The Mission

She walked softly toward the small low fire, the heavily falling snow hissing as it hit the flames. This was a surrender, a capitulation of her mission. She had been looking for him for days, and following him silently through the dense woods and ever worsening weather since early morning, hoping she was still hidden, expecting him to lead her to the prize. But the wind and snow raging through the valley had forced her to change course, change tactics. How would he react to her presence? Could he already know her plans?

She startled as their eyes met across the fire. Long seconds passed before he nodded his head and lifted the edge of the wool blanket slung across his shoulders in invitation. She strode purposefully toward him, sat just inside the damp green canvas entry of the tent, pulled off her boots, and lay down next to him. He pulled her close, wrapping them in the warmth of the blanket. He didn’t bother to hide his erection pushing it against her as she relaxed into him, coveting the heat of his body. He wrapped his arms around her, holding onto her breasts like hand-holds in the cliffs they would face tomorrow, if he could be convinced to let her join him on the journey forward.

She had no choice but to trust the safety of his arms this one night. As she slipped into slumber, his fingers slowly traced the outline of her breasts, pressing through her heavy sweater and warm cotton base layers. Her hard, firm nipples stood at attention under his gentle caresses. Sleep. She just needed sleep. She would deal with his reaction to her body tomorrow, but now her mind was slowing, and exhaustion overcame her.


Word count: 292

My first foray into Flash Fiction- and I cannot wait to see what happens to these characters- I hope you look forward to it too!

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