The Book of My Life

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The Book of My Life- Sting

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For the past week or so, I have been thinking about making a post that is more “blog like” and personal than one of my usual stories. (Though I’n not sure how much more personal I can get than writing about my sexual escapades!) Reading all the amazing, well written, sexy, informed, and interesting blogs I’ve been enjoying since I joined Twitter a few weeks ago; I’ve realized that I’ve been treating this site as a simple writing repository rather than a blog. Allowing glimpses of my life, through my writing and sexuality, but not really saying “Hi” and getting to know you all or giving you any real pieces of me. This prompt gives me the perfect opportunity.  

The Book of My Life- by Sting has long been one of my favorite songs. Years ago, I made a scrapbook page featuring the song, it’s a song that has always been on the playlist, and now I am actually in the middle of writing the book of my life- my memoir. Hopefully an interesting story of a girl who grew up in rural, religious right America, but ended up a polyamorous, kinky, sex blogger in Berlin, and all the ridiculous things that happen in a life, in between. (You know things like failed mission trips, sexual abuse, religious abuse, infertility, abusive alcoholic secret cross-dressing husbands, swinger clubs, world travel, sex on top of safari trucks in African deserts… you know, stuff!) 

One of the things I have always loved about Sting’s music is the storytelling, probably because I am a storyteller myself. I have always been a writer, and I have been a blogger in one way or another since blogging was a thing. I documented my single dating life when I moved across the US from New York to Minnesota. I documented my weight loss journey from a 330 lbs. woman to a 155 lbs. one. I documented my infertility journey, and subsequent regaining of much of the weight. I occasionally documented my world travels but decided that living that nomadic life was more important at the time, than documenting it. 

As for the sexy writing, the stories I started this blog with were a way for me to come to terms with my sexuality and the person I wanted to be, and was becoming, after I left my husband and the USA in January of 2015. I found Tinder a great way to meet people and see the sights, as well as explore the things I wanted from sex and dating without stress of commitment or relationships. Oh sure, I accidentally fell in love a few times along the way. I learned a lot from those relationships too. I met one of my current partners,  Stefan (You may have read about the ‘Sex Scientist’…) when I first started traveling, and he introduced me to Polyamory. MIND BLOWN! 

Now, as I write, I am also growing and learning the craft and about myself. Learning my style, learning what works. When I first wrote these stories, I blushed at my desk and giggled like a teenage boy when I tried to write words that were real, literal, but also foreign to me. How does a “good Christian girl” talk about sucking cock or sexy threesomes? It has been a transformative journey and a journey I love being on! My most recent post before this one, was pretty explicit. It was very hard to write, but I really wanted to get it out. I mean, writing about my sex life is difficult, writing about loving being fisted? Explicitly? Holy heck! I am sure I will find a balance between explicit, romantic, erotic, fun… find my erotic voice, and I am enjoying the practice. 

Writing here on Lustitude, has done things for me, like opened my eyes to just me how D/s my relationship with Stefan really is! Even though it’s not something we ever explicitly talked about, once I started writing about our adventures, I could clearly see what is has become. Now we have talked about his “control” and the ways we can work with it intentionally in our sex life. FUN TIMES! One of my favorite past posts is one where I talk about learning to talk to my lover, (also Stefan- he is a prime topic!) about sex and our sex life. It has also given me an opportunity to read lots of other amazing sexy blogs and learn from other people’s styles, conversations, and information/education. 

I am very much enjoying writing for these memes and having the opportunity to get to know all the other amazing erotic sexy bloggers out there. I feel like you all are big sisters (and brothers), showing the way, forging the paths for the rest of us as we pick up our ‘pens’ and write smutty goodness too. THANKS for all you have done to pave the way so far! I am attending Eroticon 2019 and hope to finally meet many of you there! 

I am also embracing and living my live fully polyamorous. I write about polyamory, non-monogamy, relationships, too. (This is an article about The Evolution of My Polycule.I started out on Medium, but I have also started writing on my own website/blog. In light of all the censorship recently etc. and changes to Medium, I thought it was a safer way to keep track of my works. Also, since I would like my book published one day, having a writing blog seemed smart too. 

This is the polycule as it is today and the people I might be talking about.

So, there it is, The Book of My Life. (The shortest blog post I’ve written, I think! Sorry about that folks, I am working on the editing process to make my stories a bit shorter! Always a work in progress!) A short introduction to who I am! Thanks for reading! 



4 Replies to “The Book of My Life”

  1. Thank you for sharing some from your book of life. It’s always interesting to hear where others come from and what they have done throughout their lives, or what happened to them. I am quite interested in your African safari’s 😉

    Rebel xox

    1. THANKS! I enjoyed writing it. I have noticed that I was enjoying the posts from other bloggers that were personal in more than just sexy writing, and that got me started thinking about a post like this… this Wicked Wednesday was the perfect prompt for it! Africa was amazing!

  2. You know what? These are the posts I love. Don’t get me wrong I love the dirty, explicit posts from fellow bloggers, be they fictional or true to life, but when all that is stripped away and I get to see the other stuff it never fails to make me smile, or in some cases tear up depending on the content. Either way though it is always wonderful to see people sharing more about themselves 🙂 I am also going to Eroticon next year, so I look forward to saying hello x

    1. YAY! Look forward to “meeting you.” Yes, I definitely feel like it’s a good way to really get to know each other in the community. 🙂 THANKS for your comment! It had been on my mind for a bit to write it, so here we are! <3

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