The Week in Review- Final 2019

Since I am going monthly in the new year- I decided to do this one last one titled “Week” and start 2020 with Monthly Reviews! This one covers the end of November and December 2019… it was a doozy so hopefully, I can cover most of the good stuff without boring you all! This is a very photo-heavy post because my travels were extensive and amazing!



For a detailed overview of what happened when I went to visit Benjamin in Hamburg the last week of November, (and Stefan while in Berlin) you can check out the “Evolution of a Polycule- 2019 Wrap-up”. But for here I’ll say that seeing Benjamin was both fun and frustrating, but in the end, we confirmed that we want to continue to be in a romantic relationship, but we will always be open to what that looks like and are willing to work through whatever we need to together if things change. Not a bad place to be.

We checked out the Christmas market closest to his house which was extra fun because he lives in the “sex district” in his city and the Christmas Market was definitely adult-themed. I bought a vulva cookie and took pics of cock cookies too! We didn’t find enough time to go to a sex toy store, which we have done in the past, but it was still a fun night of Gluewein and festive spirits!

Dirty Christmas market

Cock cookies Vulva cookie in a wrapper

Things with DJDM are amazing! (You can also read about him here: “Evolution of a Polycule- 2019 Wrap-up”) Our relationship continued to grow stronger and stronger, despite the distance. He is a very good communicator which really supports us both in our endeavors and when I am weak he is strong and vice-versa. I am excited to get back to him. We have decided to live together in Medellin for the next three months. At first, we thought that would be a nice chance for us to get to know if this is what we wanted long-term and then we could decide, but our relationship seems to take on a life of its own sometimes, and I think we have actually even planned the two months after that- (pending Visas and work/school schedules)!

While I was gone, of course, I had sex with my other partners. (Not nearly as much as I would have liked, but it was sex!) I was kind of worried he would not have the opportunity to have any sexy fun, the culture in Colombia isn’t exactly conducive to open sexual romantic relationships, but it turns out the more open and honest he is about how we do our life, the more people he meets that are either doing the same or open to it. So, he did have a few fun sexy times while I was gone, which made me really happy. Plus we met (and played with) a nice couple before I left, and he had a chance to go out with them again too.

At the time of writing this, I will see him in 7 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes and 31, 30, 29, 28….


Well- it’s only been a little over a month but my traveling was super busy!

  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Athens (experienced an earthquake!)
  • 17-day cruise
    • Starting port- Athens
    • Crete
    • Suez Canal (one side Egypt the other Israel)
    • Jordan- Petra
    • Oman- Salalah & Muscat
    • UAE- Kor Fakhan & Dubai
  • Dubai for 3 days (Saw a friend/ex from Berlin who was visiting his son there!)
  • A business-class flight on Emirates, over the North Pole, to San Francisco
  • Portland, Oregon- Rest up, grab packages I’d had delivered and go crazy buying things I can’t get in other parts of the world
  • Kodiak, Alaska- Visiting my Coast Guard brother and his family for a little over two weeks. It has snowed more than they have ever had in the 4 years they’ve been there and been very cold! Gave me a chance to recover from a few bouts of Bronchitis and just chill with my nieces which, despite not getting much of a tour of this amazing wild island, has been great for family bonding.
  • Going back to Portland on Wednesday, to finish shopping, repack all my stuff and prepare to go back to my sweetie- DJDM! I have two very big and heavy suitcases (WAY more than I would normally use,) in order to bring a lot of my stuff from Berlin to Medellin and to accommodate all the shopping I did here in the US!
Parthenon- Athens
Suez Canal
Suez Canal
Petra- Siq
Petra- Siq
Petra- Treasury
Petra- Treasury
Inside the mosque in Salalah
Mosque- Salalah
 Inside the mosque in Salalah
Mosque- Salalah
Mosque in Salalah
Mosque- Salalah
Mosque in Muscat
Mosque in Muscat
Beach in Salalah
Beach in Salalah
Selling Frankincense
Selling Frankincense
Inside the Muscat Opera House
Muscat Opera House- Oman
Dessert in Dubai
Desert of Dubai
Camels on the racetrack
Camels on the racetrack
Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa
Looking from top of Burj Kahlifa at fountains
From the top of Burj Khalifa
Kodiak airport with mountain
Alaska- Kodiak airport
From the air over Kodiak Island
Alaska- Kodiak Island from the Air
Mountains sticking out of the clouds on Kodiak
Alaska- Kodiak Island from the Air


Seriously- you all know I love food. But the best part about the “food” over this past month has been cooking for my family here in Alaska. I love cooking and if I love you- I WILL feed you. Poor DJDM was convinced I don’t like thinner men because I was always feeding him. He thought I was trying to fatten him up! (I DO love me a tall thin man- but I also love feeding them so…)

Breakfast & Bloody Mary
Real American Breakfast with Bloody Mary!!
Yes- I ate Spaghetti-O’s!

I have been on a salad kick since my first night in Athens… I mean who doesn’t love a fresh Greek salad… IN GREECE for goodness sake! And here in Alaska my niece and I cut up a ton of veggies and prepped everything so we could just make salads any time we all wanted. That has helped balance all the lasagna, Mac and cheese, cornbread, and bagels I have been eating! I was so proud that I didn’t gain any weight on the cruise- but I fear I may have lost that battle since I have been housebound so much here but also eating so much carby-deliciousness! (I am sure all the sex I am about to have will help balance that out in no time flat!)

Chilli and home-made cornbread
Chilli and homemade cornbread
homemade lasagna
New Year’s Lasagna
Bowl of homemade mac and cheese
Heart Attack Mac and Cheese
Greek Salad
The first thing I ate in Greece- Greek Salad!
Greek Feta Salad
Baked Feta with olives and peppers
Mussels & wine!


I really struggled with Jet-lag coming from the middle-east to the west coast of the USA. The 12 hour time zone difference kicked my butt. That combined with bronchitis (I get it a few times a year and I retain a low-grade cough because of it almost all the time…) laid me a bit low. I am grateful that my friend in Portland is so easy going and that the snow and cold have been crazy, causing us to stay in a lot and chill. My broken wrist was “supposed” to be better by New Year, but carrying heavy suitcases and other travel incidents, have made the pain worse (possibly re-injured) and I am still wearing the soft-cast. DJDM has already told me, we WILL be going to the Dr to have both my cough and my wrist checked out when I get home. (I love how he takes care of me!)

Looking like an eskimo
It’s sooo cold in Alaska!

I have been writing every day for January Jumpstart which is exciting, and I have a few days of posts stored up from writing on the cruise during at-sea days. I also expect that DJDM and I will have some blog worth adventures coming up soon! (Growl!) I am also looking for a planner/art journal so I can both be better prepared to manage the blogging I want to do this year, and also feed my soul with the kind of art hobbies that work for me.

Inside the Aquarium tunnel
Hanging with friends in Dubai!
Business Class Seat
Emirates Business-Class flight! Fancy!

Starting in January these review posts will be monthly, hopefully allowing my head more time to write other things and get back to some sexy stories for you all, but still keeping you up to date on all the personal fun I am having! Next year I think there will be a little less travel adventure, but more intentional choosing of places to be with people I love.


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8 Replies to “The Week in Review- Final 2019”

  1. What a superb journey! Even though you were in business class that DXB to SFO flight mas have been loooong. You’ve tempted me further to visit Oman and I love the idea of an adult-themed Christmas market. Enjoy the rest of your travels and your return to Colombia.

    1. Oh La! If that flight had not been in Biz Class I think I would have tried to escape out the hatch! It was over 16 hours! I would def go back to Oman if the opportunity arose- it was lovely and peaceful. Thanks for the good wishes! Happy New Year to you!

    1. The Christmas Market was super fun- especially because I was with my partner… but that whole area of Hamburg is so worth the visit, especially this time of year! Happy New Year to you too!

    1. Thanks- it was a pretty wild ride! I am looking forward to being more settled for the next half-year or so… I think I got some great shots- especially in Oman! Happy 2020!

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