The week in Review- Week 22- 2019

***** This Costa Rica week and the happy notes it brings with it are courtesy of some very lovely friends who invited me to spend some time with them there in Costa Rica!*****


After a nice weekend hanging with my friends and not thinking about work or writing, I worked from home today. Typical Monday. I pretty much plopped myself down on their couch and didn’t move. I knew I was going to bop around with my friend and do some beauty routines the next day so I needed to get some extra work in today. 

In the evening I might have gotten into my friend’s husband’s good Costa Rica rum and proceeded to act like it was the cheap stuff and drank way too much of it. My friend is almost 20 years older than me and about as open as you can be, but I may have told her a bit too much. There was even a web link showing her what the Njoy Pure Wand looks like and I MAY have made hand gestures demonstrating its proper use. HA! (When I woke up the next morning she had coffee and aspirin ready for me! Such love!) 


Today I did some work in the morning, nursed my hangover with some awesome Costa Rican coffee,  and then we bopped out to get our nails done. It was nice to spend some fun girl time together. My nails are super pretty but dang the humidity doesn’t let them stay nice as long as they normally do. 

The green fields and forest over the view of Papagayo Bay
Rainy grey days over the bay in Costa Rica!

We ran over to have a nice lunch with another one of our friends. So much love and just pure sweetness in this week already! These are vibrant amazing women whose company I truly enjoy. (The burgers were pretty great too!) 

After lunch, she dropped me off to get my hair cut. I know! It sounds crazy to go on vacation in a new country and go for a haircut! But I used to live in this town (for 14 months from January 2015) so this stylist was actually my hairdresser for a long time. I love the way she cuts my hair and she was always great about helping me do crazy things such as making my hair hot pink and purple- more than once. It was super nice to catch up with her in her new salon and get the most lovely hair cut. 

The back of my new bob haircut!

I so needed a new look. I had been letting my hair grow without any style or support for such a long time, I pretty much only wore it in a clip at the base of my neck. When I let it down, it was just long and scraggly and honestly, I looked way too much like my mom and sister. I don’t any more! YAY!

Afterward, I walked in the rain, ruining said new hairstyle and adding even more humidity to the already hot and wet day. Did I tell you that it hasn’t stopped raining pretty much since I got here? It’s early in the raining season but every day rain is not normal. There is a big low settling over the corner of the country and just dumping rain and it’s not supposed to stop for a few more days. 

Anyway, we had a nice dinner. It was at a restaurant where I have a ton of memories, but after not being there for many years, I don’t really know any of the staff anymore. BUT the menu hasn’t changed and I had my favorite Mediterranean salad with grilled mahi-mahi. Yummy! There was live music and also live Flamenco dancing. Nice evening!

Rainy afternoon on a boardwalk in Costa Rica

Oh, by the way, both my Colombian cuties love my new hair cut. My Juan has been talking to me every day. I get his “Good Morning Bonita” message every day and it makes me all giddy and happy to have that be the first thing I hear every morning. (I think I have a pretty big crush on this one here!) 


In my way of making up for bopping around yesterday, I hit it hard today and worked all day. Of course, since there was finally a little sun, I snuck out and went and sat with a good book and my feet in the pool for a while. It was lovely! I needed this high-dose of Vitamin D!  

Feet in the pool in the sunshine
Finally Sunshine!

In chatting with Juan today, I mentioned that it will still be such a long time before I see him again. I think I’ll see him NEXT Saturday. But he said, “NO, I’ll meet him on Monday.” I was a bit surprised. I need to investigate this situation more tomorrow. I am excited if it is true and I can see him sooner for sure!  


Today I volunteered to go grocery shopping with my friend so her husband doesn’t have to do it. He has COPD and just had his hip replaced so this was a relief for him. The problem is, I must have been hungry or something… I got so many crazy things in the cart! I think it was a combination of that and seeing so many things I haven’t seen in a while. South American stores (especially in areas with lots of North American expats!) have lots of things from home.

My favorite coffee- and it's just the basic grocery store kind

And of course, I have COFFEE! SO MUCH COFFEE! (Yes, I am bringing Costa Rican coffee back to Colombia with me! Don’t hate!) I got some coffee for Juan too as his souvenir. He studied “coffee” in college, (consulting, barista, todo…) and he’s a bit obsessed so I want him to try some of MY favorite coffee. (Oh, I bought him a nice leather touristy bracelet too.) 

Well, my knees were killing me after just the Pequeño Mundo store, but then we hit Walmart too. A whole aisle of tuna was calling my name! Yes, tuna! They have so many different flavors! I got three LARGE cans of the smoked tuna and three normal cans of Jalepeño tuna. I skipped the garlic, vegetables, garbanzo, and Thai flavored ones- this time! 

I was happy to get home and chill on the couch and rest. Got back to work and took some pain meds. That night I made my now almost famous zucchini lasagna. So delicious and it’s always more delicious when friends are enjoying and appreciating what you made for them too! 


Well since I don’t work on Fridays we made plans to go out for the morning.  Went into town and I had an amazing chiropractic adjustment. I haven’t been to the Chiro is soooo long and I was in desperate straights. I NEEDED this. It was great. I wish I could go every week for a while! 

I went to the doctor who was supposed to give me the shots for my knees, but he was not in. His emails had been sporadic and he didn’t confirm, so it’s not surprising. But good Lord I am disappointed, I was really hoping the shots would give me a new chance to keep going with a little less pain until it’s time for my knee replacement. Big bummer. 

We were going to go out that night but decided to stay home and relax again. I spent a lot of time doing “nothing” and just getting to spend a nice time with my friends. It’s almost over, and I really am feeling so much better emotionally already. This time here in Costa Rica has been so great for me.  


After a leisurely morning with coffee by the pool, we went into the town to see a house my friend is considering buying to open a really cool spa- health and beauty services place. Then we went to have an awesome lunch on the beach at a place called Aqua Sport. 

This was the moment. The feet in the ocean, arms spread, letting the breeze blow off all the bad energy and ground myself in the life forces! It was amazing and more needed than anything else I had done all week! I felt so good afterward… not to mention that the food was wonderful too! I took a few pics that happened to show some impressive cleavage and I sent them on to the fellas! 

We went home for the rest of the afternoon, ate some pot brownies and chilled by the pool. Eventually, we got up enough energy again to go out and meet a bunch of friends for dinner. This place also is one of my old haunts and has live music and a fun atmosphere. I was pretty tired and still hadn’t packed up so we headed home. Another lovely night! 

More live music


A long day of travel today. Four airports and over 12 hours. I got to hang out in the VIP lounge in each airport, so there were booze and food. Lots of booze, and there was food on every one of these planes, (not like US planes, there is food and drinks on the flights.)  Everything was calm and easy on the travel front.  

After not hearing from Juan much early in the day (he was out enjoying his life -yay him) we connected and made plans. Since he didn’t have to work on Monday because it’s a holiday (that’s why he said we would see each other on Monday- YAY!) we decided he would come over tonight and we’d have all day tomorrow together. It was so wonderful, I got out of the cab from the airport, and there he was there waiting for me, sitting on the street when I got home!!! I loved having his gorgeous face to kiss as soon as I got out of the cab. 

Wine and water- a good way to start the day
Starting the long day of travel off right!

He carried my stuff upstairs, my flatmate had already bought me some wine and snacks to have when I got home, and we had a lovely evening. Good Lord, I have the biggest crush on this man! Seriously! We sat on my couch and talked, drank our wine, and listened to music. He told me all the reasons he likes me and that no matter what happens, if we stay a couple or just friends, he thinks our connection will be forever. (These Latin guys are so freaking romantic!) 

Every text and voice message he sends is 100% lovey-dovey. They’re all “beauty, my heart, my sweetie, my life, my angel, etc.” It’s pretty fun to be able to just jump right into a fun very romantic and sweet relationship. In other cultures, I always feel like I have to dial down my natural inclination to be a bit exuberant and romantic. I’ve worried that a man is going to think I like him “too much too soon” so I’ve held back a bit. I don’t have to with him. He is already so engaged in this kind of conversation that I can jump in and just be all in love with him too! It’s fun and sweet and oh, did I mention what a HUGE crush I have on him? 


  • 7 days in Costa Rica
  • 5 days of solid rain 
  • 1 amazing hair cut 
  • 1 girls day 
  • 3 nights out for dinner 
  • 7 days of lovey-dovey messages with my new big crush 
  • 1 terrific chiropractor 

This week was great! It was more a visit to see my friends than the country or anyone else that I knew from when I lived there, but that worked out so well for me. They took such good care of me and loved on me so much. I really needed that this week. I feel better and ready to face going back to Medellin and giving it another try and having fun again. 

I still miss Berlin and my loves and my friends. They are still a huge part of my life, but I need to focus on my life here and making it strong and healthy in every way. I think I am ready to do this now. 


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  1. Sounds like a good, loving week indeed! Pity you couldn’t get the shot in your knees, but good on the haircut and the nails, and your big crush of course 😉

    Rebel xox

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