The Week in Review: Week 12- 2019

Sincere apologies that all I’ve posted the past few weeks has been these weekly diaries. This transition from Berlin, traveling in the London, and now Ireland, has been more draining than expected- BUT I am currently sitting in an absolutely beautiful place to write, with no work to do and all the time I need to get a bunch of posts lined up and to work on the book!

Anyway without further ado… Week 12 in Review!



Today I had the hotel update me to late check-out so I could get some nice sleep after all the excitement of Eroticon! Someday I am going to go all around the world and train hotel staff everywhere to gently close doors instead of allowing them to slam shut behind them. I mean what’s the point of late check-out to sleep in if the doors start slamming before 8:30 am!?

I was feeling the crankiness factor creeping up! So, I went out into the fresh air and wandered one last time around Camden Market and had some street food. Always a good way to brighten the mood. Eventually, I called my Uber and headed off 10 minutes up the road to meet my friend Morganna and his friends for the rest of the week.

Morganna and I bonded for life over a million glasses of Prosecco on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean from Cartagena, Colombia to Lisbon, Portugal. He’s stayed at my place in Berlin for weeks at a time and we have adventured together in a few other countries. We got lucky that we both planned to be in London for this time, and so he gave up his bed in the townhouse they were renting and let me stay with them!

Two townhouses in Camden town London, one with a black door one with a yellow

We just hung out, did a bunch of work in the afternoon, and spent the evening getting to know his friends. It was a fun and relaxing way to spend my first night after Eroticon.


As always- work work work. People often think I am spending my days sightseeing and taking in the town when I am traveling, but in fact, it’s not that different from anyone else who works from home. It’s a lot of cafes and couches and kitchen tables with coffee. I usually try to find a cafe I can go to work in that is between 20-30 minutes away from where I am staying. That gives me an opportunity to see the neighborhood and get a bit of a feel for the place.

Sign in a yoga studio window that says live life with fierce grace

My friends had tickets to a play, and I still wanted to get ahead for work so I could play tourist a bit this week with Morganna, so I stayed in to watch their dog and work some more. I also had the chance to voice chat with Benjamin which was something we very much needed. We have always been long distance, but this is different since I can’t count on seeing him at least once in the month. We’ve been struggling to find that balance a bit. Talking in person helped, and we committed to doing it at least once a week. Hopefully, that will help us keep our balance.



After an early morning of work, Morganna and I headed out for a long walk… to the Zoo!! We both enjoy going to the zoo and a few years ago spent the day at the zoo in Berlin for our birthday! (We’re one day apart!) Today was cold and grey but since it is the middle of winter, there were no crowds. The zoo in London has huge and creative enclosures for large animals. You don’t feel so much like the animals are cramped and sad.

Large sleeping male Lion at the London Zoo

It was a bit difficult for me by the end. My knees were in a lot of pain, and because my knees hurt, I walk a bit “off,” and then my lower back always hurts too. I realized today that I need to start writing about chronic pain and how it impacts my life. I mean if I can tell you about my orgasms and exactly how I am achieving them, then I can be more vulnerable about the daily pain I experience too. (We’ll see!)

Large silverback gorilla sitting upright at the London Zoo

When we got back to the flat, I took some more Advil and sat and rested for a bit. I sent Morganna to the store to pick up the fixings to make my “World Famous Heart Attack Mac.” Morgan and his friends and I enjoyed a relaxed evening in, drinking and eating.


Today I took the day off, (thanks to working so much the first few days of the week!) and I went with one of the friends on a full day sight-seeing adventure. I don’t usually do these big coach bus tours, but since I have been to London twice and still not seen much, I figured this was my chance! We got up at the crack of dawn and headed out. The tour took us to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and then to Bath! It was a total whirlwind at each site and lots of resting and sleeping on the coach in between. My knees hurt a lot, of course, but the resting in between each attraction helped and we got seats at the top front of the double-decker coach, and I had room to stretch out my legs.

Round tower and gardens below it at Windsor Castle
Round Tower at Windsor Castle

Even though the visits were short, I was so amazed that I got to see all these places! I mean Stonehenge!? That’s something we only see in the movies or read about in books, but I got to see it in person! WOW! Crazy and amazing.

Image of Stonehenge

This evening we just chilled, and I snuggled up with Morganna a bit. I am going to miss his crazy butt – until we meet again!

Green water in the Roman baths in Bath, England
Roman bath in the town of Bath


Spent the morning repacking my suitcases and backpacks and getting to the Gatwick Airport. WHY did I pick Gatwick?? I blame Alistair! He recommended it because he said the train was a pretty easy direct line, but with two suitcases, a backpack and a purse/day bag, that just felt like too much, so I took an Uber! OY! Long and expensive ride! It did, however, give me a chance to accidentally out myself as Polyamorous to my driver and then have an incredibly interesting conversation about it with Mohammed. (I do plan to write about this too!) He asked a lot of questions and was very thoughtful about the whole thing. We talked about how culture, religion, and tradition impact our views on sex and sexuality, and in particular the shame we associate with sex. It was a good but intense conversation.

Despite a delay for an accident everything went smoothly checking in for my flight and going through security, and I arrived in Dublin to meet my friend Masie without incident. I took the Aircoach to meet her out in South Dublin.  We sat for hours with wine in front of the fire catching up and made a nice dinner together.

I met Masie while traveling in Cambodia! We were in the Visa line together and helped each other out with some cash since the Visa counter only takes USD and none of us had any! We met up later that weekend for dinner with our friends and then she and I went out dancing at a night club and had too many Gin and Tonics! She went home and I met a nice French guy and ended up spending the night at his hostel! LOL

Gorgeous pink, blue and orange sunset over someone's backyard

With a little too much wine in me, I headed to sleep. She had given me her parent’s bed! But I was in the mood for a little self-love- and I knew with the amount of wine I’d imbibed, the kind of self-love I wanted was going to be wet and messy. I debated briefly before pulling out the big fluffy towel she’d given me, laying it down and taking care of business! LOL


Today we work up late, had a nice Irish brunch and then headed out to County Wicklow for some walking. Yes, even with my knees in constant pain, I still try to do the things I would normally like to do. I have to keep moving and keep my body as active as I can as long as I can! We went walking in Glendalough, some lovely lakes and 1,000-year-old ruins of an early settlement with a high tower that protected them from the Vikings and was surrounded by a graveyard. Pretty stunning stuff, imagining people living in those times, fighting for survival on that exact spot. Plus, the photos are pretty cool too!

Lake with reflection of the mountains in the distance over the water

1,000 year old tower used to defend the village from marauding Vikings over an ancient graveyard

Saturday night Masie invited a bunch of her friends out to celebrate her new job and to meet me. It was sweet that she wanted me to meet her friends and family! Her friends are lovely people, and even though it started out a bit awkward as meeting people you really don’t know or have any context for can be, it ended up a lovely evening.


Today Masie had a bunch of errands and chores to take care of before she heads off on her two-month volunteer stint in Cork at Dzogchen Beara- a Buddhist Meditation Center. (I’ll be there with her all next week- hopefully, my weekly review next week will say “Spent the day writing,” for each day!) I took the tram into Dublin City center and did some sightseeing. Again, because I had done so much walking the past week and hope to do some hiking out in Cork next week, I ended up doing a vehicle tour instead of a walking tour like I would prefer. The Viking Splash Tour was in one of those DUKW boats. It was actually quite funny and gave me a good feel for the city center.

Picture of a yellow DUKW (Duck_ turbot in Dublin

After the tour, I did end up walking quite a bit around the city. I saw the pharmacy mentioned in James Joyce’s Ulysses, I saw where Oscar Wilde was born and raised, as well as a lovely statue of him. I ate some delicious beef Guiness at Kennedy’s Pub and then walked to the Dublinia- Vikings museum of Dublin.

Famous statue ofOscar Widle in park in Dublin

Later I walked to St. Patrick’s and ended up in a pub around the corner. I needed to refresh my data plan so I could contact Masie and find my way home!! I ended up staying for two lovely single malts, a delicious pizza, and divine ginger beer! I do know how to make me most of my adventures! Walked back to the tram and headed to Masie’s again where we packed and got ready for our adventure next week in Cork.

Single malt whiskey in a glass


  • 1 Masturbation
  • 4 Days sight-seeing and touristy adventures
  • 2 Very good friends I met on my travels and have kept close
  • 1 plan ride
  • Too many hours in a coach bus
  • ANOTHER round of Heart Attack Mac (I am going to need to walk A LOT in Colombia to lose this Mac and cheese weight!)
  • 22.3 miles walking! Not bad for someone who needs a total knee replacement in both knees!!

This was a lovely week. Sightseeing is always interesting and spending time with travel friends and catching up on their lives in person is a wonderful way to spend the time! I miss Stefan. We still do our approximately twice a week texting, but without our weekly date, it just isn’t the same. I knew it wouldn’t be, this is how it was the first time I left to go travel, but after having almost two years with him in person, it’s taking some getting used to. Benjamin and I are also finding our way through these new waters.

This is exactly why I decided to be celibate during this time and not try to fill my brain with new sexy hot adventures. I didn’t want to distort myself from the thoughts and the process it will take to figure out what my love relationships look like from this distance.

ANYWAY FOLKS! Thanks for reading, as always! Hopefully back to more fun smutty goodness after next week!!!


Adding this to Wicked Wednesday! Go there to read hot and sexy stories anytime!

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8 Replies to “The Week in Review: Week 12- 2019”

  1. It’s a different kind of vulnerability, I think, to write honestly about our physical pain (as compared to writing about sex). Because it hurts in a tangible way. Because it’s limiting in our everyday. Because we don’t want to show (or be perceived as) weak. Because… A hundred other reasons.

    I’ve found I’ve gotten mixed responses — often punctuated by miles of silence — when I’ve written about navigating pain, both from a whole-health perspective and as it impacts physical intimacy.

    But I agree: it’s something we *should* talk about.

    I look forward to reading what you have to say about your own experiences.

    Meanwhile, I am in awe of all the walking you do! Knee problems aside, it’s really a high level of physical activity. You must be incredibly fit!

    1. Thanks for being willing to share that pain vulnerability- despite the awkward silences. I have prepared something to go up in a week or so. It is an odd thing and it felt weird writing but also I hope it will be good to get it out there!

      I am not fit at all! LOL I am a big tall girl with too many pounds, but I love to walk and stay active so I make myself do it, and it seems the more I do, the easier it gets! I think I will start tracking my miles in all my weekly reviews to see my own progress! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You really go to the most beautiful places, and sometimes I think it’s just brilliant the way you are free to do whatever you want, even though the working part would be a problem for me…
    Thanks for sharing once again 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. Thanks May- I’d love to read about your knees and how it impacts you. I think it’s hard to be vulnerable in that way and I am going to try to be more so going forward! This trip has been quite lovely!

  3. Your weeks are so fascinating and packed with interesting things. It is a bit like escape for me to read them as so different to my life but the way you describe it means that I can relate easily to it.

    1. Glad I can write them in a way that doesn’t totally bore people but is interesting! Once I settle down again it might not be so interesting, but then it will be interesting in a different way I suppose- meeting new people, creating a new life, settling down in a new home and new culture.

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