The Week in Review: Week 10- 2019

Just a weekly journal of a poly traveler and how life unfolds.  This week was really busy with work so I didn’t write much- so this week I will intersperse posts of some of my sexy internet blogger friends instead of my own writings.  


Monday: Work work work. Found my way to the nice cafe I went to last week and sat there and got work done. I will be taking a week off soon, but there is a project I have to get done that I would have finished that week, so I need to get it done sooner. 

BUT there was fun today! I got to hang out with one of my Twitter friends @Kisungura and meet her in person! YAY! We met outside the restaurant and started chatting on the way in and didn’t stop for 5.5 hours! It was a lovely visit. 

Here’s a very sexy hot post from her fabulous blog. 

Tuesday: Tonight my friend Alistair made me dinner. We both love to cook and love yummy food, and it was a treat for him to make me a yummy meal to come home to after working at the cafe. It was so delicious! 

Spanish Cod and Chorizo Stew

Here’s a blog post from my sexy friend Nikki @loveisafetish – she posts the most amazing sexy photos! 

Wednesday: Another boring day of working and working. Mostly sitting on the couch and staying under the covers to do it. I thought about doing some of my own writing too, but I have been doing so much of my work, and watching way too much old Grey’s Anatomy on Amazon while I do it that my brain is dead and not motivated at all to write. 

I haven’t heard much from Benjamin. Still trying to figure out how I feel about that. There was already so much less communication than I would prefer before I left, but now that I am gone, it is ok some days but others it feels worse. 

Here’s a blog post from my sexy friend Violet @fireandhoney who runs a great meme #LingerieIsForEveryone 

Thursday: Yes, you guessed it. More work. Blah blah blah. I did get to finally meet Alistair’s girlfriend. She came over to meet him for their date and popped up to say hi. He talks about her so much that it was nice to meet her in person. I ended up working most of the night too since I take Fridays off, and I had travel plans for the next day. Thursday nights kind of suck too because they were Stefan nights, and inevitably I miss him more on Thursdays. 

So in honor of missing Stefan, here is a link to one of my Sex Scientist stories about him! 

“Let’s See if This Works…” – The Sex Scientist Files

Friday: Well at least today was the beginning of a fun adventure. I hopped on a mid-morning train to Inverness for a long weekend. I got there late afternoon, on a rainy wet cold afternoon… OY! I had a nice dinner and settled in early so I could really adventure over the weekend. PLUS there was a REAL bed in the B&B! After being on the couch for about 2 weeks that made me happy!! 

Spicy Pork Belly
Lamb Roast

Saturday: It was so cold but the day was more or less sunny so I went off on a walking tour. All week I had been trying to find a walking tour and tour to Loch Ness/Culloden but because it’s the cold wet rainy middle of winter still, that was really difficult to do. I ended up with a self-guided audio tour that knows your GPS location and guides you around. It was nice to get an overview of the history of the city and see the sights. 

  Breakfast at the B&B!
Inverness Castle

I knew I’d be walking a lot and I was worried my knees would hurt and I still had a tour planned for the next day, so I decided to relax for the afternoon and get a beauty treatment and massage. I made an appointment to have my legs waxed and to get my first Brazillian. No one ever tells you that waxing your lower legs REALLY hurts! LOL 

I had asked Benjamin which shape I should get, so when it was done I sent him the picture. His response was, “Neat!” Hmmm I was sure I would at least get a drooling emoji. I am chalking it up to his stress level and depression, but it sure did sting a bit. Especially since that is all there is for our Sex Life right now with me being gone.

I was actually looking forward to having a nice leisurely luxurious wank over the weekend. I’ve been feeling the need coming on, but the whole sleeping on the couch thing has made it difficult. But the problem is, I was so tired! How does a person get a perfect chance to take care of “personal needs” and fall alseep instead? LOL

Sunday:  Today I ended up on an Isle of Skye tour. It was alternately sunny, cloudy, rainy and snowing, on and off all day! It was so cold the whole day. But the tour was great, the guide was from my same family clan, and the other people were friendly, so it was a pretty great day. I definitely plan to go back sometime in the early summer when I can see the island in the warm sunshine and all the green colors and flowers. Oh and yeah- see the mountains when they aren’t covered in clouds and storms! 

Snow capped mountains
Hairy Coo!
Lock Ness and Urquhart Castle


  • 7 days in Scotland
  • 3 nights in Inverness
  • 1 day on the Isle of Skye 
  • 1 Brazilian wax 
  • 1 massage 
  • 1 dinner with a Twitter friend 
  • 1 home cooked meal 
  • 1 nice wank (I did take care of it on Sunday!)
  • Lots of work 
  • Lots of fun evenings with my friend at his place 
  • 0 sex, kissing, or bedroom time 

This was a blah week with lots of work. People sometimes see my life and think it’s pretty exotic, and yes in many ways it is, but also in many ways, it’s not. I lived my life here these past few weeks (not weekends) just like I would if I was living in a city long-term. I worked. There were days I didn’t leave the flat. There were days I didn’t put on make-up. It’s not that different when you are working to pay the bills. No sightseeing in Edinburgh, just walking in my neighborhood to the cafe or grocery store. 

I am glad however that I got to spend the weekend in Inverness. It was nice to sleep in a comfy bed and also to see the Isle of Skye and more of the highlands. 


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4 Replies to “The Week in Review: Week 10- 2019”

  1. Oh I am so jealous that you’ve met Kisungura. Now there’s one woman I would love to meet and hug! Sounds like your week was incredibly busy, and I love the photos you’ve taken! Now for Eroticon! See you this weekend!

    Rebel xox

  2. Aw you guys! So eonderful to meet you lovely, and your hugs are the best! I enjoyed our meal out very much. Thanks so much for including the link to my story. Love for now xx

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