Reflecting on Boobs

***Today’s post contains the first NSFW boob image on the blog. Fair warning- beautiful NSFW boobs ahead!***


I’ve been thinking about boobs a lot lately. Beautiful, soft, round sexy boobs. Not my own boobs, but the incredible beautiful boobs of another woman. I want boobs in my mouth. I want to roll a hardening puckering nipple between my fingers- pinching and pulling until it stands up straight and proud. I’d swirl my tongue over it, flicking softly until she makes the loveliest little whimper. It’s likely I’d bite it just a bit when that happens, changing up the sensations until she is writhing beneath me. 

Oh yes. I need some soft, fleshy, wonderfully squishy boobs. 


gorgeous image of Nikki @ love is a fetish with her top pulled down and bare breasts out.
My amazing gorgeous friend Nikki @loveisafetish
let me use this image!

I haven’t had sex since I left Berlin, February 20th. This is the longest I’ve gone without in a very very long time. At first, it was because I set an intention to stay celibate in order to focus on transitioning my life from Berlin back to South America. But now that I am more or less settled in Medellin, I am finding dating a bit more difficult than expected. 

It’s interesting. I’ve realized that times when I am dating (ie having sex) more regularly, my fantasies are usually about men. Or threesomes with a man and a woman, or that hoped for but yet to be achieved threesome with two men. In those times, my thoughts don’t run to sexing up a hot woman, just me and her and all our luxurious softness as often. 

But lately, it’s all boobs, and curves, and wet pussies for my brain. Every threesome I have ever had has pretty much been about me and the other woman, her man just there to enjoy us enjoying each other. The men were afterthoughts. They were, I hate to admit it, almost props in the background while we enjoyed our pleasure together. Those encounters, sans hombre, have been charging back into my head with fervor. 

Bibi holding my hands over my head and sitting on my face, grinding her wetness onto me, my tongue lapping at her sweetness. Jeanette using my breasts as “handles” while she grinds her pubic bone into my hip, hard and fast. My face buried in Katie’s cunt as she bucks under my tongue, pulling my head closer and closer. Oh yes, beautiful memories to build on and hope for more someday. Yeah, I need some boobs. 

I‘ve not yet dated women romantically, only ever sexually in these threesomes I described. But so many times I’ve turned on the “Seeking Men and Women” section of my Tinder app. Each time I’ve done it, I didn’t get any matches, so I always went back to “Seeking Men.” I turned it on again here last week, and this time I’ve had a few matches. My BFF was still here, so I was showing them to her and she was helping me interpret some of the messages. It’s not only the Spanish I have to translate, but also the language of dating women I have to navigate. I’m sure I’m going to have some things to learn. 

Also, on Tinder here in Medellin, many of the profiles I see say, “No Soy Lesbiana.” One of them told me the only option was being friends. I am always happy to have friends, but it’s confusing to match with a woman on Tinder, and for her to tell me she is only looking for friendship. I asked a few clarifying questions, not wanting to make any assumptions, and she unmatched me. See! This can be a bit confusing. 

Screenshot of a tweet about the woman who unmatched me.

Right now, I am flirting with Klarissa. We check in daily. Our chats are fun getting to know each other messages. She just moved to a new home and is getting settled this week, but in theory we’ll try to make time to meet in person next week. She is definitely flirting with me. (YAY!) She calls me “Reina” or “Hermosa” when she sends texts and I am happily flirting back. We’ve talked about a relaxing day smoking weed, finding me some quality CBD oil for my arthritis, and checking out tattoo artists. I can totally get down with that kind of date. 

I just started chatting with Paola. But, I’m not sure about her yet. She took a few days to start talking, and when she did she was a little demanding. She asked me why it was taking me so long to answer her texts. (And honestly, I was pretty right on the messaging as far as I could tell.) Hmm… I need a lot of attention (probably one reason polyamory works so well for me) but not that much attention! If you have a problem with the time between texts when we’ve barely started talking, I can only imagine the kind of attention you’ll require further down the road. She’s adorable, but I am keeping some space here and seeing what happens. 


Well, this post took a totally different turn than I expected. I really only intended to opine about how much I love boobs and how I’d definitely like to taste a pair of boobs soon. But I ended up giving you a short account of my blossoming forays into bisexual dating. You guys are almost always the first to know! LOL

So, this is what dating in Medellin is like for me right now. Pretty excited to see what is next. 


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17 Replies to “Reflecting on Boobs”

  1. All boobs are gorgeous and should be worshipped. Mine no longer look as good as they did back when I was 18, but they are still beautiful and divinely sensitive.

  2. Oh I freakin’ love boobs! And after reading this I now want to go and find some to play with too (not my own), I might have to wait until the end of the month when I see some lady friends and then ask nicely if I can have a little play, lol. Very thought provoking post indeed :p

  3. I haven’t explored what my own fascination with women means (truly, I’ve not given it much thought beyond appreciating sexy women as they walk by but I know there’s something there), so I really like reading your flirting/messaging travails. It gives me a very good excuse to think about it for myself, lol.

    1. Always glad to help someone else think about their stuff by reading mine! It has been fun, even if right now I don’t end up going on any actual dates with her, it’s been good and sexy. I did get a new match today so we’ll see!

  4. Boobs are the best. I’ve only had a few minor experiences with women. I’m most definitely not hetero, but have never gotten beyond simple play even if I do like looking at and touching girls.

  5. I definitely have a lust for women, even though I am predominantly hetero, and I can totally see myself dating a woman. When I go to fetlife, i feel much more comfortable perving, commenting, and friending women than men. They are just so much softer and more sensual. And fucking a woman is so much different. I guess that is why it is so lovely to be a part of both worlds. Good luck, and I look forward to stories of your forays.

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