The Week in Review – 38/39- Galapagos Edition

****Since I spend at least half the last two weeks on a trip to the Galapagos Islands, this weekly review will mostly be photos of my trip and more info. (Of course, there will be some love and romance too… cause that’s where I am in my life right now.******


In case you’re not totally sick of me and my crazy crush yet… still loving my DJDM. The distance is difficult, especially on him. I have all these cool adventures and new places, but he is still home, working, and missing me without the distractions of new things. But we’re hanging in there and the romance is still in full swing. Last week we were out of touch for a few days because, well, there isn’t any internet out on the Galapagos islands. 

We had a bit of a miscommunication just before I went dark. I was kind of freaking out. I didn’t want to go four days without talking to him when there was a little thing between us. Thankfully, I was able to get some data from one of the guides and he and I were able to work things out and go into the “blackout” happy and still in love! PHEW!

This week was an extra polyamorous one. I talked to both Benjamin and Stefan and I have firm dates on the calendar for when I can see them both! YAY! I will stay in Stefan’s Berlin apartment (kind of a sub-sub lease thing) for the first week, then stay with one of my Girl Tribe members for two nights, before heading off to see Benjamin in Hamburg for almost a week! Been connecting with my Berlin Tribe and I am getting more and more excited that we will get to have some quality neck hugging very soon! 

I did get some writing done this week. I read an article written by a person I tend to disagree with. Our styles of polyamory are very different and I wouldn’t mind that so much but this person presents content as if their way is “the one true way.” Their writing clearly says that the only poly that works is their way of poly. I discovered quite by accident that they have blocked me from reading their stuff on Medium. Another polyamorous Medium writing friend had mentioned me in a comment on their post, but I couldn’t see the post. BLOCKED! HA! I have only commented once or twice on their posts, usually saying something like… “That has not been my experience…” and usually there is a response explaining how their experience is more valid than mine. But they blocked ME! 

Anyway- that kind of riled me up and I really disagreed with their post, so I wrote one of my own… about being Solo- polyamorous and what that means to me. 

I’m Solo-Poly: No Relationship Escalator for Me

DJDM is not really polyamorous, he is more of a swinger. It sometimes amazes me that he does this whole thing so dang well! I was thinking about the post above, and how DJDM reads all my writings. How he would read about the details of my other relationships… and I was a little nervous. I mean he knows all… but we haven’t talked a lot about details or even much about how I relate to Stefan and Benjamin. Yet- as always- DJDM cares most about how happy I am, and my happiness makes him happy. He really is a special guy. We have a lovely “habit” of telling each other every day how much we appreciate each other and love each other…. And this was our exchange about the topic. 


Travel Related / Food 

Combining this section this week since basically, I am going to just post a bunch of pics. If you have never been to the Galapagos islands, I highly recommend it as a bucket list trip! It was amazing. I went on a cruise tour with G- Adventures. (A highly rated global travel company.) I’d do it again the same way. 


So, this whole Ecuador adventure is really going to go down in the books as a super amazing one. Two small personal things. 1- I tend to be a pretty big wine drinker. Certainly too much wine has been imbibed frequently… like too much. I always joke that if I ever stop drinking wine, I would lose weight no problem! Well… 

I don’t know if it’s the altitude (over 2.500m) or the depression meds, but I never crave booze anymore. Normally by now I would have a large bottle collection to dispose of and I’ve been in Ecuador for almost a month now and I have only had three bottles of wine in the house! Now I have had drinks out and did get pretty drunk one day hanging with some expats watching the NFL, but that was ONE TIME in a month. I promise you- that is a good record! And DJDM says it is really obvious that I am losing weight!!! 

The other thing is about snorkeling. I love to be in the water. LOVE. I can float and chill in the water for hours. But as soon as I put a mask on and tip my head towards the water, I literally start to hyperventilate! (I’ve been told I drowned in a past life- maybe this is why?) So, this is not a good place to be when you are in the Galapagos and snorkeling is the afternoon activity. Oh, and it is windy with rough cold waters!! EEK! 

Now, due to this anxiety, snorkeling is one of those things I do BECAUSE I am afraid of it. It’s one of those things I refuse to give up, even when it’s difficult for me. I got in that freezing cold water (wearing a wet suit thank goodness!) and freaked out! HA! No seriously, I could barely put my face in! The waves were rough and it was so hard to do. It took me a good 30-40 minutes to calm down enough to even put my face in for more than 5 seconds! 

Now I have to admit, I used Benjamin to help me. All the way from Hamburg Germany I felt him. He is so calm, so steady, so soft-spoken… and I am his “good girl.” I just thought about his voice, calmly telling me I could do it. That I would be ok. His was the voice that reassured me, that helped calm my breathing, calm my heart rate and gave me the confidence to relax enough to see some cool fish and a sea turtle!!! I sent him a message about it when I got back to the internet, and he was so encouraged to hear how just having him in my life had helped me. 

I am such a lucky girl to have such amazing people in my life! 


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16 Replies to “The Week in Review – 38/39- Galapagos Edition”

  1. I almost drowned once, and not in a past life but in this one. It’s had lasting effects. Anything that involves face-fulls of water is on my hard NO list. This means showering with partners is not a thing I am willing to do. It means snorkeling and scuba are both No Fucking Ways. I can’t stand to be splashed, and if I feel my air is being stolen in any way, I go into Kill Mode (think: panic attack with intent to commit manslaughter).

    So your snorkeling to overcome your fear of it… Like, I’m taking huge gasping breaths just reading about it. ?

    It’s brave of you.
    (But I gotta say, it’s also a little crazy!)

    1. OMG! I can’t even imagine how awful that would be… as scared as I am when I’ve never really been in much danger. My step-dad and I got rolled around in some waves once when I was a kid.. but that’s it. I think this trip makes me realize I need much calmer waters to snorkel in from now in calm waters! Be safe out there!! Thanks for your note!!

    1. Oh, their big daddies were very offended… one huffed and charged at me! The BIG daddy was going after the tour leader… it was a bit scary, even though the babies are adorable!!

  2. The pictures, as always, are AMAZING! And I’m glad you got things worked out before you had to go silent for a few days. And also UGH to the “One True Way” mentality — I see it a lot in kink, and it doesn’t surprise me that it happens in the poly community too, but it sucks.

    1. Thanks for the compliment on the photos… believe me, in person, was so much better! Yeah- relationships have their ups and downs, don’t they… and yea that whole “One True Way” mentality really ticks me off.

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