One Sunday Afternoon (Part 2)

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One Sunday Afternoon (Part 1) ******

He leaned up on his strong ropey ink-covered arms and looked down at me. I could lose myself in those deep brown eyes. Before I knew it, he was kneeling and tugging at the top of my pants. I lifted my hips. I wanted him to see me, to know me. As soon as the pants came off, I didn’t wait and I pulled off my panties too. 

He didn’t wait either as he jumped in to taste me. I could feel his tongue circling my clit and the vibrations it stirred in my stomach. His tongue reached deep in between my labia and tasted the sweet nectar. Oh lord, I could let him do this for hours, but that was not all I wanted from him. While his head was between my thighs I was touching his legs, his back, his ass, pressing firmly against his balls, caressing him through his shorts, this was not going to be enough. 

 I wanted everything. I wanted him to take me, to have me. 

Things moved quickly after that. His body on mine, all his sharp angles, all my soft curves. The need I felt in the wetness between my legs and the urgency I felt when his hardness pressed against me. He turned me to my side and pulled me close, my ass against his cock, his arms pulling me in tight. We pushed and pulled against each other, feeling the sensations, allowing the heat to build between us. He kissed my neck, nibbled on my ears, I groaned in pleasure. 

I turned into him, I wanted to feel him pressing against my breasts. I wanted his weight on my body. It felt like I needed our hearts to touch, to connect. As we kissed, I breathed him in. There was something going on here that was not quite usual, not like any other. I wanted to turn it over, examen it, figure it out… but there was no time. Just this urgency to touch him, to taste him. 

He laid back, took off his shorts, and I leaned into him. I got up on my elbow and looked him over. I love his eyes. They reflect how much he already knows about me, without ever knowing me until this moment. I kiss down his body, concentrating on his nipples, caressing the firm muscles on his chest. I twirl my tongue over one, resisting the urge to bite, and nibble until I ask, “Do you like biting or only licking and sucking?” His breath caught as he responded, “Both, either, all.” 

I nibbled at that nipple for a while before licking down to his navel and caressing the inside of his legs. You know that spot, right between the hip and the groin, if you press right in there, it produces a sensation that is hard to describe, but I have made men come just by licking and pressing there and never even touching their hard cocks. 

Something made me a bit shy about touching his cock and sucking it just then. I knew I’d have a chance to go back there again sometime, all I wanted right then was to give him this different sensation. To touch him in my own way. I dragged my lips back up his chest to kiss him and he flipped me over and settled himself on his knees between my legs. I pointed to the bedside table where the condoms were, he grabbed one and opened it quickly. 

We were done with the sweet loving niceness and on to the most urgent of timings. I watched as he put on the condom, reaching up to caress his balls, looking into his eyes. There was nothing after that but passion. He plunged inside me as we both watched each other’s reaction. It felt so good, so powerful. I was so full. His hips pumping and out, my breath catching as his cock plunged into me over and over. 

I wondered at it really, how big and deep it was, as he leaned down and took my shoulders and I raised my hips up to meet his thrusts, forcing him even deeper. I needed this. I didn’t know it had been missing, but here it was. A good deep hard fuck. And yet, when he growled in my ears, I melted. It was more than a fuck, yet what a fuck it was! 

I held him close to me, I forced him to stay connected at our pubic bones by holding his shoulders to me and wrapping my legs around his hips. We rocked back and forth, moaning and sighing until there were no more noises to make, no more hips to grind, just release. Lovely hot sweaty release. 

I didn’t let go until my breathing evened out. He stayed there on top of me, his face in my neck. Finally, rolling off and pulling me close. We lay entwined while the passion of the moment slowly burned out, for now. Eventually, we started to talk. My head on his shoulder, my leg over his, my hands roaming over his chest. He held my arm and kissed my face. It was so easy. 

I think we talked about everything. Personal growth, spiritual energy (the energy we already felt pulsing between us even in this short time) traveling, work, our passions… every word making him even more interesting to me than the minute before. Dang! I liked this guy. Oh boy. Yet, it felt easy, relaxed. No worries. 

We started talking about sex and what we both might be interested in.  We didn’t get too deep in that conversation but it certainly opened the door for future conversations. When I told him that yes, I had, in fact, had sex with women before and enjoyed threesomes, we both started to get a bit hot and bothered again. Nice. 

This time there was no slow build up, we knew the heat, and we wanted it again- hard and fast. He grabbed the condoms and moved to my side. I turned sideways and bent my legs forward as he maneuvered between my still wet lips, and again took me, hard and fast. I put my hand up against the wall to steady myself, while at the same time pushing back against him for more. I wasn’t ever going to get enough. 

We were quickly spent and panting for breath. I laughed with the joy of this new thing. This hard fast fuck that could have felt cool and impersonal but instead felt like I had known him for years and this is how we just always connect. I am not sure how this happened, but I am sure it will happen again. 

We spent some more time talking in each other’s arms. He confirmed that he, like me, tends to attract people with really good connecting energy. He felt this thing between us same as I did. That was reassuring. He is a bit of a Buddhist and we talked about how lovely the idea of non-attachment is. We can love and be loved but not have to be everything to everyone. That suits my style of non-monogamy well and he also understands it in that context. 

I can’t wait to see what happens next. He headed off to finish his day, and I continued on with my lovely and relaxing Sunday afternoon. Thoughts of him whirling around in my head. 


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