally wake up and go to bed earlier. So, even though it was a lazy Sunday morning, we were already chatting by 7 am. 

The talk turned sexy. I was in a mood and he said his own sexual energy was pretty high at the moment. I sent the link to my blog. I don’t usually do that, but I felt comfortable enough with him to share that part of me already. I also wanted him to know ME, and reading my blog is definitely a quick way to do that.

It wasn’t long before I invited him to meet me. I knew this would be a sexual encounter. I wanted it to be. I felt safe enough from our conversations and obvious energy together to invite him to my place. He agreed and we set a time. After we made time, I laid on the couch and read a book, smoked some weed, drank more coffee and truly enjoyed the rest of my morning alone. 

When he got here, I was relaxed and ready to enjoy meeting this really interesting guy. As he walked up to the stairs, I took a deep breath. He is as gorgeous in person as he is in his photos. His energy is strong, confident, and so sensual. We kissed on the cheeks, hello. He put his hand on the small of my back as we walked up the stairs to my flat. I got him some water and we stood around the kitchen chatting a bit to get to know one another. 

I discovered he is even more interesting than I thought. I love that. He was flirty without being obvious. He is passionate about the things in his life. So many boxes were ticked. He walked over to me and as he approached, he asked, “May I kiss you? I’d like to.” 

Hell yes, you can kiss me! 

Do you know that feeling when you kiss someone for the first time and it just fits? His lips on mine were so soft and so wet. Just the perfect amount of pressure, just enough tongue. I leaned toward him. I wanted more. I may have made a soft noise, though I tried not to! He pulled away and we smiled shyly at each other and talked some more. 

Before long, the desire to kiss and touch was stronger than the desire to get to know each other verbally. He came to me, took my hand, and walked me to the bedroom. He sat on the end of the bed and pat his hand for me to sit down next to him. We leaned in and started kissing. It was slow and sensual. I pulled away and looked at him. Oh, he was so lovely. He laid his hand on the inside of my leg and I felt the heat all the way to my core. 

He gently pushed me back and we continued to get hot and sexy. I was so wet. How quickly he did that to me! His hand explored my leg, pulling my wide pants up so he could feel the warmth of my skin along my thick thigh. He stopped kissing me and asked, “May I touch you?” I could only nod my consent because my breathing was already short with the intensity of his light caresses. He gently, oh god, too gently, touched the wetness between my legs over my panties. 

I wanted to press my hips up and make him touch me harder, but also I wanted to savor these slow sensual moments of discovering each other’s bodies. I was running my hands over his arms, his hard muscular chest, his lean back. I wanted to feel his whole body, to know every part. He leaned down to kiss me again, deepening it even more as he moved between my legs, covering my body with his. I loved the contrast of his sharp angles pressing into my soft sensual comforting curves. 

He moved back again and sat beside me, pulling my pant legs aside again. He reached between my legs and pulled the panties aside and looked at me. Instead of embarrassed or ashamed, I felt beautiful and proud of the gorgeous cunt he was looking at. I could see from the way he swallowed when he first saw its glistening folds that he was turned on by me, and that made me feel powerful and strong. He leaned down to get close to my sweet juices, turned to me, and asked, “May I?” I am sure my answer was “Yes, Please!” 

I gasped as his mouth covered my sensitive bud and sucked. I pulled the bed cover into my hands and tried not to buck my hips into his face. I took a few deep breaths. This was too wonderful to rush, too beautiful not to savor and allow every feeling to flow over me. It had been too long since I had this kind of sensual experience. A new lover savoring the experience of learning my body. My hands exploring, my body feeling, every part of me alive and tingling. This was incredible, and we had only just begun. 

To be continued… 


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    1. Oh, Kayla… I got it bad for this one! He is so sexy and I feel so connected to him. We’ll see. This doesn’t always turn out the way I think it will, but these kinds of encounters certainly make me happy while I am in them!

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