The Week in Review – 43/46- Medellin & Berlin

***** This is my last “Week in Review.” I have enjoyed doing it but it takes a ton of time, so from now on it will be Month in Review. (I wish I had thought of this sooner, it’s so close to the end of the year- Oh well!) Now, each week when I am fretting about writing this weekly post, instead I will have the time to fret about and maybe even write something sexy, which is what this blog was supposed to be when I started.*****


OY! So much here in these past few weeks. So, after leaving Ecuador because of the national strikes and violence in the streets, I went back to Colombia for 2 weeks. Two extra weeks of being with my sweet man, DJDM. YAY! It was pretty great, between him coming to see me in Ecuador and two extra weeks with him in Medellin, it felt like our relationship grew by leaps and bounds.

Plaza with people in it from above

It was a pretty intense time and we definitely had the opportunity to really deal with each other, not just be in the happy little bubble all the time. Learning how each other communicates, how to have discussions that might be a little tense or deal with misunderstandings are all good things, even when they suck at the moment. I feel like a few of these moments really, in the end, brought us closer together.

View of Medellin from the 25th floor
Medellin really is a lovely city!

We had some big sexy fun too… Our chemistry still blows my mind. He has really learned my body and is very in-tune with the rhythms we have created together. Want a couple of sexy examples?

1- I am sitting in our kitchen, his friend is waiting at the door. He comes over, puts his finger under my chin and says, “I am going out to smoke with Ramon, be good, remember when I get in you will be punished for earlier.” (Some made up infraction we both came up with just so we can play this out! LOL) He kissed me hard, pulled his belt from the loops and left it on the counter. Gave me a very pointed look and walked out the door. (His poor cousin was looking very confused! LOL) I did get a lovely spanking when he came back in later. (Have I mentioned that he is a professional percussionist? Seriously, spanking is a joy for us both!!)

Cart with sausages hanging from it on the street corner
Street food takes on a new meaning here

2- We had a foursome! He has been talking to this couple for a while and we finally had the schedules to meet up. They came over just to meet us and it was going to be “just drinks” nothing sexy… but well what haha happened was… A ton of fun is what! LOL Awkward, sexy, relaxing, all in turns, as I imagine all good group sex experiences are. The next day the wife was talking to DJDM trying to find more time in her schedule to see us again, because… “I had so much fun with you guys and I know you are a lot more experienced than me, and you have a lot to teach me!” HA! Well, I don’t actually want to always be the one teaching, I’d like to be on equal footing and be able to enjoy being pleasured too… but I am looking forward to when we all get together again when I am back in Medellin.

Messy clothes and suitcases on a bed
I am an expert packer, but the process is not pretty!

Leaving DJDM in Medellin was difficult. I was thrilled for new adventures, and excited at what was coming up, but also sad to not be in his space for the next 2.5 months. I missed him before I even left, and I missed him more than when I had left at the beginning of September. (That’s how much our relationship grew when I was there for those few weeks.) The good thing is, and it has proven itself in the weeks I have been gone… Our relationship is strong. We have really learned to trust each other, and our ability to communicate even while we are thousands of miles away has really helped us stay close.

Plus sized manequin
This outfit was plus sized.. but I didn’t see anything plus sized inside!


Now I am in Berlin! Which as many of you know, means I am in the same city as my partner Stefan (AKA The Sex Scientist!) He picked me up at the airport, and I swear there was non-stop chatter as we caught up on each other’s lives. We don’t talk or text much so we had a lot to say. When we finally got back to his old flat (which he now sublets to a friend, who happened to be out of town so we could stay there…) it felt like we had never left.

Airport sign Wilkommen

We had this little joke earlier in the day. I told him I was at Frankfurt airport and soon to head to Berlin. I mentioned that I definitely needed a bath, since I had been traveling for close to 30 hours by that point and that I hadn’t had a proper “bath” since Berlin. So, we were joking about how much travel dirt I must have crusted on me since I left. Silly I know, but I have missed his sense of humor and having a little inside joke with him as I was arriving, made it feel really good to be seeing him again.

Empty bathtub with bubbles

Once we got to the flat, we settled in a little and chat some. We were kissing and I told him that I had missed that. He stood up, pulled me up and said, then go take a bath and we can see about what we missed. I hadn’t even noticed, but he had drawn me a bath and the water was running. I went in, and there were bubbles and everything! He gave me space. I texted with DJDM and let him know I was safe and we had a nice chat. I chilled in the bubbles and really relaxed after my trip.

Corner with train and tram
One of my favorite areas of Berlin

When I came out, Stefan went in for his bath, and I noticed the room was “set-up” in our old/usual way. The candles were lit, he had the lube, the poppers, and sex toys all laid out by the bed. BIG GRIN! I was not going to have to wait for sexy times to commence. As soon as he got out of the shower, commence they did! (You’ll have to wait for an installment of the “Sex Scientist Files” for details though… But spoiler- All the usual fisting/anal fun was on the menu!)

Sex swing facing sofa with comforter
We didn’t use the sex swing, but I attempted to sit in it to watch a movie with my wine… FAIL!

Sadly, in the afternoon of the next day, he dropped me off at the train and he headed back out to the countryside, where he now lives full-time with his other girlfriend and his daughter. I haven’t seen him since. I am not sure I will. Today I got a text that said, “Monday planning…” So who knows, maybe I will see him on Monday. Things are changing in our relationship, due to his current circumstances, but I am not quite sure what that means yet. I’m sure I’ll be writing about it when I know for sure.

Berlin U-Bahn train


Well, as you can tell from above, I have left South America and I am back in my heart home- Berlin, Germany. I love it here. I feel good here. I am happy here. I more friends here than anyplace else in the world, so it has been wonderful to hang out with my girl tribe and see my peeps. After I stayed at Stefan’s for a few days, another friend lent me her flat while she was on holiday in Spain. That was lovely because she is only a 15-minute walk from where I used to live, so it made it feel VERY much like I was really home again. Now I am staying with my best friend here in Germany, and it’s especially cool because her husband is out of town so it’s a week of girl time! We even went to a German Sauna/spa for the day and spent most of the day hanging out together naked.

Sunny living room
Working from the sofa at my friend’s house

As usual, I spend a lot of time at home (wherever home is) on the couch working, and that hasn’t changed. But I did go out to one of my old favorite cafes and do some writing the other day, and I’ve felt more inspired since being here to write a bit more. Except right now my blog is kind of undergoing some technical changes so I can’t comment or post in this minute but hopefully soon.

Public toilet in a park

Gorgeous fall park


Right before I left Ecuador I lost a bunch of weight. Like 6-7 kilos! I think it was feeling so good from the Trazadone kicking in, sleeping better, etc. Also- Not drinking hardly at all. But when I went back to Medellin, DJDM and I were drinking together again regularly and nowhere in Berlin between wine nights and ALL THE BREAD I feel like I look like a big puffy mess again. I need to work on that. But- Here are some yummy pics of delicious foods and bakeries since I’ve been back!

Also- My friend and I hosted the “girl tribe” for an American Thanksgiving. We did it this weekend since I am not going to be here much longer (cue sad song now!) and it was not only wonderful to enjoy a meal together but to introduce my friends to some of the food and traditions around Thanksgiving. One of them said as she got up for seconds, “Now I get what all the fuss is about!”


I find it easier to write here. I find that interesting. I think it’s really because of the time difference. I can sit here and write in the morning and read other people’s posts because no one back in the US/Canada is awake yet. I don’t feel like I am “stealing time” from my office hours. That’s totally mental not real, so I hope I can find a way to keep managing this writing thing when I leave. From now to the end of the year, it’s going to be tough to be consistent, between the blog undergoing these technical changes (updating back end etc) and my travel adventures coming up, (I’ll be without internet for the better part of 20 days) I won’t be able to be consistent, but I am really hoping in the new year to find a pattern, a structure, a way to get it done and really follow-through and be a more consistent writer.

Christmas Window

Random side note, I literally JUST had an ah-ha moment… Last November, when I was in Bali, I saw a very experienced intuitive who did both a past life regression and a full reading for me. She gave me some insight into my current relationships, one which was spot on, another not quite. But she did say in my adventures I would meet a Latin man who would love me, support me, encourage me, strengthen me… and help me to finish my book by doing all those supportive things. Uhm… DJDM is totally my Latin man! OMG! I need to go find the recording and the notes I took… wow. We have said before that our relationship is cosmic and that the universe has intended for us to be together, but that revelation is the next level! COOL!

Skyview of Berlin
We went up in a hot air balloon and got to see the city!

So I will definitely try to get a few more “week in review” posts done over the next month and a half, especially because I will go see Benjamin in a few days and will have updates on our relationship to report, but also because my travel adventures are gonna be super amazing and I’ll have lots of photos to share!

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  1. I’ve always thought these posts must take a lot of work so moving monthly seems a good move. Looking forward to more travel and fun news xx

  2. I really can’t believe how much you for in to one week. I don’t blame you f9r switching to every month as this must be a huge undertaking. I really like all the different parts though 😊

  3. I always love these round-ups (I’ll love them when they’re monthly, too) because of the details and the pictures. That being said, I’m REALLY excited you’ve had time with the Sex Scientist, because really, we ALL win when y’all play and then you write.

    1. Ha- Thanks for loving the Sex Scientist so much! I have a two-parter ready to go in the New Year… And a month review/end of year coming soon too! Hang onto your seat!

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