Tankwa Karoo Desert – Afrika Burn

So, one night of my recent African adventures brought us to the Tankwa Karoo desert. Our plan originally was to spend two nights there but:

A. The week before it was 45 degrees Celsius there!! (That is 113F.. uhm NO!)

B. The camp had no real showers or toilets… None of us were thrilled about that prospect.

Though NOW I kind of wish we had another night [insert devilish grin here]… 

So anyway… This camp is full of “hippies” working there as volunteers and building this amazing huge sculpture in preparation for Afrika Burn. Once their work day was done, we all shared a really nice meal together in the main community tent. There was wine, before long there was weed…

(Random side note about me and weed- I am a TERRIBLE “inhaler”- Ask my BFF! So if I am going to smoke, I prefer it when someone else smokes, the leans in and blows the smoke into my mouth while I inhale it that way. Let’s face it- it can be DAYUM Sexy and I get “close” to any number of amazing people this way… maybe it’s part of my “schtick” but whatever… it so works for me!)

Anywho… where were we? Oh yeah- Wine and Weed… pretty sure there were chicks helping me smoke, guys sitting around us, over us, on us? OH- and poppers… there were definitely poppers… lots of giggling and fun on our end of the tent…

Next memory I actually have? Dragging a mattress out of the truck, grabbing my sleeping bag, hot guy in tow, giggling (of course) and climbing on TOP of the truck to “sleep.” (Yeah right? No one REALLY thought we were going up there to sleep! I even had one of my friends helping us grab the mattress and he had originally planned to also sleep up there… I distinctly remember him telling me that “I owed him one!” HAHA)

Sex in the desert on top of THIS truck… Hell Yes!

Well… there was an amazing full moon, the Milky Way was shining so bright above us, and “T” took me to another universe! And… apparently we gave quite the audio show to the rest of my companions!

Ha ha ha… I remember at one point thinking… “Dang I should be quieter… but I CAN’T!”

One thing that is important to note here? Uhm… the rest of my travel companions had set their tents up around the truck on the other side. (I had planned to sleep on top of the truck anyway, so I didn’t have a tent set up.)

Eventually it actually got too windy and cold to stay up there, so we climbed down off the truck, grabbed the mattresses and sleeping bag, and went to his tent… where we proceeded to serenade his neighbors too.

OK- this is the key visual for this story- so pay attention…

Think 70’s hippie porn star…

In a small tent with the flap open- full moon light shining in- so everything seems black and white (especially as high as we were…)

He is so a hippie and so skinny – think 70’s porn star… and still young enough that he can sit on his knees and still have his ass on the ground, ya know? Scene set?

He’s on his knees naked in front of me, I am laying on the ground in front of him, my legs are open across his legs…

He leans back a bit, runs his hands through his hair… turns his face towards the moonlight and runs his hands down across his chest…

…then he reaches down and just starts running his hand all over me down there… just rubbing and touching all while looking me in the eyes, and leaning back with his other hand in his hair… (which was falling out of its sexy man-bun because I had just been pulling the shit out of his hair moments before…)

( I had been on Safari for a month, often without real bathrooms or showers, so the whole shaving thing? It had been a lost cause for at least 3.5 weeks! I had a nice little “covering” down there… Good thing this man is a certified do-gooder hippie type… no issues there!) 

Seriously- I STILL think about that moment a month later and I get all hot and bothered all over again!

Clearly that moment lead to more amazing, loud, and neighbor disturbing sex before we finally passed out all sweaty and intertwined together.


In the morning, I got up and went the freaking 1.2Km to the long-drop compost toilets, and to breakfast at our camp area. None of my travel companions said anything to me, but I kind of felt a vibe… There were a few side glances…. I was trying to figure out how to find out “how much” they knew/heard… LOL

Eventually I went back to his tent to get the mattresses and sleeping bag we had dragged there with us. He pulled me back down with him and we enjoyed a few minutes of cuddling before we dragged it all back where it belonged.

He had a cup of coffee with us and chatted a bit with everyone. (I think that actually helped make things less awkward, though one of my travel companions did say something silly about “morning after coffee awkwardness…”) And before he left to go do his duties for the day, we went behind the truck and he hugged me goodbye and gave me a few lovely good-bye kisses to remember him by.

No numbers were exchanged, I barely remember his name (though someone reminded of his name a few weeks later at an Afrika Burn fundraising event in Cape Town)… but I will always remember my desert hippie on top of the truck sex!!


As for my travel companions- they are NOT shy and before we left the national park, there were jokes and banter and teasing about the “noise” and WHO was making it etc. They were actually really good sports about it all things considered…

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