The Week in Review: Week 2- 2019

**Each week I will spell out the days and my various dates, adventures, or lack thereof. If I have written a story about that particular date or event or whatever, I will link it here as well. I will also add a summary and some “parting thoughts” at the end. Kind of a weekly journal.**


Monday- To be honest, I tend to spend most Monday’s home on the couch. My weekends aren’t particularly exciting either, but Monday’s have always seemed a lot to face. And seriously, in Berlin there’s about 49 seconds of sunshine every three days, it’s cold and rainy and BLAH. So, these days “couch days” are way more common than they should be. I did spend some time flirting with new guy from OKC. He just moved to Berlin and says he’s interested but has not made any moves to actually meet me, so we’ll see.


Tuesday-Today I made date with a couple for the weekend. (I mentioned them last week.) I have been with them before, but then she got sick and we haven’t been able to reconnect since then. We made plans for “Netflix and Pizza” on Saturday. (Netflix and Pizza is the euphemism I use for my threesome dates. LOL My friend is a little less open than I am, so after my first couple date I didn’t tell her the truth, I just said I met them, and we watched Netflix and had pizza together. LOL Ooops)


Wednesday- One of the things I love about my life in Berlin is my friends. I have three women who I just adore, and we have become such good friends. Tonight, two of them, Hannah and Valentina, joined me for a bottle of nice Austrian white wine in a smoky Berlin corner bar. We talked about BDSM and our various interests and discoveries and forays into it. Valentina is getting more interested. She also told us a very sexy story to which we added “his throbbing cock” to the end of each sentence making it totally hilarious and causing us to cackle like teenagers while walking down the street. Afterwards we had amazing Szechuan noodles the perfect spicy hot comfort food for a cold wet night.

Hannah grabbed my arm, each time we set off down the street and we were holding hands in my pocket for warmth and comfort. When we left off for goodbye, we exchanged a warm hug and a brief kiss on the lips. I really do love having this open/free/undefined/ a little bit sexy/romantic but really just a friendship with her. If I still had a single monogamous partner and this relationship with her? It would feel wrong and maybe a bit elicit. But the way I practice my polyamory, I want all my relationships to find their proper ‘level’ and be what they want to be without forcing them into this box or that. This just seems to work for us ever since we had that threesome.

New Year’s Eve at the Kit Kat Club

Time to Discover

Thursday- No Stefan this week, he has a visit from Switzerland. (Not sure if it’s a “visit” or a visit. I’ll have to ask when I see him next week.) But my body seems conditioned for Thursday fun because I woke up so horny for his particular brand of sexiness… Maybe I’ll write a Sex Scientist Files story today to make up for missing him this evening. We did get a chance to connect via text a bit. He thinks his friend may stay another week, she lives in Switzerland and apparently drove here so going back is very weather dependent. I am pretty sad about that, my time left here is so limited that I really want to see him every chance I can. He recognized that and we discussed how to see each other more in the weeks he will be available.

“Let’s See if This Works…” – The Sex Scientist Files

Guy from OKC is still texting me almost every day, but says his new job is taking up a lot of time, and maybe he’ll have time on the weekend. But I already have plans with my couple on Saturday, and I don’t really believe him anyway.


Friday– I woke up with a burn to write a post on my SFW blog. It was about an incident that could have seemed inconsequential but really ended up meaning so much to me. You can check it out here.

The Greatest Love of All

I don’t usually work on Fridays and try to take the day to see new things around the city. I like to have little mini-adventures and go places I haven’t been before. This Friday I went to the DDR Museum (it showcases life while the Berlin Wall was dividing the country/city.) Then I walked over to the Fun Factory Berlin store. Their sex toys are high-end colorful German made machines. I have one and love it, but I ordered it online and never went to the store, so I popped over to check it out. After that I walked across the street and treated myself to a solo-date at a fancy Turkish restaurant. OMG mouth-orgasm spicy lamb and rice paired with the perfect red wine.  It was lovely.

Later, Hannah and I were supposed to go to the BDSM munch, but then there were maybe dates, maybe not dates, and throw in some cold rainy weather, we decided to stay in. She came over for some snuggling on the couch, talking about boys and BDSM, and watching a movie. Then, since it was late and cold and rainy, she slept over, it was nice to have a warm snuggly body in my bed.


Saturday-I try to make my Fridays a bit low key in general because I like to go to Shut-up and Write on Saturday mornings. I am not usually a morning person, but I love these meet-ups so I get up early and go.  I love writing about my Sex Scientist partner, Stefan. It always gets me hot and bothered all over again, and I finished my Second of the Sex Scientist Files Stories while I was there. Even though it was dark and grey, the weather was warmer than it’s been, so I went for a long walk and just took in the sights and sounds of this city I love so much.

The Sex Scientist Files: A Pink Pussy Pump

In Germany baths are a “thing.” So, before I leave and go to a country that only has showers, I am trying to take as many long luxurious baths as I can. So, once I got home, cold and damp from my walk, I ran a hot bath, filled it with delicious smelling bath beads, poured a glass of Prosecco and soaked in the tub listening to Michelle Obama’s memoir- Becoming and chatting with my new Twitter friends.

I knew “my couple “was probably going to come over a bit late, but as the evening wore on without any word from them, I started to think they were blowing me off. Eventually I got a text that said they would still be more than two hours, arriving at my place almost midnight. Uhm, No! No thank you. I was tired and felt like it was a bit rude to expect me to wait up for them, even if they are HOT AF.

My nJoy Pure Wand and Cumpanion splash pad got a good workout instead. Seriously that toy is magic and if you have never squirted or have just come close but never got over the edge, save up! Get this toy! Seriously!


Sunday-I’ve been threatening to make Toll-House Chocolate Chip cookies since my friend brought me two big bags from the US this summer. Today I made them knowing I have a date with my Ex, William, on Tuesday. I am making him my famous “Heart Attack Mac” macaroni and cheese, so I figured what better for dessert than more homemade buttery deliciousness. I just enjoyed a low-key day.



Slow week. But amazing too. I love being able to reach out and spend time with my girlfriends every week, regardless of my romantic relationship status. That is one thing I take seriously in my practice of Polyamory; my romantic relationships are not more important than my friends. I work very hard to never disappear into a relationship with a romantic partner and forget my other relationships.


Benjamin’s wife and daughter were away for Christmas and came home on Wednesday. He’s been very quiet dealing with his emotions. He has missed them both so much, but when his wife comes back it will make it real again in a physical way. He has been very much in his head this week. I’m just giving him time and space to feel his feels. He knows I am here and available for him however he needs me, if he needs me. He has reached out a few times to initiate some brief connections, I know he feels badly that he can’t be the kind of boyfriend we both wish he could be right now. We did finally talk about some tentative plans, and he knows now the exact date I am leaving. He promised that I would see him again before I leave Germany. My biggest hope is to see him at least twice more. We’ll see.


Earlier this week, realizing how little time I had left here, I started to think about what I really want to do before I go. Who do I need to see, how do I really want to spend my time? One of the first realizations I had was that I want to go on another date with my ex, William. We broke up early this past summer because our relationship styles just weren’t compatible, but I still adore him, and we have a great time whenever we see each other. So, I asked him to go out with me again and happily, he agreed. We will see each other Tuesday, enjoy a home cooked meal and a bottle of wine and talk. We have always been so good at talking, I am really looking forward to it.


So, there we go. Week two, in the books!


I added this to the Wicked Wednesday Meme- Check out the other awesome (and probably more wicked than mine) stories for this week!


8 Replies to “The Week in Review: Week 2- 2019”

  1. This is quite a thorough journaling!

    What did you think of the Fun Factory store? I’m used to sex/toy shops with a multitude of brand/style/price-point options, so I’m curious how the shopping experience translates when that’s not the case.

    1. The store was fun- I love all the bright colors, and it is well lit and a very open space. They do offer a few other toys, I saw a small shelf with some We-Vibe stuff and also they had three nJoy toys. (All high-end priced brands like their toys…) There were two guys on the sales floor and they were very helpful. It can feel awkward to have sales people come up to you in a sex-toy store but this felt good. He asked if I had used their toys before and when I told him I had a Sonic Drei he smiled this knowing smile and asked, “Do you like it?” I was like hell yeah and he just nodded and nodded with a big grin and said “of course!” LOL


    1. Thanks! Some weeks I am sure will be a big snooze, but hopefully others will be much more interesting! LOL
      After Berlin? That’s still “top secret” but UK/Eroticon is on the books!

    1. I have to admit that I am especially blessed to have come into my full sexuality and relationship preferences here in one of the most sexually liberal cities in the world… Berlin! But these gals are extra special I agree. I am so glad I have met all these new online twitter friends too though!! Thanks for your comment!

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