The Sex Scientist Files: The Reunion- Part 1

I haven’t seen him since the end of February and it was November 1st. I loved the full-circle feeling of coming home. I had spent the night at his place my last night in Berlin and he drove me to the airport, and now he was picking me up from the airport and bringing me back to his place. I texted him when I arrived in Frankfurt, updating him on my progress and told him that I would definitely need a bath when I arrived. (I haven’t had a proper bath in a bathtub since the last time I was at his house!) He started teasing me about a year’s worth of world dust on my skin and needing to get clean. He has a goofy sense of humor and it made me so happy to have this little joke between us as I was arriving back.

His smile (and I am sure mine) lit up the place when he walked in the door. It was so wonderful to see him and get my arms around him. I think we both talked a million miles an hour in the car on the way to his place, taking the time to catch up on all the things we never text about. We talk about everything when we are in person, and finally, we were together again!

We dragged my suitcases up to his 4th floor flat and got settled in. He doesn’t even live here anymore, but the friend he subleases to is out of town so he offered to let us stay here and reconnect. It felt like before. He has always been a place I go to and I am back. We sit close on the couch and just allow ourselves to feel the connection again. I was worried it would be awkward, and it was, but not so much so that it was uncomfortable. We kissed a little and I told him how much I had missed him. He laughed, pushed me up from the couch and said, “Well then, get in the bath, and then we can get reacquainted!”

I hadn’t even noticed that he had drawn me a bath and the water was filling the tub. He came with me to the bathroom to check the water level. There were even bubbles!  He kissed me, swat my ass and said, “Relax, talk to DJDM, and I’ll get in after you. Take your time, come out when you’re ready.” He came back once to hand me a glass of my favorite red wine. He really does love me! I relaxed, washed the road dirt off me, texted with DJDM, and enjoyed my bath. I’ve truly missed a nice long bath.

When I went back into the living room, he had already prepared everything for our sexy evening. (I guess he really DID miss me! LOL) The candles were lit, toys were laid out, and the lube and poppers were strategically placed on the coffee table. He went into the bath and promised to bring some towels when he came back. I settled into my usual place on the couch; hips propped up on some pillows, the towel from my bath under me, leaning on some pillows against the arm of the sofa. I drank another glass of wine and touched myself lightly in anticipation.

He came back out and I enjoyed the sight of his long lean hairy body. It had been way too long since I had the chance to drink in that view. He sat at the end of the couch in his usual position and we smoked a little weed before we got started. I waited for the keywords, knowing he could start us off, and put me in the right headspace immediately if he did like he always used to… He did not disappoint.

“So, what do we do to you tonight? It’s been too long.”

“I always follow your lead. I’m sure you have ideas.”

I sank back into the couch, already so turned on.  I could feel my cunt clenching with desire. When he says these things, (“What do we do to you?” “What do we put inside you?”) he puts himself in the driver’s seat and I put myself in the passenger’s and off we go. I love knowing he is going to take his time giving me intense pleasure and in the end we’ll arrive together at our destination.

He moved closer to me, draping my legs over each of his as he sat in front of me. The lube was handy and he cracked it open, spreading it liberally over my labia, and gently swirling it on my skin, rolling it over my clit, and between the inner and outer lips.  It felt like a rediscovery of a very comfortable thing, a renewal. I knew this moment. I’ve written about this moment so many times. This time it was intensely emotional because I knew what was to come, yet we’ve both changed so much. Weird but lovely.

His fingers started to explore. Using his thumb and pointer finger to spread my lips apart, he looked closely and grinned up at me. I laughed at his expression, it was like a kid in a candy shop. I sensed the Sex Scientist coming out to play.

I asked him, “Everything looks ok down there?”

“It’s perfect! Don’t worry, we’ll make it a mess soon enough!”

With that, he plunged two fingers inside me, hard and fast. He pressed in and out and placed his other hand lightly on the very bottom of my stomach. Lord the clenching wouldn’t stop! Before long he was experimenting with 2-4 fingers, in and out, up and down, and I was relaxing into the sensations, floating on the amazing feelings and the sweet haze of the weed we just smoked.

He gently put pressure on my asshole but didn’t put the finger inside me. No, he was going to tease me a bit instead. (He told me that he hasn’t had sex in a while, so I didn’t know how long he’d be able to hold out. We’ll see.) He finally just used four fingers and pushed them in wide, not folding them down. He held his hand there, pressing, building the pressure. I love that feeling… the too full, the too big, the too intense. He released with a grin and reached over to hand me the poppers. I knew what that meant.

We repositioned a bit, he needed more leverage and I needed to be very comfortable. He folded his hand into the “duckbill shape” and pressed in, added more lube, and pressed in deeper. God! I lifted up my hips to meet him. I wanted his whole fist inside me, now. I wanted him to push past the pain. The intensity of the feeling- both physical and emotional- was already driving my body. He pulled back out though, teasing me. Feeling the intensity of our interaction, he leaned in and kissed me. Then he folded his body over me and gently licked at my swollen clit. At the same time, he started pushing his fist in again, causing me to moan and writhe.

It had been too long, I needed it right this minute. He laughed as I continued to press up against him. With a big grin, he finally pushed the final few centimeters and plunged his hand inside me. YES! But before I could adjust, before I could react, he made a fist inside me and was pumping in and out, deeper and deeper. He could sense the change in my body and just at the right minute he slid his hand out bringing with it a huge gush!

We both laughed, our joy infecting each other and he did it again and again and again. I thought, “He is going to kill me and take all the liquid from my body!” Just when I thought there couldn’t be any more liquid inside of me… he did it again! (And again!) There were no words and no more laughter at this point, just grunts and moans from both of us as he used more lube and pressed his hand deep inside. It was amazing to watch his body lean in, the way he stared at my body as if it were a special treat made just for him. I loved seeing my hungry cunt swallow his hand. It was a fascinating combination.

He directed me to take another puff of the poppers and I did. I love the high spacey feeling and I know it means he’s going to do more things to me that I love. As I took a puff, he put a condom on a very large blue dildo. He covered it with lube and placed it at the entrance of my cunt. But before he moved it inside me, he pushed three fingers in first. Then he slowly slid the big dildo into my wet hole, next to his fingers.

He asked me, now in full “Sex Scientist” mode, “How does that feel? Should I put in another finger?” I took another puff of the poppers as a response. Of course, I wanted more. I always want more. He pushed the dildo as far as it would go and then squeezed in a 4th finger. With his other hand, he began to pump the dildo in and out. As I got used to the sensation he started to thrust the dildo faster and faster inside of me, past his four fingers and deep as it would go. I was moaning and crying out. It felt so good.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer and I began to touch myself. I wanted to come so badly. He saw what I was going for and continued in a steady beat of in and out so I could reach my climax. I could feel the mix of weed and poppers with the steady rhythm of Stefan pumping the dildo inside me and the sensation of my climax began to build.

I thought about the sensation of his fingers accompanying the dildo and the pressure on my clit, and my legs began to shake. All my muscles started to spasm, my cunt clenched over and over, my toes were curling as my mind flew out to greet the moon. My whole body was dripping from sweat and pussy juice, shivering with the intensity and my brain barely functioning, when his face broke out into a big grin. Finally, I wiggled and pushed his hand out of me. Now the pressure was too much, I needed it all out of me. I flung my arms out and relaxed into the couch.

“WOW! That was intense.”

“Take a break? Smoking?”

He sat with me stroking my hair until I could finally move again. I took the wet towels and ran to the bathroom. He got us some food, more wine, and more weed. Then we got set up for Round 2!


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