Romantic Bridge Moments

Marco, 45. He’s from Spain but has lived in Berlin for about 10 years and he is an aerospace engineer! (You will see- I love the smart ones!)


Swiped right and started chatting with Marco. We were able to speak in both English and Spanish- and flirting in two languages is pretty fun. We agreed to meet up at this funky little bar a few blocks away from me. There is a nice outdoor seating area by the river. (Full disclosure, I had another date lined up for later because I was still not 100% sure how this one was gonna go! LOL)

The conversation started out a bit slow, it took us some time to find a groove, but once we got going (in both languages) we really started to enjoy ourselves. Eventually, we didn’t really want to stay there any longer, but we really weren’t ready to end the evening. (When he went to the restroom- I texted the other date and cancelled on him! Oops!)

He asked me if I had been to one of the traditional German restaurants in a different neighborhood yet, which I had not been to, nor had I had any pork knuckle since I had arrived, so he insisted that I needed to have pork knuckle at this place! So off we went.

*********(One thing you have to realize about Europe, and for these stories in Berlin in particular… is that I would often go out for drinks at 8-9 and THEN go out for dinner… everything was late. In general, I went to bed around 2am and woke up around 9! Totally different than my life before in Costa Rica where I was awake and working by 6:30-7:00 every day!) **************

He took me on the Subway to a totally new neighborhood and it was an adventure. The train was pretty crowded so he pulled me close to him and leaned in a little with his hand on my back. We both just kind of looked at each other with silly grins on our faces.

Anyway, dinner was amazing… OMG the food was awesome, the restaurant had a fun vibe, the neighborhood was pretty hip, and in an area where the river has lots of bridges crossing it and you can see the city lights glimmering all around. We laughed and flirted and in general just enjoyed each other’s company. At one point he took my hand and played with my fingers, then lifted my wrist to his mouth for a very gentle kiss. Oh he had moves.

Before dinner was paid for, (he paid for all the drinks and dinner) he leaned in and kissed me. It was such a nice kiss. I mean, NICE. I leaned in for another, and then we just sat there grinning at each other. LOL

We still didn’t want the date to end, so we walked, holding hands, to the corner pub and ordered a few more drinks. We sat there and basically made out for the next hour! LOL Seriously, couldn’t keep my mouth away from his. And hands were closer than they should have been in public, but totally not “touching” anything.

Finally, the time came to leave. He had asked me more than once to go home with him that night, but something told me not to. Somehow I knew this evening needed to end just with all this really nice kissing. He was leaving in two days for a two week vacation,  and I would only be in Berlin for about 3 more weeks, so there might not be a chance for us to go on a date again, but this was so lovely, I wanted this to be the memory.

We walked out to the corner and called Uber. As we waited, we leaned up against each other on the edge of the bridge, in the cold. He was holding me to keep me warm, (and here is where the hands did a little free roaming,)  and we made out for the final time. It was such a romantic place to kiss- the bridge, the lights, the cold, the amazing kissing… When the cab finally got there, it was difficult to get in, we kept kissing, moving a little closer to the cab, kissing… I finally got in the cab when the cabbie threatened to leave without me! LOL I sat in that cab and grinned all the way home.


And there goes Marco…


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