The Week in Review: Week 11- 2019

Just a weekly journal of a poly traveler and how life unfolds. This week was really busy with work and #eroticon! What a fun time! (SORRY, the only posts I have made in a few weeks are these reviews. I promise more fun sexy writing and a “Sex Scientist” post soon!)

Monday: Work work work but who cares! Monday night was Smut Slam Edinburgh! One of my favorite things to do in Berlin, there is also a version someplace near you! (Check out Smut Slam International on Facebook for more info!) @Kisungura, my friend Alistair, and I went early, had some food and drinks and then popped into the venue!

As always- a smutty, healthy, happy, sexy, safe, represented, dirty time was had by all! I threw my name in the hat with a never before heard story, and suspected with the crowd being so small, that I would get my chance to tell. I told a story about the Sex Scientist and his Sex Swing! (Don’t worry that story to come soon to the blog!) And for the first time EVER, I won the night! WHOO HOO! I need to dig out that Gift Card and make my order ASAP before I leave the UK!

@Kisungura really enjoyed herself, and Alistair hung in there too! His question was only, “Why do people need to tell those stories?” I have been pondering that and am working on another post to give some of my thoughts.

Tuesday: Just another work day! Except when Alistair got home I made my “Famous Heart Attack Mac,” and we drank a shit ton of Prosecco and beer and he even pulled out his vape with a little weed… I also pulled out and opened my poppers… after he went to bed, I had a little me time! (He was tired and buzzed, and I knew he would pass out so I could be a little bolder than I would typically be on someone else’s couch!)
Bubbling brown bottom of glass dish with macaroni and cheese in it

I gave him this cool framed record. He is an old school rock and roller from London in the ’80s and I thought this was the perfect gift! A combo of Berlin which he also loves and Edinburgh! (I found the record at a flea market in Berlin and had it framed at a shop near his flat!) He loved it and it has a place of honor on his wall now- to remember our friendship by! 

Small 45 record in red with black center framed in modern black wooden frame

Wednesday: I cannot believe this is my last night here in Edinburgh. Alistair keeps telling me how sad he is and how much he is going to miss me. It really is incredible to have a friend who is so easy to spend time with, even when you are taking over his living room with your suitcases and sleeping on his couch. I am going to miss him like crazy too!

After work, we sat around and chatted for a while before heading out for an utterly awful meal! LOL It wasn’t supposed to be terrible of course, he wanted to take me to his favorite curry place. Once we got there, I saw they had Thai food on the menu, and we decided to order that instead. They did not live up to their reputation when it came to Thai food! But we had a good laugh, decided it would be a fun memory and went home to chill.

Thursday: Headed to London and @eroticonUK! WHOOO HOOO! The train was delayed over 2 hours on the way due to a broken down train on the tracks. It was a nice ride, but by the time I got to the city, I was bored, and my back was killing me!!

Thank God for Alistair, he gave me the exact instructions of how to get from the train station to the tube, and then to the closest stop to the hotel. Saved me a ton of stress and worry- especially since I am dragging two suitcases and a large backpack on this journey!

When I got to the hotel, there were a bunch of other bloggers in the lobby, and I recognized them right away! I quickly said hello before heading to my room to settle in for a bit. Once I went back down to the lobby, I ended up having a chance to go to dinner with a few folks. It was so lovely just to connect and realize even the most prominent “names” in our community are simply beautiful human beings!

It was fun to sit in the hotel lobby and chat with everyone for a few hours. But I can’t hang all night like I could when I was young, and even though the conference didn’t start until Friday night, I needed sleep, so I excused myself by 22:30 and headed to bed!

Check out some of these babes on Twitter!

@RebelsNotes, @adissolutelife, @sub_bee, @lovingbdsm

Friday: I took some time to bop around Camden Town this morning. I enjoyed it quite a bit. This is only my second time in London and the first I was in the Tower neighborhood and just there a day before I shot off to Twickenham for a Minnesota Vikings (NFL- American Football) game!

Camden town buildings with all the colorful signs

Camden lock on a slightly cloudy day

After lunch, I met a few of the other gals and Mr. CK to go to SH! Women’s Store! The owner was so sweet, she popped open some Prosecco and showed us the Dildo room! Way too much fun! Sadly I really couldn’t buy anything because there just isn’t room in my suitcases for more stuff right now!

Check out these sexy babes on Twitter!

@CoffeeAndKink, @onqueerstreet, @jayne_renault, @theotherlivvy@ShWomenstore, @confess_Hannah,

blue glowing clock that says Its Dildo O'Clock

Gorgeous blue and white marbled large dildo with a heart vase to use in a harness if you want

Friday evening there was an #eroticon social, and we all mingled and socialized and got the weekend off to a really great start! Again, I led the charge back to bed earlier than the rest! I am too old to stay up late, and I know how much I need my sleep!!

Saturday: EROTICON! I can’t say enough, and I will probably write a post just about the experience soon. All I can really say is that in addition to fascinating speakers and a well-run conference; the people! ALL. THE. PEOPLE! All the different, beautiful, adventurous, shy, talented, gorgeous, loving, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! I am in love with them all! @Brigitwrites was my excellent conference companion! We headed to classes together and gave each other moral support throughout. It was delightful to have someone to share it all with!

conference badge with y name on it and many pins/badges and two small wooden dildo keychains

Saturday night there was another social. Fewer people attended this one, but it was still great to meet and greet and continue to connect with awesome people I had started to get to know during the day! @adisolutelife took some awesomely lit black and white photos of a few of us, and I got in on the action! I took my little black babydoll dress off, and we quickly took the pic! (Of course, that means I took my glasses, off, forgot to put them back on, left them there and didn’t get them again until someone turned them in, broken in the morning! LOL, A MESS! @Kaylalords can now officially say- I am “the forgetful one” but thank god @southernSirsPl was able to put them back together for me!!

sexy black and white photo of me in fishnet tights, black panties and tank awith rope light stung all over me

Sunday: The second and last day of the conference, and it just keeps getting better. More amazing speakers, and sponsors and people! Just a lovely day! I won a nice sized butt plug, and we all listened to some sexy smutty stories told by their authors. After the conference there was so much chatting, and hanging out with people, and chatting, and drinking and enjoying each other’s company for as many last minutes as we could squeeze in. It was so so lovely! I really enjoyed getting my final hugs and love from so many people.

me wearing my Eroticon name badge with just the badge and my cleavage showing

The bottom of my legs with colorful rainbow fishnet tights and converse sneakers. On my feet are a sex bloggers mug, a packet of use samples and a rather large butt plug I won at Eroticon

Check them out on Twitter!

And yes, again I was the one who went home early from the party! I Just can’t stay awake so many late nights and early days in a row anymore! But I fell asleep with a sweet smile on my face from all the love I felt all weekend!



  • 4 nights in London
  • 2 days of #eroticon conference
  • 2 excellent “self-love” sessions
  • 3 final nights in Edinburgh with Alistair
  • Too many nights eating out
  • 400,000 amazing smiles and hugs from my fellow sex bloggers
  • 500 gin tonics (enough to buy a small car if I had just saved the money!)
  • 0 sex
  • 0 sexy kisses

This was an enjoyable week. Between hanging with @kisungura and my friend Alistair and getting to Eroticon, it was so full of lovely amazing people. Friday night Benjamin and I got into a bit of a tiff via text- we are struggling to try to find the balance in a newly extra long distance relationship. I, unfortunately, held onto those feelings and the stress of it, on and off throughout the weekend, even though I really did try to let it go. I told him I was going to ignore it and him until the weekend was over, and that actually did help some.

I can’t wait to get blogging again, get focused and implement some of the tips and tricks I learned this weekend!

(PS I am sorry if I missed you or forgot to mention someone, there are just so many amazing people! I am sorry- it’s not that I don’t love you! I DO!)


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15 Replies to “The Week in Review: Week 11- 2019”

  1. Oh I how wish there was an American version of Eroticon grrrr. Sounds like you had an adventure filled week! I totally understand the no late nights, I am getting there too quickly for my own liking.

  2. It was a brilliant weekend and it was SO good to meet you. I still smile when I think of you telling the story and slipping your hand up and down my leg! Hope to see you again next year, and am wishing you successful and safe travels.

    Rebel xox

  3. Great record! I also had such a lovely time hanging out with you…and all those wonderful writers, presenters, and sponsors.
    You are now off to more amazing adventures. So keep writing about them because we love to hear your stories.
    (I, too, am ready to get back to regular blogging. Starting today.

  4. It was so good to see you again, and thank you again for having me along to Smut Slam! Delighted you enjoyed Eroticon, must catch up for the lowdown, take care for now xx

  5. It was lovely to meet you. You’re just a ray of sunshine and someone I would definitely call one of my people. I also wish I could be like you when I grow up and travel to that extent. You’re a boss lady!

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