The Week in Review: Week 19- 2019

***Well this is the first slow week in a while. Don’t go into this week’s review expecting amazing travel photos, but there are a few more sexy updates than usual… and a LOT of writing! That’ll have to do for now.***


My neck and shoulders were totally out all weekend, so I am thrilled to have a massage scheduled for this morning. I haven’t had one in way too long. My gal in Berlin was good enough but she wasn’t great and the massages were more than 100 euro. I had high hopes for the women here in Medellin as she comes with great recommendations, and the price was only about 30$ for the 90 minutes. 

It was amazing! As a matter of fact, I am going to call her as soon as I finish this sentence so I can write this same thing on one day of next week’s review. She was that good! She also got me a recommend for the Chiropractor which I totally need (even more than a massage!) but I have not called for yet. 

Otherwise, Monday was just a day with half the work I need to pay the bills. (Sigh) BUT on a good note, I got to catch up on my week in review posts. 


Oh, this was an exciting day. (EYE ROLL) I went to the Dr for a checkup. Here’s the deal folks, I have been slack in taking care of myself. Since I settled in Berlin I gained almost 20 lbs. In addition to that, it is really difficult to find a doctor there. The city is growing in popularity way faster than the services the city offers can keep up. When I had an infection in my tattoo? It took almost a week to find a dermatologist who would see me as a “new patient” with private insurance. ALL doctoring services are like that there, and I pretty much gave up trying (except for the female bits and my STI testing every quarter- but even that took me almost a year to get my first appointment and I had to go to free clinics first.) 

Here in Medellin, not only are there many many quality doctors and clinics, it is easy to connect the Drs, usually through a friend’s referral. For example, my flatmate sees this doctor, she gave me her WhatsApp on Monday night, I had an appointment late morning on Tuesday. I fasted for like 15 hours, I was starving! Got my blood work done and talked to her about a couple of things. 

high blood pressure reading on a machine

Her biggest concern was my blood pressure (pretty high!) and the fact that I take quite a bit of over the counter pain meds for my knees and she’s worried about my kidneys long term. We’ll see what my blood work says. 

The rest of the day I had planned to go stay out and work, but my flatmate had also left that morning and I knew I could go home and be alone all day, so I did that instead. It was so lovely. 

Sex, Shame & STI Status


 I stayed home and worked today. Not much else exciting. I don’t even want to do much today. But that’s OK, I am trying to give myself a little break since my BFF just left and I am readjusting to being here again without her. (Yes, I know I said that last week too, it’s a process!)  

stone facade on a building in the city


This was another exciting day. Dentist! LOL See… my life is awesome! (Another hold over slacker thing from Berlin.) The nice thing about today was I didn’t have a lot of work (again) so after my appointment this time I DID go out and have lunch in a cafe and did some writing. 

After that, I went to the Museum of Modern Art. There was a small artisan exhibit in front and the permanent collection was nice. There were no extra galleries but the top floor balconies were lovely and as in most of Medellin, everywhere you looked there were mountain views. 

Mirror with books etched on it and I am in the background

After the museum, I took a nice longish walk and headed to the closest mall, where the doctor had told me I could buy a blood pressure pump. She wants me to check it every morning for a week and send her the results. (Sigh) The walk was nice. At the mall, there is a large “resting area.” I tried to take a picture, it was so weird to me. People were not just sitting there straight on benches, but they were lounging. Literally draped on the benches and lounging on the floors. In public! In the mall. HA! Weird! 

circular sculpture with the mountains behind it

I went to the big grocery store after that and treated myself to the fixings to make 4 cheese fettuccine, steak, and asparagus. I know, I know… a girl who has high blood pressure and just had all kinds of other blood workups, probably shouldn’t be eating a high-fat meal, WITH three bottles of Rosé wine… but hey! I was feeling it, so that’s what I got! 

people lounging on the floor at the mall

Dinner was delicious! (Drank too much and had myself a serious self-pleasuring session!) Pretty sure my flatmate might have heard something. I told Benjamin the next day. He was so laughing at me. I am glad he finds this so funny! 

delicious homemade dinner


No work on Fridays. Not much of anything else either. Well, hungover, I was definitely was feeling hungover. (Consumed two of those bottled last night! EEK!) I stayed in bed and watched TV and played on my phone most of the day. I did chat quite a bit with a nice guy on and off and he says he would like to see me tomorrow when he comes to Medellin to run a few errands for work. 

I also continued to have nice little flirty chats with my new Tinder friend Klarissa. Turns out she is not only busy because she just moved, but she is also sick. She is in care for ovarian cancer. I am not sure if she and I will meet or not, with her having so much going on, but the flirting is still nice. 

It was nice to talk to Benjamin today too. It has been too long. (I think there is a blog post in there somewhere.) But we had a few minutes to catch up and then he sent me a sexy video to make sure I know that he is thinking of me! (Loved that!)

My flatmate blames me because she got addicted to Game of Thrones. We are watching the series from the beginning together. We get a new episode in every couple of nights or two. That was fun. 

I have a Life Partner and it’s NOT Who You Think


Made myself get out of the house. The taxi ride as fun- the driver was HOT. I asked for his number and texted him after and asked if he wants to go get a coffee sometime. He never answered- but I am glad I did it! My other Tinder cutie, the one I had the date with and had hoped to see again soon, has been pretty quiet. But today he asked if he could see me tomorrow. Things look like they’ve cleared up for him for the weekend, so that is nice. We’ll see. 

Went to a nice weird little coffee shop where I got quite a bit of writing done and my family called on video chat which was awkward in a small coffee shop space but it was nice to catch up with them. I also finished a story about boobs and my flirty friend Klarissa!



Reflecting on Boobs

The dude who was going to meet me, not only did he not make it, but he never called or texted me to say he wasn’t going to make it. Even though he texted twice to tell me he was still planning to come to the city. Boo hiss! What is with these guys!? 

Colombian Korean food

Instead, my flatmate and I went to a lovely Korean dinner. It was delicious, even though the bibimbap was not exactly like it was in Korea or even in Berlin. Then there was the mariachi band. (Insert huge eye-roll here!) We went home and watched more game of thrones. 

Mariacchi band

I also snuck in a few puffs of weed and drank more wine. There was some serious sexting and naked photo exchanging with Klarissa before I fucked myself silly and went to sleep. (On the opposite side of the bed because the bed was soaked… dang squirting!) 


Oh, my second hangover this week. I gotta do better than this. Another day spend relaxing in bed watching TV, writing, and puttering. I never got dressed because I was waiting to see if Alex actually followed up and made plans with me like he said he was going to. He did check in the morning to say hi and say he was going to call me after lunch with his mom. OK. I had time to chill. 

Street art on a wall
Medellin has a lot of lovely street art!

Also talked to Klarissa a bit. I was relieved that after all that sexy talk and pictures going on we were still chatting and flirting. That made me happy and horny again too. 

Alex never did end up coming over, nor did he ever call to cancel, though he did text and chat randomly until I asked him what was up. What is wrong with these guys??!! Did I get stood up TWICE in one weekend? When does that even happen? I really want to have sex. I really want to have a nice date. Geesh! 

I did match to a new guy, again, we’ll see. He seems nice. (They ALL do) Oh, and the guy who blew me off yesterday called to apologize that his phone died and he couldn’t get a hold of me. (Phones here are SUPER expensive and I don’t know anyone with a nice phone in good condition, so this could actually be a thing. He has been pretty attentive again so, I’ll have to decide if he asks me out again what I want to do.) 

The Big G of Dating: Ghosting


  • One hot babe to sext with 
  • 2 dates that stood me up 
  • 2 days out writing at cafes 
  • 3 posts on 
  • 3 posts here on (I didn’t link here to the Weekly Reviews I wrote)
  • 2 drunken popper induced masturbation sessions soaking the sheets 
  • One museum wander 
  • One weird Korean dinner, complete with a mariachi band

It was a tough week. I miss the days I knew who my lovers were and could count on them. I miss my friends. I miss our weekly connections, no matter what was going on, how we always made time for each other at least once a week. I miss cool coffee shops close to my house where the servers brought me my coffee without me asking. I miss everything. I want Stefan to fuck me, not my toys. I want Benjamin to hold me and spank me until I cry, and then hold me again. I miss living alone. I miss being healthy and having the motivation to be healthier. Fuck. OK, enough of this. I am going to go sit on the patio and cry and then make a healthy dinner and post this. 

It’s a new week and I am not a complainer. 

Bananas with a LOT of stickers on it
Stefan used to put fruit stickers on my breasts! LOL I texted him with this photo. We both had a good laugh about that!


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8 Replies to “The Week in Review: Week 19- 2019”

    1. I am realizing that this is kind of how guys and dating are here. I am trying to be a little more open to these kinds of subtleties, PLUS if I want to actually have sex, I might have to let a few things slide at first! LOL HA! We’ll see. 🙂 It IS annoying.

  1. That fettuccine meal looks divine! That and the rose wine, and I’d have needed a wank, too lol! ? Sorry that your dates stood you up, but it sounds as though you made good without them at least.

    1. I definitely don’t NEED these guys. I would sure like one or two of them though! LOL Yeah cooking is a good alternative to being bored. I am off to the market now as a matter of fact. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I was pretty annoyed. Now I am just trying to understand what it all means. Both guys have bee so sincere since then and I feel like there is a cultural thing I am missing. Trying to give that some room to flow so I am maybe finally having nice dates.

  2. Hahaha swipe right – women with blood pumps and fasting blood work of the world unite! I’m now pricking my fingers several times a day as I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and macular degeneration… On the plus side I’m now on a low carb diet by choice, my blood pressure is the lowest it’s been since I was in my twenties and the eye treatment (involving needles) seems to be working!
    I hope your bloods come back ok, and the BP goes down.
    Indie xx

    1. Yep! I am doing low carb too… making a zucchini lasagna tonight! UGh on the needles but I am glad it’s falling into place on the health front for you! Thanks for stopping by!!

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