The Quickie

Sometimes I just want a quickie. Come over to my place and fuck me. No preamble, no prolonged foreplay, just pure lust. You don’t even have to stay to snuggle afterward- just get up and leave.

I’m good.

Just come, dick me down, tear off my clothes, throw me on the bed, and have your way with me. That’s all. It’s enough.

It’s an itch I want to satisfy, it’s an urge I have. It’s not about me or you, or even me and you. It’s about getting off, enjoying the moment, knowing what we both want, and getting to it in between other important tasks in our day.

Text me, tell me you’re outside and you want to come up and fuck me. I’m going to say yes.

Start kissing me when I open the door. Push me up against the wall, grab my hands and hold them over my head. Push your knee between my legs and grind. I want to feel your hardness pushing against me. I want to feel your desire pulsing through our bodies. I want to know your desire for me at that moment is primal passion.

Don’t ask. Just take. You have my consent, my enthusiastic consent to this scene. Anytime I agree for you to come on up in the middle of the day, know THIS is always on the table.

Hot, quick, ridiculously passionate.

Push your hands down my pants and shove a finger into my hot wetness. You made me like that in an instant. Revel in the power you have over me. Pull out your fingers and taste me. I will lick your fingers with you, both of our tongues licking and sucking. Tasting my sweet juices.

You know I am ready. Pull me towards the bedroom or better yet the couch. Push me down headfirst into the soft cushions and yank down my panties. Look at the wetness gleaming between my legs.  Remember that you are the king who made that happen.

You are the king who can have it all. You can take me, right there, on the couch, head down ass up. Shatter me with your fat cock. Push yourself deep inside me. UNGFHHHHH Yes Papi, Si!

Thrust and pump, this is your moment, you know I will follow your lead. Your aggression, your passion is my aphrodisiac. I am ready to cum almost the instant you push your way inside me.

Now I am rocking my hips, making us go faster and harder, deeper and stronger. I want to hear you cum, loudly, passionately!  I want the neighbors to know the girl who works from home sometimes plays from home too. Yes, even in the middle of the day.

You can cum baby- I want you to. I NEED you to. Hearing your release, hearing your moans, hearing your desire for me manifest, is going to push me over the edge with you. I promise.

Cum for me.


Fix your pants, you never took them off. Pull me up. Hold me close. Kiss my forehead and tell me how much you enjoyed this. It’s the only aftercare I need. Hold me one more time and tell me I’ll see you soon. (I need to see you soon!)

You’re off. Off to run your errands and finish your day.

I grin knowing everything you do will smell like me. Your fingers smell like me, your cock smells like me. Your day will be a constant reminder of our quickie, of the fast fuck, of our passion. You will grin, maybe throb when you think about it.

I will do the same as I sit at my desk and work, cunt still wet, sweat dried on my skin, smelling of our sex.

I will touch myself tonight. Reliving our moment.


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