The High-Five Finish- A Sex Scientist Story

It is our last day together. The final full day of my Berlin adventure for this year. This trip has brought many changes and lovely new things to our relationship. We’ve seen each other more than once a week, three times more! That’s a lot for us. I already had my obligatory drinky cry about missing him and Berlin about a week and a half before, so we’re clear for a fun day without too much goodbye drama.

He comes to my hotel room with coffee and snacks- the perfect way to start the day. I already had some cava chilling in the mini-fridge. Fucking with an edible and some cold vino is always more fun! He came into the room with his usual saunter, a quick kiss on the lips, and shed his clothes when I took the food. The rule is “always naked in the house.” Even on this trip where we spent most of our visits in day-use hotel rooms. Naked together. It’s the only rule. (Well, we have one other rule in our relationship. “Don’t die!” It’s a pretty unencumbered relationship!)

I love watching him undress. I sit on the end of the white comforter-covered bed and watch. I specifically pay attention this morning because this will be the last time he takes his clothes off in front of me for close to a year. He is so lean. But he works outside on his family farm in a village in the countryside, so his muscles are ropey and more defined than you’d think. His faded tattoo and comb-over-ish flop of dirty blond hair are physical characteristics that define him in my mind. I take it all in as I lean back on my elbows, take a sip of morning sex cava and enjoy the view.

He’s chatting away, oblivious to how I’m staring at him. He leans in for another quick kiss and heads into the bathroom. While he’s in there, I look around to ensure all of our usual” tools” are set out where we can reach them when we are ready. I take off my satin bathrobe and reveal my skimpy bra and panties. I immediately grab the warm ham and cheese croissant (my favorite) he brought and prepare the other for him.

As always, we first spend time lying on the bed, talking, eating, laughing being silly. These are the moments I miss when I’m halfway across the world. Silly, intimate, and comfortable. A comfort born of six- years of this delicious relationship we have shaped and reshaped to meet our changing needs and worlds. Laughter and easy teasing are the languages of our love (we have other languages for our sex!)


Before long, he faces me, and we enjoy an old-fashioned make-out session. Touching and caressing each other, we take the measure of our physical bodies for the last time this year. He runs his fingers down my breast, across my stomach, over my hip, and back to my face. I love kissing him. He looks me in the eye and moves his mouth to take one and then the other nipple. He sucks, teases, and bites gently, sometimes not. I lean my head back on the pillows, giving him room to kiss and caress all he wants. He keeps a grip on my nipple with his fingers, slowly increasing the pressure when he finds my mouth again. We pull ourselves as close as possible, tongues deep in each other’s mouths, and he pinches even harder until I gasp and pull away a little. He smiles into my mouth.

As he pulls away, he already has that crooked grin on his face that I know and love. “So now, it’s time to put things inside you, yes?” Breathing into his mouth, I reply, “Yes, please!” He sits up and pulls out the “tools” I previously laid out. There are dildos of various sizes, a butt plug, a vibrator, my favorite lube, and of course, the poppers. I get comfortable with my ass propped up on a pillow, and he sits comfortably criss-cross between my legs while I drape mine across his knees.

He smiles and slaps my vulva. All my muscles tense, and I jerk my legs together. He laughs, pushes my legs open, and does it again. I let him do it. I like it. I try to keep my legs open for him. He’s in charge of what we do in this bed, and I trust him completely. He’s the man who taught me my body works this way. The one who awakened these desires in me. He uses my body for both of our pleasures, and I cannot get enough.

He slathers his hand with lube and reaches between my legs, coating my lips and my vulva. He parts my lips and thrusts two fingers inside me, ensuring enough lube everywhere we’ll need it. It doesn’t take him long to use those fingers to increase the intensity. He pushes three, then four, fingers inside me. He knows he doesn’t have to wait. I am very wet and always ready for him. He’s pushing four fingers, in and out, in and out,  and reaches for the vibrator and hands it to me. “Turn it on.” I do as he asks. “Good. You’re going to want that soon.”

He adds more lube to my already hot and wet cunt, and to the fattest dildo we have. It shimmers green and gold and is as wide as my wrist. My eyes widen. “What? Don’t you think you can take it?” I look him in the eyes and respond, “We both know I can.” Now he has his Sex Scientist attitude on. I am his experiment. Can he put this fat, cylindrically shaped dildo inside me before he’s even put his hand there? He looks excited to find out. I scootch closer to him and readjust the pillow. He knows I am willing to be part of this wonderful experiment.

He pushes the rounded head into the opening between my lips, not quite into my vagina. He watches closely for my reaction. I grin, almost as a challenge. I’m not often bratty, but I feel like playing that role today. He adds more lube around the sides of the toy and hands me the poppers. “You’re going to need these.” He barely waits for me to take them before he begins pressing the toy further inside me. I moan at the sensation of being stretched. It’s smooth silicone, so very different from the contours of his hand when he stretches me by putting his fist inside me. This sensation is full, and I feel a consistent tightness. I can feel the muscle widening. The constant pressure he applies forces my body to expand, accepting the gift he is giving me.

I grab the poppers. I know he will watch so he doesn’t hurt me, but he won’t stop now until this dildo is sunk deep inside my waiting cunt. I love that he knows me so well. He knows we don’t need an elaborate workup to this place. He knows he has had his hand deep inside me, often enough that my body can take this toy. He knows he can push me to my limits, gather all that sexual excitement, and use it to his advantage. I take a few deep breaths of the poppers, but he’s already begun to press and push the dildo past the tight spot. It’s in the place that hurts. He watches me. I watch him.

This is the moment of the most intensity in my body. It is also the moment of the most intensity on his face. He breathes heavily. He has this look of wild passion in his eyes. I love how seeing my pleasure turns him on. It plays across his face, his feelings, and his desire. He is still pushing. My head is floating with the poppers as my muscles relax. The feeling is intense. He leans over me, gaining a better angle, and my body finally gives in to the pressure of this final thrust. The dildo pushes deep inside me. His hand is flat on my vulva. The toy is completely inside. He doesn’t let up the pressure.

I thrust my hips up and back. I want it deeper and harder. I want to feel the exquisite pain of the toy pressing against my cervix. He points to the poppers. I know he is telling me to be prepared. I take another deep draw of the acidy liquid and relax my body. He asks me to lift the tiny bottle to him so he can partake too. I feel the poppers working on both my head and my cunt. I’m so hungry for him. He leans in, the toy still deep between my legs. He covers me with his body. I wrap my legs around his waist, he moves up to my mouth, and we kiss. There is not much better than a mid-sex poppers kiss. Our breath becomes one. My head floats away, and he thrusts his hips onto the toy.

It pushes even deeper inside me. It’s too fat to move quickly. It’s more of a deep rocking back and forth. I pull his ass close to me, and we rock back and forth, pressed tightly together. Between the rocking of the dildo deep inside my cunt and the pressure of his body on my pubic mound, I am at the edge of orgasm before I know it. He knows it. He can tell by the hitch in my breath. He deepens the kiss and then stops. He stops moving. He stops kissing. I moan. I wiggle. I try to get him to move. He simply looks at me with that grin. You know the one. (Guess who’s being the brat now!)


He moves off of me, and I complain. “Come back!” With a grin and no words, he reaches for the hard sheath dildo, kneels between my legs, and straps it on over his hard cock. This increases both his length and girth, and this toy is very firm. He pushes two more pillows under my ass and liberally lubricates this new toy. He moves closer to me and pushes a finger in my ass. He watches my face as he plays with my ass. Preparing me. I close my eyes and let the pleasure roll and relax my body. I also wish to be prepared.

Before long, he points to the poppers. He pushes the toy to the edge of my ass and waits for me to take a breath of the poppers. Slowly he presses in. Holding back each time I make a noise, checking to see if I’m ok. I begin to push up towards him, I am ready, and I want his cock inside my ass. With a grin, he checks that the big fat dildo is still tightly inside my cunt and then pushes himself all the way into my ass. I almost scream. With the added girth and length, the sensation is incredible. The toy in my ass pressing up against the toy in my cunt. The pressure everywhere is amazing.

He asks for the poppers himself. This is always the indication that we are in the final stretch. He is finally ready to use me to take his pleasure. After a strong drag of the poppers, I watch his face transform. He holds my legs up and uses the bottoms of my feet as leverage. He thrusts in and out, pushing deeper and deeper. His face changes with the sensation that rolls over his body. We’re both too far gone now to stop. After he had just edged me, I was already so close to my release.

I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of him taking my ass, thrusting in and out, in and out. I can’t stop moaning and now screaming as he hits me deeper and deeper. In and out, in and out. I grab my vibrator and press it frantically against my clit. Just when I can’t take it anymore, and the orgasm is about to crest, Stefan cries out with a long, loud moan, gasping for breath. We throw ourselves over the cliff of sensation together. Faster and faster hips meeting cock. We open our eyes and look at each other. It’s not always like this, this intensity of facing each other, watching the sensations and feeling fly across our faces, but it’s like that today, and I’ll forever cherish it.

He holds onto the inside of my thighs so tightly I will have bruises for a week. He is leaning his shoulders into my feet, my legs still up in the air while we gasp and catch our breath. When we can finally speak, we both start to giggle. The intensity of the moment is broken, and we are back to the lightness of us. He throws that big ole cheeky grin at me and exclaims, “That was awesome!” I said, “We rock!” and we give each other high-fives.

He finally collapses beside me. I let my legs drop and curl up beside him. He pulls me close and kisses my forehead. I throw my leg across his body and slowly trail my fingers along the hair of his chest. We are both quiet. These are the final moments we have to enjoy being in each other’s arms until next year. Eventually, we move again. It’s inevitable. I refill our champagne, and we sit criss-cross on the bed, chatting until it is time for him to leave.


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