The week in Review- Week 25- 2019

**** Not sick anymore- (much) and I am starting to feel more like myself than I have since I got here. I am hoping this will continue.*****


I am still not 100% better. Earache and throat are actually starting to hurt more again instead of getting better, even though I slept so much over the weekend. I texted the doctor, again, and she agreed I should come in the next day for an ‘in-person’ appointment.  

So this is the big news of the week…

Lots of fun texting and flirting with “A” all day. He even called me on WhatsApp with the video function on. I answered and he was naked and touching himself! HA! My flatmate was right next to me so I didn’t say much. I was in my pajamas and he was definitely loving the look. I ran outside to the patio and he proceeded to give me quite a show. Ending in a “show!” 

One Sunday Afternoon (Part 1)

He was all excited (Ha see what I did there!) and since we had plans to meet in the evening, this was a great teaser for things to come! He was going to go hang out with friends and then come over to my flat and I was so excited. All this flirting and sexting and amazing energy connection would finally come together again! He said 9:00. 8:30- I was getting out of the shower and got a text.

I know he is here just a few weeks to see his family and friends, so even though I was disappointed, (Do you people realize I have only had sex 4 times since I left Berlin in February?? I was so looking forward to this!!)  So, I let him off the hook, but I did tell him how I felt. I told him that I was disappointed. I didn’t hear from him for the rest of the evening, but I didn’t think much about it. 

Text from 'A' cancelling our date


In the morning I sent him a quick hello. When I hadn’t heard from him in the afternoon and saw he hadn’t picked up my text yet, I sent him another quick hello… though I already knew this was not going to end well. 

This morning I got going and went to Dr. She agreed that I am not better enough yet. One of the perks of not needing a script for most medicines here is easy access to health care for everyone. One of the downfalls is that people go to the pharmacy and ask for Zithromax for every little sore throat. So the bacteria here are more and more resistant to Eritromicina… (she said it’s the bacteria, not the person that is resistant) so she checked and I still have swelling and white spots in my throat. She prescribed different antibiotics -more expensive but much less commonly used here and hopefully, this will kick it out. 

Also as a point of interest. Dra. appointment= $30 antibiotics $8.50 pain meds $6.50

Medicines in Colombia

Since I still hadn’t heard from “A”, I did suspect something was up. But what? I mean HE blew ME off. HE canceled on me. I was super cool and ok with it, but I felt it was ok for me to say I was disappointed. We had already shared so much, so many fantasies, so many thoughts about non-attachment and ‘love’ energy. I thought it was only right to continue to be honest within this relationship- whatever it was.  

One Sunday Afternoon (Part 2)

I did feel like he hadn’t been as enthusiastic about the second half of the story. It does talk more about feelings and energy than the first and more about our connection. But I still never had any expectations about what we had. I was excited to have sexy times with him, and the potential to see him again somewhere out in the world, but I had zero expectations on a relationship. 

Anyway, later that evening I noticed that he didn’t have a photo up on his WhatsApp anymore and I couldn’t see his ‘last time online.’ My stomach dropped! Wait? What? I went to Tinder and looked and he had unmatched me there. I went back to WhatsApp and realized, he BLOCKED ME! Good Lord! WTF?

This is the second “crash and burn” here with Medellin men, in as many weeks. This one is super confusing, not devastating or anything. He was just a guy passing through who I thought was going to be a lot of fun and with whom I could have sexy times. Oh well, apparently for some reason, he thought otherwise. Onward! 


Since I am still not feeling the best, I stayed home and worked today. Got a lot done and even started some writing. That evening I went out to dinner with the friends I stayed with when I was in Costa Rica. They spent a few days here in the city. I was so excited. Dinner was at a fancy restaurant and SO amazing. It was foodie heaven, for real! The worst thing that happened was that the staff forgot to bring the leftovers so when I was halfway home and I realized I didn’t have my suckling pig or the beef cheeks, I was soooo sad! 

When I got home, I was happy, full and buzzed. So I poured myself another glass of wine and started cruising Tinder and my old WhatsApp messages. I remembered that there had been a guy I was talking to who connected with me because my profile says I am polyamorous. He has been in the swinger scene here but since he and his girlfriend broke up they haven’t had a chance to be involved so we had chatted about that. But it has been a few weeks since we last connected. 

My happy wine buzz made me search him (’S’) out and start up a brief chat with him. It also made me fall asleep before he responded! Hahahah  


 Today after a long day of work, I realized I am feeling a lot better, finally! So, I went to a super cool local bar, Barrio Sur cafe. My flatmate and I went to meet the owner so I could chat with him about the writing meetup I am organizing here.  The bar is super cool, and the owner was very amenable to helping us out. We had a nice time drinking sangria and hanging out on the patio of the bar. Lovely evening. I am starting to feel better and back to normal! YAY! 

Sangria and cool bar

I was supposed to meet Alex tonight, but then he canceled because his sister is graduating from college Friday and there is a ceremony for her tonight. He suggested maybe we meet on Saturday. This guy always has something. 

Also, I spent a lot of time texting with ’S’ today. I mean ALL DAY. He is super nice and I really enjoyed chatting with him. What I liked about him was that he seemed to be very specific about things we could do and times to see each other. I said I wanted to go see some other local sights, he asked where and suggested a specific time to do it. I like a man of action. Especially after Alex who cancels everything. 


I am trying to get back into my old good habits, so I took myself out to a few things today as part of “Friday Funday.” I went and got a mani/pedi and let me tell you, it was quite the experience. I was just glad I am still on high doses of antibiotics because the place was not clean. None of the spas, salons, etc. have pedicure chairs, they just use a basin covered with a plastic bag and filled with water. Then the stylist sat on a stool with a ledge in front and I had to lift my feet up onto the ledge. It was at least 5-6 inches higher than my waist. I thought for sure I would fall over! LOL My nails are bubbled and weird, but hey- at least they are done! 

Afterward, I took myself to that super nice steak place again for another steak sandwich. It was so freaking delicious, AGAIN! A few glasses of wine and a nice lunch, I was too full and foggy headed to actually go to the cafe to write. So I went home and took a nice long nap! 

Of course, chatting with ‘S’ all day was fun too. We are going to try to meet on Sunday. At first, he suggested we could hang out after the futbol game. Then he said, maybe we could meet first and then go hang out with his friends. I was up for either, as long as I get a chance to hang out with him alone and see how we connect at first. 

That night I went out to the Barrio Sur again with my local friend. She is so dang sweet and we laughed and joked and had a really relaxed evening. More sangria and yummy bar food! We both needed that kind of fun. 

As for Alex, it’s Friday and he won’t commit to anything for Saturday. He said he now has to work on Sunday (He lives and works very far north in the city and I live in the south.) So he wasn’t sure if he could meet. That was confusing because we had plans to meet on Saturday and he finishes work around 2. But then he said, “I wanted to stay with you, so going to work Sunday is a problem.” Wow. He never asked me if he could stay the night with me, he just assumed that because he wanted to, that we would. Hmmm… 

I knew I had some plans for the next day anyway, so I was making more, knowing he would probably cancel.  


I met a guy about the writing group I am helping to start. He lives here and will still live here after I leave, so he is the main organizer, but I am trying to help him get started, mostly because I miss my writing group in Berlin and loved how productive I was when I went to the meet-ups. 

Anyway, ’S’ lives in the same neighborhood I was going to be in, so we chatted about him coming to see me at the cafe. He said he had plans with his cousin for the day, but he was going to try to see me. (One thing I am learning is that people here don’t like to disappoint you, so they never say no, but in the end, you are disappointed.) So you guessed it, he didn’t come by. 

This didn’t bother me too much since it was kind of a last minute thing and I knew he already had plans with his cousin. This evening we were chatting and he said we would go out tomorrow after the game. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. 

Just before I left the house to meet the writing guy, Alex texted. I am sure this won’t come as a surprise, but he canceled. He had dinner with his family for his sister’s graduation. You can’t tell me THAT wasn’t planned for ages! I think he had planned to go to work, go to dinner, and then come to my house late. Then since he didn’t have to work, he could spend the night without worrying about getting up early and getting out. (Sigh) 

So instead, tonight I hung out with my flatmate and binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy. I stayed away from the booze; (so sad) I am still on the antibiotics, and I had a few glasses of wine and sangria the past few days. One of her boyfriends came over at the end of the night, so I ended up chilling by myself with some weed and enjoying the shows. 

I did get a post done today so that was time well spent at the cafe, even if I didn’t get to see ’S’ while I was there. 

I Fall in Love, Just a Little ol’ Little Bit


My flatmate is off to the country for the day. So I took my time getting up and getting going. I enjoyed some patio time drinking coffee and reading. I didn’t hear from ’S’ in the morning, but that didn’t bother me too much either. We haven’t been chatting long enough to have a routine. But as the day wore on, and I stayed in my pajamas, and made lasagna and binged on more Grey’s Anatomy, I still hadn’t heard from him.


I did get a chance to chat with Benjamin a bit. He had a date this weekend with my ex’s girlfriend. (Nothing like keeping it in the family.) They had a nice time he said. That actually made me happy to hear. I adore them both so much. 

I basically didn’t leave the couch for the day. I realized I am STILL not 100% so that helped, resting. It was kind of nice, but I am also disappointed. Not only did ‘S’ cancel by default, but he never texted all day! I knew it was a risk trying to connect after the game. Drinking, celebrating, and hanging with friends doesn’t make for a conducive environment to go on a date after. 


  • 3 canceled dates – 1 really big crash and burn 
  • 1 new guy, we’ll see if he can or even tries to recover from Sunday
  • 1 new blog post 
  • 1 date with myself (good thing I date myself) 
  • Lots of Grey’s Anatomy 

This was a decent week. Despite the ‘A’ crash and burn, I feel more normal this week than I have in a long time and not just because of feeling better health-wise. I have actually been enjoying the fun and energy of all the flirting and sexual tension with these guys, even if they haven’t gone anywhere. I have missed that so much!

I had it in Berlin almost all the time, and when I didn’t I had my weekly dates with Stefan. Here if I don’t have the flirty fun, I don’t have any of that social interaction. I am moving next week, I should be a little closer to where a lot of the other expats live, and there is, in theory, more things to do so we will see how that works out for me. Also, I just joined a women’s group here on Facebook and hopefully I’ll meet people in the writing group.


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