The Week in Review: Week 15- 2019

*** Still more of a travel account than a sexy blogger account, but there are more options in sight! Check this week out and see what’s up here in Medellin!*** 


I had a lot of work to do this week. This is good because it keeps me distracted, but now that My BFF is here, it’s not as much fun! She got here yesterday so today we just spent the day settling in working in the house. Not a busy day but much-needed friends getting work done side by side day.

We went to dinner at one of my favorite places in Parque Lleras, a place that serves awesome meat and cheese plates and cool drinks- Bonhomie. My roommate, my BFF and I enjoyed some girl talk and a lovely evening. The meat plate was a little small, so instead of ordering more, we decided to get tacos and street corn at a super tiny, but very popular stand around the corner. YUMMY! 

Piney gin drink with a dry ice chip inside to make it fizzy
Piney Gin Drink with Dry Ice
Street corn with paprika and feta cheese and other delicious flavors on top
Street corn! YUMMY!


I have been seeing the dentist for a few things so today I had another visit. The taxi driver had a total foot fetish and kept telling me how much he loved that I had my toenails painted and to take care of my feet because not enough people had pretty feet like me. OK CREEPER! I couldn’t wait to get out of that cab! 

BFF and I are trying to plan our trips, especially since we have one this weekend and need to get our acts together to make it happen. The interesting thing is because we are located here in Colombia, the websites that work just fine in the US- don’t work for shit here! We tried with VPN and DNS blockers and we could NOT buy tickets to save our lives. So we called, went through the whole thing AGAIN and still the card would not go through. (Checked and my bank was fine. It is very used to me being outside the US, so I have very few hoops to jump through.)  The agent was able to at least reserve our tickets, so after work, we took a taxi to the center of the city and purchased the tickets at LATAM in person! Yes. In person! Always an adventure! 

American English School with the British Flag
American English School with the British Flag

Since we were in the area, we walked a few blocks to the Mercado del Rio for dinner. It is one of those high-end free-standing food courts, with a ton of restaurants and bars and lots of communal tables to sit at once you get your food. We had some traditional Colombian meats and plantains. Yummy! 

One of my favorite wines here, it happens to be less expensive than the others too.
Delicious meat plate of traditional Colombian prepared foods
So yummy!

We were supposed to stop and get sugar for the morning coffee and we forgot! EEK! My roommate was not happy. Thank god for the quick delivery app! I ordered sugar and a few other things, and within 2 hours we had what we needed. MORNING SAVED! 


We both had lots of work today, preparing for our 4-day weekend. We were also trying to buy more plane tickets. Based on our previous experience, and the trouble we were actually having again, (on a different airlines site) BFF called her daughter in the US who bought the tickets via the US website for us! 

After work, we walked to the Vivo Envigado mall to run a couple of errands. It’s about 15 minutes away down a very big hill. (Of course, that means back UP the hill to come home!) Medellin loves malls. There are HUGE Centro Comerciales all over the city. Every major barrio has at least one GIANT mall and a couple of smaller ones. We grabbed some umbrellas (it’s the rainy season) and a couple of things for our trip (travel sized sunblock anyone?) and then had a nice light dinner. 

Afterward, we walked back up the hill and stopped at an Italian restaurant/wine bar. There was a “Women’s Wine Wednesday” group meeting my roommate had invited us to. I have to admit, I am not always very good at these events. The older I am the less I like small talk and I can only ask ‘So, how long have you been in Medellin?’ ‘Why Medellin?’ So many times without getting bored! It’s 1,000 times when my BFF is with me. We tend to be a “self-contained unit” and can just talk to each other without any outside influence for hours and days and months on end. It doesn’t make for very successful social outings where the intent is to meet other people. 

We each had one glass of terrible rose wine, put up our new sparkly umbrellas and headed home in the rain. Once home we settled onto the couch for a Game of Thrones Marathon to get caught up for the Season premier in a few days. 


Today we got up at the crick-crack of dawn and headed to the airport (thanks to the street sweeper which comes before 6 am because I set my alarm wrong!!) We headed to a small island in the Caribbean off the coast of Nicaragua, owned by Colombia, called San Andres. San Andres is all gorgeous blue and turquoise seas, cool little boutique hotels, reggae bars, and dive shops. Very very chill and a lovely warm high 80’s with the full sun every day. 

Chicken flavored lays potato chips in Colombia
These are the worst potatoes chips ever. DO NOT BUY CHICKEN FLAVORED LAYS!

After we checked into our small highly rated family run hotel, we grabbed the bus and went to the busier east side of the island to eat lunch and sit in the sun (ok the shade) and sleep. The food was awesome and I had the biggest ice cream looking margarita ever! We grabbed some plastic chairs beneath a raggedy umbrella and rested our eyes for a bit by the sea in the breeze. We saw these guys with spearfishing rods come back to shore with conch, red snapper, other fish, and squids! That made me hungry again! 

Beach with green aqua clear water
Beautiful clear water
Rice and mariscos with crunchy bottomed rice
Rice con Mariscos with crunchy bottomed rice
Giant frozen strawberry Margarita
Giant frozen strawberry Margarita

Eventually, as the sun set (around 6:20,) we went back to the hotel on the bus after buying some stuff at a little tienda/store. We spent the rest of the evening with our books, on lawn chairs by the pool. The hotel was kind enough to heat up our leftovers from lunch and serve it to us like they had cooked it themselves. The doña in the kitchen was such a sweetie! It was a long day of travel and sun and fresh air so we were asleep early! 

Dark night with lights on pool and someone swimming
Swimming and relaxing in the pool


Today we decided to rent this little 4X4 carrito for two days to tool around the island. After a crash course in how to drive it and slathering on a generous layer of sunblock, we headed out for the day. The island is very small and we started out from the north-west corner where our hotel was and drove along the shore road (Pretty much the only main road) to the South-east side where the center of town is. 

White sand beach with bright lifeguard post
Sandy Beaches

The water is such a crystal clear, blue and green color. It was stunning. One side of the island has more waves with better sand beaches and the other side is calmer, better for diving, with craggy sharp rocks all along the shore. The island is very poor, with wooden homes, battered with the weather and lack of upkeep, as well as many abandoned larger properties. It makes me think that there was a brief economic upturn at one time, but the subsequent crash seems to have crushed any ideas of grandeur from what was left. 

Coconut lemonade
Limonada de Coco

Once in the town center, we walked along the beach boardwalk and into the commercial area for some lunch. We enjoyed delicious Peruvian fusion food and most importantly I introduced my BFF to Limonda de Coco. (Coconut lemonade! SOOOOOOOO delicious!) Some window shopping and sun avoiding later, we headed back to the hotel. We kept going on the track around the island and got to see the rest of the way we hadn’t seen yet. After all that sunshine, ocean breezes, and walking we took a short nap. 

We made some cocktails and took them down to the pool and spent another lovely evening drinking, talking, reading and sitting by the pool. The hotel also serves meals (there isn’t much by way of other restaurants on that side of the island) so we had dinner there too. One of my favorites was on the menu so I HAD to have it- Pargo Entero. (Whole fried red snapper) BFF had patacone cups (fried plantain) with crab meat. Both were super delicious.

Light orange sunset with palm trees framing it
Gorgeous Sunset


Today we took the carrito and went to the beach on the other side of the island. The area called Rocky Cay has a nice beach, more gorgeous blue-green water and is shallow enough for people to more or less walk out to an island about 500 meters from the shore. That was way too much direct sun for this milky white girl, but it was fun to watch other people head out there. My BFF and I settled into lawn chairs at the beach club, in the shade, with a handsome young cabana boy to bring us drinks and food as needed. 

Sig for a beach bar- Aqua Bar
Beach Club

As we sat there we reminisced about how many beaches and beach clubs in exotic locations we’ve enjoyed together. I love how easily and comfortably we travel together. We’ve been friends for about 28 years, so we know each other’s rhythms and habits. We travel together very easily and know when to leave each other alone or when to gab each other’s ears off. Sitting in the shade with our books and music, we talked very little. We don’t need to. (We traveled with one of her friends once, we decided we would never do THAT again. Nope. No Way. It will always be me and her against the world when we travel.) 

Eventually, we headed back to the hotel. We decided that tonight we would make an effort to go out, at least for a little while. We did some research about the Reggae bars in the area and then asked the owners at the hotel for recommendations. After giving us some warnings about where we might be safe or not, we changed and headed off to check out the closest place. 

Whole fried fish with limes and rice
One of my all time favorites! Pargo Entero!

It was dead! LOL There were only 4 people there. There were rickety plastic chairs, and a few wooden benches painted in reggae colors to sit on. As we walked in one man greeted us by asking, “What do you ladies need?” I was like, “To buy a beer and sit by the ocean in your fine establishment, please!” LOL (A lot of people of  San Andres speak both English and Spanish which makes it a more comfortable place to visit if you don’t speak Spanish, then being in Colombia proper.) We drank our Club Colombia and Alguila beers and decided to go find some food. 

Orange sun low on the ocean with palm trees framing it and posts in the water
Our final sunset on San Andres

But what we discovered is that most of the restaurants on that side of the island are only open up until dinner. We didn’t really want to try to figure out where to go at the other end of the island in the center, so we headed back through the dark short-cut road back to the hotel and made it just in time to order dinner at the hotel again. We sat and chat with a Canadian guy who lives in Venezuela for a while, before heading for our usual seats by the pool with our books again. Hey, we tried to go out! 


We left this morning to go back to Medellin. We took the little carrito to the airport, stopping for gas on the way. In between pumping our gas, he filled two 1-liter Coke bottles with gas and handed them back to a 14-year-old boy and we watched as he climbed on a scooter with three other family members and rode away. 

We enjoyed our last 30 minutes of cruising around the island in the sun and ocean breezes, knowing we would be back in the big city before too long. We met Don Gustavo in the airport, and he happily shook our hands and we headed into the tiny airport to check in. (Previously our hotel guy had said that if we missed Don Gustavo that we could just park the carrito and bring the key inside and hand it to the young lady who checked us in, and one of them would hold it for him until he got there!) 

After some delays, we had a very uneventful travel back to Medellin. As always the ride from the airport to the city was gorgeous and stunning with coming down from the mountain into the bowl that is the city! 

We unpacked, went to the market in a downpour, (thank goodness for those sparkly umbrellas) and ordered wings from the place down the street. We finally ended our night watching the rest of season seven of Game of Thrones and of course, episode 1 of season eight! 

Colombian homes with the mountains of Medellin in the background
Back in Medellin


  • 1 BFF (self-contained unit that we are) 
  • 3 nights of sun and sand in San Andres 
  • 2 plane travel days
  • 1 fun dinner out 
  • 2 frustrating experiences buying plane tickets 
  • 2 days with carrito 
  • 2 tinder boys to chat with 
  • 1 creeper taxi driver 
  • 1 old man taxi driver invited me for dinner 
  • 3 nights masturbation for #30DayOrgasmChallenge
  • 0 new writings (But started a few things!)
  • (I did post a Sex Scientist File story the same day as I posted this one, but officially that was Monday o fnext week- but if you want to go check it out… It’s on the main page of this blog!)
Move to the beach and never look back
New Motto!


What a lovely week. I do love spending time with my BFF and even if we had just hung out in Medellin it would have been wonderful, but the island of San Andres and the chill vibes there were a lovely way to start off our time together. 

I do have two young men I am chatting with from Tinder. The Colombian Mark Walhberg is back. He has been very chatty and attentive. Also, there is a nice business administrator guy who works for an NGO. He is very handsome, speaks a little English, and has a very easy to understand accent which is great for me. Both asked for some photos of the trip and sent me various photos of their weekends too. Hopefully, I will get to meet them this week. I am really starting to miss having sex, so I sure hope I meet a decent guy soon! LOL (I promise I won’t compromise my standards for it though… ) 

The week coming up is Semana Santa (Holy Week) and that means almost everyone is off work at least Thursday and Friday if not the whole week. Most people leave the city and go home as well for this week leading up to Easter. But they both seem to be staying in the city at least for part of the week, so we’ll see if we actually meet up. I think they both have some potential to be nice guys and for me to enjoy their company we’ll see. 

In the meantime- here is an old Tinder Travel Account for you to check out.

Yes Sir


I am not always the sexiest contributor, but I love to sit with my coffee and read all the smutty goodness the other brilliant sex writers in this community come up with each week!

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  1. I love reading about your adventures and know I’m living vicariously through them! I miss adventuring! Looking forward to hearing if things progress with the guys too…xx

  2. I read a bunch of stuff in this and went “yea, totally get that.” I should’ve kept a list as I read. Anyway, the biggest things is how much your relationship with your BFF mirrors the one I have with mine. We can spend the day together, doing our separate stuff, and only speaking a little and it’s it’s a day we’ll spent. All I could think was how much I miss my bestie reading this.

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