The week in Review- Week 20- 2019

OK no travel this week either, but stick to the end cause there’s finally SEX! Finally! 



Monday’s are usually pretty boring around here. Day to get back into work and my day to not really care if I leave the house at all or not. (Though with my weekends being so boring lately I should be getting out of the house every day!) Anyway, today in between work I had a chance to have some quality chat with Benjamin. 

I was feeling kind of bummed and bored and sad and I told him so. He received my texts when he was just arriving in a hotel in Dubai for work, after like 10 hours traveling. But he stayed in touch and was texting with me all the way until he just had to fall asleep. It was sweet and really made me feel like a priority and very supported by him. 

texting with my boyfriend and he is so supportive


More texting with my boyfriend and him being great

Lots of loving from Benjamin continued today. I have just been feeling so blah and emotional. Having my period did not help make that any easier. 

Today I headed over to the dentist, yes, another time. Today she was fitting me with a new mouthguard. Do you have one of these bad boys? They are awesome. Apparently, I clench my teeth very very hard at night. (I have a solid plastic mouthguard already that I have huge teeth gashes in it.) I sleep so much better when it is in my mouth. So this new one is a different kind of plastic and smaller so we’ll see how it goes! (Sad when a mouth guard is a highlight of my week!) 

This afternoon I went to a local cafe and did some of my work and then hit the grocery store. Felt good to get out of the house for sure. 

Flirting with the guy (Juan) from last week even though he stood me up.   My reasoning? 

  1. He told me he tried to call me and shared a screen print from his WhatsApp that shows he actually did. Even though my WhatsApp doesn’t show an incoming call. 
  2. He has been very kind and has apologized a few times for not making it. 
  3. When he and I were chatting one night I was just really emotional (See screen print above) and he asked if we could video or voice chat and when I explained to him that I just could not manage that, he was very sweet. He went into texting with no voice and kept me entertained and was very understanding. I really appreciated it. He deserves a chance for that alone. 


Today was another big Benjamin day. He had some time after work, still at the hotel in Dubai, had had a few cocktails and was feeling very sexy. It was totally worth pushing back some work until a little later to be able to lay around and sext with him for a while. I love when he brings up new fantasies and incorporates them into old ones. A whole new story! 

Delicious homemade chicken vegetable stir fry
Homemade dinner tonight- I got creative and healthy!

This has been a very nice week for our relationship. We’ve been able to connect again on a few levels and I really do feel like I am very much still his partner. The distance and all the things he is going through in his own life can sometimes make me feel a little left out. But this week he gave me the attention I needed at a time I really needed it to make this still feel really good between us. 


I decided I HAD to get out of the house again. Not enough out of the house time happening in my life. After working in the house most of the day, I decided to go to the coffee shop. I did some writing and some work. The best part was this amazing sweet croissant I had with serene ham and smoked gouda cheese. Oh boy! 

Amazing croissant with Serrano ham and gouda cheese

Started talking to a new guy on WhatsApp- (Daniel.) He seemed ok at first. Somehow sex came up and I told him I was ok talking about it, to make sure we were on the same page about content and sexual health practices. Somehow THAT turned him on and got him very interested in sexting. That is not what I said I was open to doing. I definitely don’t sext with guys before I’ve had sex with them, and never before I meet them in person. Originally, I thought he and I were going to try to meet on Sunday, but after a few “do you have big breasts” texts, my texting with him since this evening has been very limited. (Besides, DUDE! You saw my Tinder profile pics, you already KNOW the answer to that question! LOL) 

Writing at a cafe down the street

The List V.2


 Somewhere during the week, Alex had asked if we could connect this weekend. The whole Mother’s Day debacle was kind of crazy. I know he didn’t really intend to stand me up and I really did enjoy our first date so I agreed. Friday morning he checked in and let me know he still intended to meet up, so that gave me hope. Alistair’s date probability prediction immediately rose to about 60/40!

In the afternoon he resurfaced to try to make specific plans. That’s a prediction rise to 80/20! We finally decided that the best plan, with weather and work we both had to finish, would be for him to try to come here and we would watch a movie. Not the most exciting but it worked. And he did come as soon as his work and class project stuff was finished. 

My flatmate had a date too and by the time he got here, she was in her room! LOL But we hung out, watched geeky sexy Netflix shows,  (Have you seen Love, Death & Robots? Kinda loved it!) Eventually he got to meet my flatmate and her date. We drank some wine (I had already been drinking gin when he got there!) There was definitely making out and then snuggling on the couch! It was actually a really nice evening. He left by 23:00 because people here work 6 days a week and he still had some homework to finish before going to work and then classes on Saturday. 

It was great because I got to sleep by myself, which is always a much better sleep, but still got some nice kissing and snuggling too! 


I literally did nothing on Saturday for so long that I was getting pissed at myself for sitting around the house. Juan had to work all day, and what I have learned is that he only had wifi access on his phone, not an actual cellular service (unless maybe when he is way up north at home.) I laid in my bed and took a nap and watched Netflix, and smoked some weed until I could not take it any longer. I was cranky and didn’t really know if Juan was going to show up or not because he and I were still going back and forth a little bit. 

I decided to just get out of the house for some food and maybe hit the movies. I got dressed and went to the nice pizza place I like. I ordered extra cheese and pepperoni and their 2X1 sangria. Yummy! By the time I was done, I realized I was too late for the movies, but I had heard from Juan and it looked like he was headed my way. 

Pizza and sangria- solo date time

The poor man had to walk 45 minutes to the bus station, take a bus to the main bus station in the city, take a metro from there to close to my place, then a bus to my hood, and then he walked the last few blocks to my house. And in a crazy twist of fate, I happened to start to get antsy about when he would get here, so I went to look out on the street from the roof, and there he was! WHOO HOO! LOL 

He was so sweet and so hot! We spent the rest of the evening sitting out on the patio talking, sharing a bottle of wine, and smoking weed. It was lovely. My Spanish is good, but when I am speaking to someone who doesn’t really speak English and we are really trying to get to know one another, it becomes clear there is a lot of room for improvement.  We laughed a lot about the things I couldn’t figure out how to say and used the google translate app too much, but the whole time I was totally crushing on him more and more. 

It was raining but we were under the eaves and still enjoying the warm night, but eventually, it was too much so we went inside to sit on the couch and listen to music. Then, finally, we started kissing and fooling around. Oh yes. Did I mention how good looking this guy is? Did I mention how much I was already crushing on him? 

Honestly, we already knew he was going to stay the night at my place. It was too much for him to go back all that way so late. But the offer was that he could stay in the spare room. Yeah right! No chance of that once we started kissing! It wasn’t long before we headed into my bedroom. It was great fun. We laughed and talked and just enjoyed each other. When I asked him if we could slow things down, or change things up a little he was very responsive to that. To me, this just says he is open to feedback and that the sex will get better and better. There were some dominant traits clearly showing through there too, which makes me think it will not only get better, but there is potential that it could get kinky too. YAY! 

He’s a pretty heavy sleeper too, which is always good for me, a snorer, because I don’t worry as much about falling asleep and snoring and waking him up. I never sleep when someone is in my bed the first few times so it was also great to discover I could curl up around him and readjust until I was comfy and not disturb him at all! He woke me up with some morning fun too! YAY! 


He stayed and hung out with me all day until I had to leave for my massage around 3 pm. When my flatmate made us breakfast he cleaned our whole kitchen spotless. He also offered to teach me which are the best coffee brands in the stores. (His education is coffee!) We listened to music and laughed and snuggled and kissed. Eventually, we went back into my bedroom and smoked some weed and took a super nice long nap all snuggled up together with the rain falling on the roof. It sounded awesome and really helped me get some nice sleep! I was exhausted but happy. 

After my massage, I came home and did nothing but chill on the couch and be happy about the day! I sent Benjamin some texts about my dates and as expected, he was not only supportive but happy for my dates. I love how really happy he is when I have good dating experiences. He knows how much I miss him and he wants me to have happy moments here without him too.




  • 2 really nice dates 
  • 2 times having sex with one of those dates 
  • 3-5 awesome conversations with Benjamin this week 

This was a rough week emotionally. I was bored and sad and depressed. (I might have said this last week too… UGH!) The difference is that this week I told Benjamin about it and he was really supportive and helped by talking to me about it and letting me know it was totally ok to lean on him when I need to. I also found out that not only is Juan HOT, but he’s a nice guy who is sensitive to the things I say to him and is ok when I have emotions. That all combines to the comment one of my friends made when I was telling her about him, “Oh chica, you have it BAD!” Yes, I think I do. 

Also- side note. I have been texting with Klarissa but it’s been more check in, say hi, no big deal texts. I do not think there is going to be anything happening there. I did match with another lovely lady on Tinder the other day, and we’ve been chatting a bit, so we’ll see. We’re still not out of the app yet, so I am not going to get any hopes up. 


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    1. THANKS! I feel better this week but it was kind of boring.. but maybe I need to decide about the weekly review if it’s intersting enough or not…

  1. I love all the food photos! Everything looks so dang tasty! Sorry to hear you’ve been down. That seems to be a theme for a lot of people lately. Hopefully those sexy guys (and gal) help to lift your spirits!

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