The Week in Review – 41/42- Ecuadorian Strikes Edition

***** It’s been a crazy few weeks, but so good too! ******

Sex and Relationships

So, DJDM came to see me in Ecuador! I have never had a man travel across countries to see me. I’ve met guys in other countries that we both happened to be going to and made plans to hang out, and I have gone to other countries to be with a specific man, but I cannot remember a time when a lover of mine, made a long day of travel to be with me in another country. It felt very special. He makes me feel very special!

Sadly, with all the political unrest here in Ecuador (more below) we were unable to do some of the touristy things I wanted us to do. I wanted to show him all the cool things that have made me fall in love with Ecuador over the last few weeks. The main downtown square was blocked off until the very last day, at night there was a curfew because of clashes with protesters and police, burning tires and tear gas.

As long as we stayed out of the center of town, we could enjoy some nice walking and a few cool things…

The only good thing about that was that we were forced to chill out and just spend time together, which we love! (My love languages are Words of Affirmation and Quality Time, and even though we haven’t found the quiz in Spanish yet for him to take, I am pretty sure Quality Time is one of his languages too. Spending hours snuggled on the couch watching movies and talking is something we both enjoy!)

Pretty Street Art outside the market

Of course the sex is STILL off the hook. I mean this man knows how to touch me, how to talk to me, how to do things to me… that work. It feels like we can never get enough of each other’s bodies. Sometimes I want to eat him up or somehow crawl inside his skin and get even closer. There is a lot of growling and moaning and post intense orgasm tears when we are together!

Love wrapping ourselves around each other!

We also love to try new things together. I have been able to bring a few things to the table that are new to him but now we both consider integral parts of our sex life. He had never fisted anyone before, but good lord he has gotten so good at it… I think he has taken it to a whole new level for me. He is always looking for new ways to make sex even better or more intense. When he was there with me, he took his hand and put it on my chin and told me to bend over the couch, ass up, and wait while he washed up. He came to me with the belt and his hand, and fucked me over the couch like he was never going to stop! I was so deep in subspace I barely knew when he stopped! (He was worried because I was barely moving, just enjoying… But now we know more about how to communicate and keep going… even more excited for next time!)

Sneak peek of his Birthday gift… love notes and photos of us!


Well, in my travel world, the past two weeks have been pretty drama-filled and eventful. The president of Ecuador signed new austerity measures into law and that caused the whole country to go up in flames! Almost literally. The “Paro” or strike was almost instant. Taxis and buses shut down, people took to the street in protest. The biggest impact was to gas, diesel, propane prices, they were expected to double overnight. (They did and then came back down this weekend.) In a country where less than 1/3 the people own cars, gas prices doubling means taxi and bus prices doubling. When you work to buy food and heat etc on a day by day basis… prices for ANYTHING doubling hurts your budget beyond reason.

We did get to walk around a little bit…

It was pretty scary knowing that just a half-mile down the street in the beautiful historic center of town, police in tanks and on horses with huge shields and gas masks were clashing with the local university students and protestors. Eventually, the indigenous people’s group got involved and staged a formal protest too.

The president left the capital city with his government, the Quito airport was shut down, no flights in or out. The city I was in, Cuenca, (and many others) was cut off from the rest of the country with blockades set up by the protestors. There was no gas in my flat for cooking for a few days, then the landlady found a spare tank, but then the hot water was out… Cold showers for days! (Poor DJDM, I refused to take a cold shower and was doing the quick washcloth clean! EEK!) There was no gas tank delivery to anyone in the city for more than a week, everyone was suffering the same problem!

Tree of life mural

I had a lot of discussions with DJDM and with my dad and best friend. I never actually felt unsafe myself. I was in a quiet neighborhood about a half-mile away from the center. But knowing that there was all this unrest all around me, was nerve-wracking. It gave me a low-grade stress headache all the time. My anxiety was flaring a bit too. Then the last weekend while DJDM was there, it got so bad in Quito (which is the city from which I would be leaving South America in a few weeks) the airport was shut down again and there was a curfew from 3pm to 5am! That pretty much decided it for me.

In the market

I was too afraid it would get worse and I wouldn’t be able to get out of the country when the time came, so I changed all my plans and left early. DJDM left on Monday to go back home to Colombia, I thought about going with him, but his trip required staying in the airport almost overnight and a 3:30am flight… there was no way I could do that! So, I followed him to Medellin on Thursday!

One of my favorite things to eat there… a roasted whole pig, cracklings and all.. and this pickled onion salad, and cheesy potatoes

I can’t believe political unrest and drama has become the catalyst for me to be able to spend more time with my sweetie- DJDM. It is an unexpected 2 weeks that we get to be together. This is a beautiful surprise and I couldn’t be happier. (I’ll update next week with our time here together, but just in the past two nights we’ve had a cozy sleepy intimate night and a wild sexy screaming one! This is going to be fun!!!)

Meat counter at the market…


I still feel so much better with the depression meds. I was a little worried about coming back to Medellin… the last few times I’ve been here, I’ve been depressed. I was a bit worried that maybe it was “the city.” But even just in my first day here, I got up and bopped out and did a few things- had an awesome lunch and worked in a cafe. Today while DJDM is at work I’m going to meet a girlfriend for lunch. I still feel good.

Lunchtime in Medellin

One thing I noticed, (maybe it was because of the drama and stress in Ecuador) is that in this last month (the time I’ve really been feeling the good impact of the meds) I also have had two/three days of serious anxiety. That is not normal for me. I also realize that for me “itching” is an anxiety response. I feel like I am itching or being bitten by bugs and I freak out a bit. I looked it up and discovered that depression meds can sometimes cause anxiety. EEK! But for now, the benefits I am feeling with the meds outweigh the anxiety. I will def keep an eye on it though.


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9 Replies to “The Week in Review – 41/42- Ecuadorian Strikes Edition”

  1. Gosh, being close to such an unrest must have been scary indeed. Ecuador looks like such a beautiful country and it is a shame that you had to leave early. At least you get to spend more time with DJDM, so that is a huge plus. And if the anxiety and itching is a side effect of the antidepressants, I hope it will ease soon, the more your body has gotten used to the medication.

    1. I really hope to get back to Ecuador again soon. I really enjoyed Cuenca and all the areas around the city. But yep, being with DJDM was MOST AMAZING. I think the itching and all is better now. Since I was a kid, I have been freaked out by the idea of “body bugs”… so there is that… (sigh)

  2. Your adventures sound AMAZING. Your description of fisting and being fucked-over-the-sofa adventures sound brilliant, and I’m glad you’re having so much fun with your partner.

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