The week in Review- Week 26- 2019


There is a definite pattern to my days and Monday’s, of course, are staying home and working and writing my week in review post (Hopefully!) This is last week in this apartment. I am going to miss our giant patio with the amazing view of the mountains, my huge king size bed with a very nice mattress, and the 5 burner gas stove at this place. I haven’t tested out the bed in the new place (Airbnb) but from the pics, I already know this new place is not going to be nearly as nice 

I picked it though because: A- money! And B- it’s closer to more of the things I want to see and do and more people who are also nomads and expats. I love this little part of Medellin, a super local upper-middle-class area, but it is very far south and it takes a long time (traffic is awful in the city) to get anywhere. 

Still chatting with the new guy “S.” I like chatting with him. Today is a holiday here, and he was pretty low key hanging out with friends, but we did have a couple of nice text exchanges. 


I still have a tiny pain in my throat when I yawn, but yesterday was my final day of antibiotics so I am going to give it a few days and make sure it keeps getting better before I call the doctor again. 

Another pretty busy work day so there isn’t much to report otherwise. No real chatting on the go with anyone besides “S”.  Alex a little but this still isn’t a connection I have any real trust in. 

So “S,” told me that he wanted to talk to me. He felt like it was important that he let me know that he’s sorry he’s been a bit distant, but that he wanted to tell me the truth of his situation so I could make a decision. But he hoped what he had to say wouldn’t make me not like him. 

Basically, the story is he had his own business and it collapsed. So now, yes, you guessed it. He has NO MONEY! He is working a new job and has his own business again, but it’s going to be a while before he is on his feet. He was worried I wouldn’t like him or want to talk to him once I knew. Hmmm… I am ok with doing free things. I am not ok with paying, so I told him that. I also told him about my experience with Juan and how I was not ok with that. I am hoping this isn’t another Juan situation… but I will try to keep an open mind either way and see what happens. The way he approached it was nicer and more humble than the stuff that happened with Juan, so we’ll see. 

I cooked everything in my kitchen so I didn’t have to carry it all to my new place. YUMMY! DINNER!


This was a weird week because I didn’t write down little snippets of what I did all week, to help me write this post, so honestly, I don’t remember what happened on Wednesday! What an old lady I am! But I do know I had to get some paperwork for my cell phone done. It is blocked right now and I only have wifi service- because I have to PROVE that the phone is mine. That has been a “fun” drama. So much paperwork! 

 I finally got started on my “Evolution of a Polycule” post. Which made me text Stefan and happily had a lovely conversation with him that ended in an “I miss you!” which he never really says so it was quite a lovely moment. 


Tonight I had a date with “S” finally. He came to meet me and we had ice cream in the park and talked. He is super cute and super sweet. I really enjoyed his company. I Laughed out loud at one point and couldn’t stop. It made me realize how little I laugh these days and how much more I need to be laughing. I need to find people in my life who make me laugh. (Even if it isn’t him.) 

We kissed on the bench in the park. His lips were so soft, and the kiss was so nice. By the time our ice cream was over we were touching hands, and legs and he put his arm around me, kissed me a few more times. It was really nice. So I invited him to come home with me and have dinner even though it was just leftovers. I knew I had some wine and some beer that my roommate had left, so I figured why not.  He was very appreciative and agreed to come with. 

We had a lovely chatty flirty dinner together on my balcony with the lights of Medellin twinkling in the background. If that sounds like romantic dribble, it’s because it FELT like romantic dribble, for real! 

Eventually, it was chilly outside and we went inside to the couch and of course, ended up making out.  Oh man, do I like kissing him. It was slow and sexy and sweet. We went further together than I expected, I happily let him kiss my breasts, pinch my nipples, and put his hand between my legs. Oh, so sweet. There is something just lovely about fooling around and no expectation of sex. Just enjoying the moment. 

I had told him we could keep kissing and fooling around, but that I wasn’t going to have sex with him that night. He agreed and we had a nice 10 minutes or so. But it was time for him to get back on the train before he missed it, so we had to stop. He held my face in his hands and told me how much he enjoyed the night. He told me that usually women have sex with him the first time and this was unusual, but it was good,  he appreciated it and he really also wanted to enjoy our company together before we did anything more sexually and he was willing to wait until I was ready. COOL! 

Of course, when he left I was happy that I finally met him. But the worse part was waiting for him to text me that evening and tell me he got home. All the weird thoughts about the situation with Juan came flooding back and I was feeling very insecure. I did not like that feeling at all. Thankfully he DID text me to tell me he was home safely and that he really liked me and enjoyed our time together. So that was great! 


Texting with “S” was mostly normal today. He had a lot of work to do but he sent me a video of his work and him there working and we went back and forth a bit. Not as much as we had some other days, but as always, we’ll see. That night I did text him and ask when we would see each other on Saturday, he said he would text me after work and after he ran a few errands. Holding pattern to see how it all goes.   

Today was a writing group I have helped organize. It was just two of us, but the other girl was a super sweet gal from Germany and we really enjoyed the time and I got my Smut Marathon entry started. The problem with 500 words or less, is I had JUST gotten to the good stuff and my word count was over! EEK! Back to the drawing board. 

After the official writing was over she stayed and we hung out and had two carafes of Sangria and some snacks. Then we met a couple of other people to watch the Colombia futbol game and that was super fun. The problem was the aguardiente. That is almost always the problem. Aguardiente is the local “guaro” aka hooch- and it has a very strong anise flavor as well as a very high alcohol content.

Aguardiente shots!

After my writing friend left, I stayed and hung out with the couple we met, I recall holding court about polyamory (why don’t I learn when to shut up!) And I woke up in my bed. THAT is never good. I never heard from the wife, we had been sending each other great tips and info all night, but after that, nada. I am sure it must have ended very interestingly! LOL There is a video I took of the bar, and I was alone, so I don’t know. NO MORE AGUARDIENTE! 

Evolution of a Polycule- June 2019 Update


Well, today I had to pack for my move tomorrow AND I was sooooo hung over. It was a slow day. It took me time to get going but I got all my packing done, and basically sat on the couch and chilled for the rest of the day. I had not heard from “S” much except for a few brief texts in the morning and in the afternoon when I asked how he was he said he was good and resting after a busy day. That was definitely not “see you later.” Before I went to bed, I asked him if we were still going to try to go to the Pride Parade the next day. He did not answer until the next morning. 

All packed!

I went to bed early and hope my hangover will be totally gone tomorrow! LOL 


This was my last morning drinking coffee outside on my beautiful patio. So sad, but looking forward to hopefully new and better changes in my new place. Just two more months here in Medellin. 

Last coffee on the patio

I did chat with “S” this morning. He said he can’t go to the Pride Parade because he really has absolutely no money. Not even enough to take the train, even though the event is free. He even sent me a pic (then later deleted) of his bank account with truly almost zero $ in it. Of course, I was cool about it and said, no worries. I told him I would text him when I got to my new place, which is pretty close to him. He said, of course, we will see each other today in some way or another. 

This is NOT my old King Sized bed for sure!

Today was one of the days that seemed to have so many hours in it! I unpacked everything and got super comfortable and settled in my new place. (Just can’t find my corkscrew, which wouldn’t be a big deal except that my BFF and I bought it in Lisbon in June 2016 and it’s been all around the world with me, would hate to lose it now!) Oh, and finally I put up pics of me and Benjamin and me and Stefan on the wall. That made me happy. It makes me remember I DO have love and lovely men in my life who are not full of all of this drama! 

Yummy Poke Bowl

Then, after I did all that, I still had a lot of energy, so I went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. My tracker said I walked 2.75 miles. Nice! I had a lovely lunch at a Peruvian/Asian fusion place and had a nice chance to relax. I took a long way home too. It was nice to walk past the places I used to hang out in when I lied in this neighborhood last time. Brought back lots of memories of my old Colombian cutie- Luis Fernando. 

And Finally, Salsa

And Finally, Salsa

I still hadn’t heard from “S,” as a matter of fact he STILL hasn’t picked up my messages to him from the afternoon. (Sigh) I was also texting with Alex who was excited about my move. Then another guy who I had been talking to on and off since I got here, finally made an actual move to meet me. Now let’s just be honest, what he was offering was a booty call. That’s it. But I am so in need of booty, I was totally ok with meeting him. I told him to get some wine and come on over. (That was between like 6:30- 7:00) I NEVER HEARD FROM HIM AGAIN!!! (Insert Face Palm here!)

I freaking got my period and was double cranky because of being blow off my both “S” and the new guy. So, when Alex was telling me all the cool things he was going to do with his day off on Monday and none of them was “see me, I had to make a snide comment about him not ever seeing me. That led to a conversation where he said, “Oh I would still love to see you. I really want to have you make me that dinner, it will be so lovely and that would be very nice.” 

My new street

You know this pushed me right the fuck over the edge! I sent him a voice message back that was TOTALLY DRIPPING with sarcasm. Basically, I was like, you have blown me off and canceled on me at least 4 times and now the only thing you say about wanting to see me is so I can cook for you? He didn’t really appreciate that. I eventually made some odd half-hearted attempt at an apology, but it wasn’t much of anything. In the morning he responded, OK- Have a great day today and some cute smilies like usual. But I am not sure what will happen there next. 


  • 1 Really great date 
  • 2.5 Blow offs 
  • 1 New apartment 
  • 1 Nice walk around my new hood 
  • 1 Delicious dinner out for myself 
  • 1 Night with too much to drink 
  • 1 day walking 2.75 miles- my knees need to get used to the walking again! 

Sort of eventful week. I am starting to get really frustrated with dating here. Starting?? But I am the eternal optimist so we’ll see. I did delete a bunch of guys from my Tinder matches, ones who weren’t chatting with me at all, Juan, Alex… It felt good to purge, especially as cranky as I was feeling on Sunday night. We’ll see if I get any new “feels”  or nice happy guys… I do hope so! I mean I have two more months here and the idea of so much more time without regular sex or the fun flirty times with a nice guy(s) is just not happy making!!  


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