Review: Honey Pot CBD Lube

(I was paid for an impartial review of this lube fromHoneyPot.)


I love the idea of CBD lubricant. I take CBD regularly and even though I don’t always notice any specific benefit, I feel like it does enhance my general well-being and helps decrease, even just a little, my chronic knee pain from arthritis. So when the opportunity came along to test out and review a CBD-infused lubricant I was excited.

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I have used another brand of CBD lube in the past, but that was a menthol-energizing lube so I felt that maybe I was experiencing the heat of the menthol more than the CBD. I was hoping I would be able to differentiate that experience with this lube. On the HoneyPot website, they list some of the benefits of CBD lube as follows, and who doesn’t want all of these benefits in their sex life!?

  • Heightened sensations
  • Antioxidant benefits
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased blood flow
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Improved orgasms
  • Improved overall pleasure

So when I got the lube, I called up my “Review Bae” and we decided to test it out. The first thing that is important to note is that this is silicone-based lube. As an avid and regular user of silicone sex toys in my relationships, I had to be sure to remember to separate those toys from this experience. So I made sure to let Review Bae know, we would be having plenty of hand and finger fun that evening.

Check out this post by another amazing sex blogger- Nikki- that discusses different types of lubricant and how they work. LUBE LUBE LUBE

She also wrote a review of HoneyPot here: CBD Infused Lube, A Decadent Treat

Some of our observations of the HoneyPot CBD infused lube:

  • It was very slippery and stayed slick for longer than some of my water-based lubricants.
  • It was lightweight and not sticky.
  • For his hand-job, we used less than I would use in water-based lube and it lasted without reapplication.
  • It also tastes nice, with no chemical or non-organic taste left in your mouth.
  • When used in fingering, we also used less than with my water-based lubes.
  • It needed only a small reapplication.
  • The silicone supported a very comfortable experience with little drag.

We did not notice any specific benefits that we would relate directly to the CBD. It could be, as Nikki noted above in her review, that we did not wait 20 minutes for the effect to kick in. I did not know that was a thing before testing it. (We may have to go back and try again with this new information.)

Guest Reviewer

I also asked my BFF to try the HoneyPot Lube out. Since I was going to be out of town, and only have my silicone toys to play with, I didn’t want to bring the lube with me. She and her partner tried it and had a similar experience. Her summary is that it is a very pleasant silicone-based lube, but it didn’t really feel anything special for the CBD component.

I really wish I had known about the 20 minutes. I thought I had read all the info- their website only says “Allow the lube to absorb into your genitals.” Which I kind of figured we were doing by rubbing it in a hand-job or fingering my clit then inserting those fingers into my vagina.

Screenshot from the website that says to allow the CBD to absorb into your genitals

The lube currently runs for $55 for 50ml which is more expensive than my favorite water-based lubes.


I love the idea of CBD lube. I am a regular CBD user. The lube was nice, I enjoyed the silicone as I usually use water-based lube because of my love for silicone sex toys. I did not experience any particular sensations that I could associate with it having CBD. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough for it to “absorb into my genitals.”


Here is a link to a past review. This review was written as an erotic story- FYI!

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