The Seduction of Being Missed

He misses me!

My relationship with Stefan has never been traditionally romantic. We don’t talk about our feelings (maybe once in a great while), and we’re not texting good morning every day kind of people. Heck, some weeks, we don’t text at all. No flowers, romantic dinners out at fabulous restaurants. But what we have has always worked well for us and suited our relationship perfectly.

Instead of romantic dinners out, he might make dinner, put it all on the same plate, and bring it to the living room, where we sit in our underwear, share the meal and the plate/fork, and talk about our day. Instead of flowers, he always has poppers, lube, and weed. When I stay in the flat, he always leaves me some to last until he returns. If I ask him for something, he is there. Over the last few visits, I have stayed at his flat, and he has come to get me at the airport. It was never a question- I knew he would be there for me. There is something to be said for solid trust and understanding.


There is also something special, so warm and fuzzy in knowing you are missed. We don’t talk about our relationship much, but in the weeks leading up to my visit, he showed me in so many little ways that he missed me. More than I have felt in past years. It made me even more excited to be here, to be with him. It prepared my heart for a lovely visit, but I had no idea just how much it would impact our time together until we were together.

Before arriving, he checked in with me more than ever. He reached out and mentioned seeing me and said sweeter things than ever. He remembered my flight details and checked on me in all the phases. He knew I landed in Berlin before I told him and sent me a “Welcome Back” text. Since he wasn’t picking me up, he made sure that we had a date on the calendar for only two days after I arrived.   I remember a few times reading his message and thinking, “He really misses me!” It felt so good knowing that!

(These things may not seem a big deal, but our relationship is very loose and, in many ways, casual, so remembering the love connection, the emotional connection that we don’t talk about- felt special.)

We met on the street in front of the hotel we had booked for our date. He has a wonderfully crooked grin and crazy hair. I was so happy to see his long, lean body walking toward me. We kissed on the lips, and he enfolded me in the longest hug I think he’s ever given me. I almost pulled away but realized he was still strongly holding on.  We kissed one more time before going inside.

It’s almost magical that our connection is instantly back on an intensely connected, extremely comfortable, and relaxed level. Sexual chemistry has never stopped being one of the main aspects of our dynamic, which is in full- force again this time. Even in a hotel, our usual routines kept us in a familiar and comfortable place. We started to strip down, slowly shedding clothing until, eventually, we were lying on the bed naked and catching up with our lives. We made coffee in the room coffee maker, which was a hilarious process, adding silliness to the day and making us even more comfortable. So many things that make us “Us” filled our date, even in a new place.

The very best part, the part that sealed our connection, solidified my instinct that he missed me, actually makes me feel despite our distance, our relationship has grown in intimacy and connection… the making out! If you read any of the Sex Scientist stories I write, (Yes, HE is the Sex Scientist), you may notice a distinct lack of kissing. I have even mentioned it. In the past, we kind of just start, it’s never awkward, but for a long time, it has not involved much kissing.

But this date, as we lay on the bed naked, me leaning into him with his arm around me, we started to kiss. And we kissed and kissed and kissed… and I thought, “OMG, this is wonderful! Why don’t we do this anymore?” At one point, he pulled away from me, put his hand on my cheek, and looked into my eyes before kissing me again and again. Bliss!

The bed was two singles pushed together to be a double (typical European configuration), and I kept sinking into the middle while trying to make out. We both laughed as I fell in. (Laughter is a key part of our relationship too!) He sat up against the head of the bed, leaned over me, and pulled me over to his side, arms under my leg, sort of lifting and dragging me over the middle, over his leg, and into the space between his legs, leaning up against his chest. Somehow we did this while laughing, performing awkward movements, and maintaining the intensity of our makeout session.


As soon as we were comfortable again, we started kissing more. Only now, it was even better because I had much easier access to his hard cock, and I could run my hands down his hairy chest, to his cock and loving run my hands over it, using my hand to make him even harder. Meanwhile, he had very comfortable access to the wetness between my legs. His fingers exploring places he hasn’t been in almost a year, remembering, making me so wet. Before long, mouths still connected he was fingering me so perfectly I was squirting all over his leg, the bed, everything! (We hand’t even put down our sex towel yet!)

Mouths STILL connected, we laughed, and giggled about how freaking much liquid was coming out of me. Then he did it again and again. We were finally exhausted and soaked and needed a break. I laid on his chest, he pulled me close with both arms, put his head on my forehead, and we just sat there catching our breath. This was one of the most romantic and hot sexual encounters I have ever had with him. Heck, it might be up there for any relationship.

I think because we have six years of trust and connection between us, I could sense how much he was missing me before I arrived, and because the distance makes seeing each other again new and exciting… this will be hard to top! (Don’t worry! We are going to try!)

I see him again in two days- he’s already planning for next week (he never plans an extra week ahead- but I had mentioned not seeing him enough, and he responded by making sure we would.) I am here for five weeks, so there will be at least five more visits! YAY!

Keep an eye on the Sex Scientist Files for the full sexy story of this date (you didn’t think we ended there, did you?) and at least one or two of the upcoming dates. We are taking advantage of hot hotel sex locations this time!


Do more romantic feelings, such as being missed, make the sex hotter for you?

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