The Sex Scientist Files- The Reunion – Part 2



It had been so long since I had seen him that laying on the couch, curled up next to him, sharing a yogurt and fruit felt especially poignant. Not only had we not seen each other in seven months, but we wouldn’t see each other for at least another seven after tonight. His schedule only allowed him this one night with me. I was sad about that but not surprised.

He had picked me up at the airport and brought me back to his old flat, where he also arranged for me to stay, after he left, for a week. All of this meant so much to me and already we had shared some real moments of connection, demonstrating to me how much he still cares. It made the sexy time we were having that night even more special.

So now here we were, on a rest break from the amazing sex we had just had. Lounging naked and enjoying the intimacy a long-term relationship and an amazing sex-life together creates. It was a lovely bubble, the perfect in-between moment before we continued on our sexy adventure. Our sex life is incredible and has for a while now follows a distinct flow, one I love and crave.

First, we have amazing fisting sex. He takes and takes while I squirt, scream, and moan. He puts “things” inside me. Dildos usually, big ones. (Lord I am hot just thinking about this again!) He enjoys literally stretching me to my limit, sometimes with multiple items, other times double penetration, or even working to fit both hands inside me. After that, we usually have a short “break” to catch our breath, eat, and smoke some more weed before we start again. The second act always begins with more of the same, and then we move on to anal play. Fingers, toys anything he thinks he can “put inside me” in either hole. It gets hot and intense very quickly.

And that’s where this story begins, again.


He pats me on the leg, “Ready?” Always! I start to get comfortable again, when he says, “No, flip over.” Ok then! We arrange the pillows so my knees don’t take all the pressure, lay towels over them, and settle in. The process feels like a ritual, we know what’s coming, so why not be prepared? He hands me the poppers so they’ll be close at hand when the time comes. There is no pretending that the time isn’t coming.

He opens the lube and liberally coats my labia as well as his hand. We’re already warmed up so it isn’t long before he is putting three and four fingers inside my hot wet cunt. I love how the feeling changes from when I am on my back to on my knees. Somehow, on my knees, I feel both more open and more vulnerable. It seems to take more pressure to feel the same fullness. He can be a bit rougher with me. I feel his dominant energy more when I am blind to his movements and can only react.

He is teasing me, again. He pushes four (I think) fingers inside and starts the “come hither” motion. He turns his hand the other way and does it again, then he asks, back in full Sex Scientist mode, “You still like it better down, than up?” I reply in the affirmative and push my ass back towards him. I want more of what he is giving me. He lays one hand firmly on my ass and continues moving his four fingers back and forth inside me. It is pure delight. The sensations deep in my stomach are already starting to roll out and forward.

He turns his hand to the left and to the right. “Do you like the way this feels?” I don’t like it as much and I tell him so, and he returns to the up and down sensations. My ass keeps pushing back, I don’t want him to play with me anymore. I want his fist buried deep inside me, rocking and pulling the sensations from my soul. He finally plunges his hand fully inside me and then slowly pulls out just enough to stay inside and keep the firm membranes of my cunt holding him tightly. He pulls a little like you would if you were to check the seal of something, then plunges back in. He does this a few times. It’s a new sensation and I like it, it feels like we are waiting for something.

I’m not wrong. He keeps his hand inside me, while I gently rock back and forth on it. The pressure is building and I want the constant stimulation to keep it going. With the other, he awkwardly pops the top of the lube and squeezes it liberally over my ass as well as the hand that’s inside me. He closes the top and begins to move his free hand over my ass, pushing one finger a short way in and pulling it out again. Lubricating his other hands again, he pushes the fist deep and holds it there.

Then he begins his exploration of my ass in earnest. A finger slowly going in, a little at a time. Running his fingers around the edge, pushing at the sweet pucker and pulling out again. He has a way of making me relax and open to him with his teasing (and of course a shit ton of lube!) It doesn’t take long for him to have two fingers inside my ass. He turns the hand that is inside my cunt around and caresses his own fingers with it. He lets out a small laugh, as he stimulates the thin membrane between them. Knowing he is enjoying these ministrations only turns me on more.

But, I am feeling impatient. I love it when he plays with my ass, filling me in a totally different way than when he fills me with his fist and I want more. It’s time for more. I push back insistently and he tells me, “Take some of the poppers.” I don’t hesitate because I know it means he’s ready to get serious about this ass business. I take a long deep breath and while I do he presses the two fingers back into my ass without hesitation. Slowly he pushes in a third. Twisting his hand, he widens his fingers then brings them together again, preparing me for his hard cock.

I can hear his breathing getting more ragged. I love that sound. Even though I am the one down here on my knees, the one being “done to,” the sound of his breathing, the sound of his desire, makes me feel powerful and strong. I hear the lube open again but don’t feel the cold, so I know he’s lubing up his cock. I push back harder against his fingers, letting him know I am ready too.

He pulls his fingers out and rises up onto his knees, slowly pressing his penis against my ass. I relax into him, feeling his hairy legs against my thighs. With my head hanging down between my shoulders in this position, I can smell my own musky odor. An animal sign, a reminder of how primal and beautiful this moment can be.

He lets me set the pace, only pressing lightly. I am the one who impales myself on him when I am ready. OMG! I’ve missed this. He grabs a firm hold of my hips and slowly begins to rock himself against me. He breathes a deep sigh. I can tell he is savoring the moment too. (These are the little things that remind me of our connection.) But savoring can only last so long. He thrusts deep and I grunt, pushing back against him as hard as he presses into me. We stay like that for a second, he slaps my ass hard and starts thrusting. Deeper and deeper. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. He reaches down for the poppers. That’s always a sign that this is it. We’re going for it and there will only be hard, fast and exciting from now until it’s done.

He moves up onto his feet, leaning over the top of me in a “crablike” position, holding onto my shoulders and thrusts again. This angle forces his cock even deeper and feels more instinctual. I take a final sniff of the poppers and let myself go. Now is my time to float. Now is the moment I feel like the vessel of pleasure I am. I revel in the moment when we become nothing but sensations and impulses. No longer lovers, no longer friends… just bodies grunting and groaning, each working to reach its own pleasure.

He is thrusting hard and fast, pulling on my shoulders in order to reach deeper and deeper. My head is pushed up against the edge of the sofa, my arms flayed out at my side. I feel like I’ve released my spirit. I can hear his orgasm building, and mine, like his, can no longer be stopped. We rarely come together. But tonight it’s an extra gift from the universe we willingly receive. As I feel the warm sensations of my orgasm rolling through me wave after wave, I can feel him contracting over and over again deep inside my ass. His breath coming out in loud puffs, his hands tightening on my shoulders. The moment feels infinite. Then it is over.

He falls gently on top of me, giving me a moment to move my legs down comfortably. We lay there, him on top of me, our faces stacked together, mingling sweat and tears. (Of course, I am crying, all the intensity, all the emotion!) Slowly our breathing normalizes. He lifts his head enough to check, “You ok?” I nod and reach up to wipe a tear. That’s his signal to get up and move. He helps me sit up and hands me a towel. I sit there for a minute, catching my breath and recovering my thoughts.

My first thought is to be sad. I won’t see him again for seven months. My next thought is, well at least I have this memory to hold me over until then.

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  1. That must release some intense endorphins! I think it did for me, and all I did was read it…twice. I have some curiosity about fisting, so I found this quite delicious and enticing.

    1. TWICE! YES! If you have some more interest in fisting- almost ALL the Sex Scientist Stories involve fisting and anal… it’s kind of our thing… Feel free to rummage around in the stories and see if you find something interesting! I also wrote a post- His Fist and Me… <3 ENJOY!

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