The Red Head in Penang

I couldn’t believe I had agreed to let him pick me up in the airport! I mean what if he was a dud, not at all like his photos? Or what if he smelled bad, or was just plain weird? I needed to get from the airport to my hotel, and this was a very convenient way to do it, but still quite the risk!

Thankfully, he was not any of those odd things. He was quite nice looking. Short red hair, neatly trimmed beard and mustache, an Australian man who spent equal time at home in Sydney and here in Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia. He was taller than me and very broad in the shoulders, with deep blue eyes, and a very engaging smile.

We made our way to his Audi in the airport parking lot, and I got in on the left side. As he expertly navigated his way through the crazy scooter filled streets of Georgetown, he regaled me of stories of expat life here. He had been living here on and off for more than 10 years. He was proud of his independent lifestyle and more than a little cocky about the money he obviously had that made this life possible.

We had plans to go to the night market near his condo for dinner and some site seeing/shopping, but thought we would stop by my hotel so I could freshen up and drop off my luggage. As we entered my room, I immediately felt the tone of our interaction change. Up to that point we had been flirty and light, but now the sexual tension in the room was suddenly thick and almost like its own presence in the room.

I washed my face and was digging in my suitcase for something to change into, when he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed my neck and pressed himself up against my ass. Well now. I turned into his arms and before I knew it, our mouths were connected in deep passionate kisses and we were pressed up against each other, with nothing left to the imagination.

He backed me up and pushed me down onto the bed. He climbed over me on all fours, and spread my legs with his knees. He pulled my arms up over my head and held both my wrists in one hand as he reached down and pushed his hand under my skirt. He pulled aside my panties and plunged his fingers into my wetness, (Lord, why was I so wet already?!) while kissing me.

I finally pushed him off of me a bit so I could claim some breathing room, and we both started shipping out of our clothes. It felt like we were FINALLY naked, and with his body pressed up against mine I could feel every pore, every hair, every muscle movement. I was so aware of the space he was occupying right on top of me. He grabbed the back of my hair and pulled, hard, as he touched my body- gently. The contrast was almost too much.

He leaned over me, and to my chagrin dripped spit into my mouth. Now I am all about kinky, and give me a little humiliation, hair pulling, spanking etc. But spitting? EW! (I once dated a man whose kisses were soooo wet that I felt like I was drinking spit… it was gross and something I am not sure I have ever gotten over – even 25 years later!) When I tried to turn my head and move away, he pulled the hair from the back of my head harder and told me to stay still. Hmmm, this I could work with.

Before I knew it, we were scrambling to grab a condom, the writhing, kissing, touching and humping had to stop. I needed him inside me, now.

The actual sex was hot, fast, deep and wild. This neatly made up hotel bed was quickly destroyed and I am pretty sure at one point I was hanging off the side, trying to hold on to him in order to stay on the bed. It was 90 degrees outside, and the AC wasn’t working well in the room, but the sweat factor in this case was sexy not gross. Oh yeah.

When I finally came, I am sure all the rooms in the hall could hear the noise. (oh well!) He collapsed on top of me, and we spent the next 15-20 minutes breathing, relaxing back into our bodies, and cooling off. I finally pushed him off of me, and curled up on the side of him. By then, I needed a little distance so  it was just curled up on his side, not over him or under him.

Once we were mostly recovered, we laughed and realized we were both very hungry! I told him that I would quick take a shower and we could go get food at that market. His response was, “No shower. I want to know you smell like me the rest of the night.” So, I got dressed again in the same clothes, including the same panties, and we left for the market.

All night, his hand was on my back, on my arm, on my ass. He whispered sexy dirty things to me as we made our way through the market and to dinner in the open air “cafeteria.” A few hours later he drove me back to the hotel, kissed me good night in his car, and went home alone.

When I got to the room, I had the best shower ever, and fell into bed exhausted.

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