The Week in Review- Week 32, 2019

Oh man… writing has been even tougher than usual because I’ve been distracted by falling in love. But here you go… 



Oh people, if you couldn’t tell from last week, I’ve got it bad for this lovely man. DJDM is everything! He had some time off of work and we basically spend 24/7 together until today when sadly our little love bubble was broken and back to work he went. I was also lucky that it was a slow work week for me, so I could totally spend this time with him. 

Street scene in Medellin on a walk

We have had wild nights of super sexy fun. Spanking, both of us learning to use the belt on each other. (Interesting to have another masochist in bed with me, but we also both enjoy giving as much as receiving, so that’s been a blast! He’s disappointed that his skin doesn’t show the red as much as my white butt does!) We’ve explored fisting and squirting and toys and anal. I even had sex for the first time in my life, on my period, and that was so much more amazing than I could ever have expected. And we ALWAYS have morning sex. (Well except for today, but he said he needed to conserve his energy for his first day back to work, and our sex is rather vigorous and he knew it would wear him down! LOL) 

I swear the neighbors must wonder. We joke that they must think he’s “killing the Gringa down there!” Our mornings have a bit of a lovely routine, with him just touching me, caressing my skin, (he loves my skin) kissing me, gently waking us both up and getting us excited. Then the sex? OMG! The Sex! He somehow has the ability to go sooo deep. There are times when I literally have to force myself to relax and feel the “pain.” I swear each time he hits that deep spot it’s like an instant, mini orgasm. If I just close my eyes, relax and lay there and feel, I swear I can almost slip into a “subspace” state of mind as he is hitting it like that! (I promise I have even asked him, crying out in passionate Spanish, “Matetme Amor, Mateme!” (Kill me, lover, Kill me!) 

We even had our first “fight” this week. It was of course, as most fights are, a misunderstanding. He had shared with me the night before some really deep things. He was worried it would change how I looked at him, what I thought of him. It didn’t. But I didn’t sleep very well, and he was tossing and turning too, and in the morning I was cranky. He thought the crankiness was because I had changed my mind and didn’t like him because of what he told me (which honestly was no big deal but it was something bothering him so…) He left and even said maybe we shouldn’t date anymore. 

THAT did not go over well with me. But we were able to work it out. I also made it clear that I had felt like there were some boundaries we needed to discuss and we did and it was good and I think getting through that made it even better than ever. 

Travel Related

This week started the Feria De Las Flores here in Medellin. It is a huge deal here. There are a couple of really big parades, music all over the city the whole 10 days, artisan fairs, so much!

It is the main reason I stayed here in Medellin through August. (I was not really loving it here when I first arrived. I was struggling to adjust to not being in Berlin with my friends and my lovers. I could have stayed another month, but decided to just stay as long as the flower fair and then go. Now I wish I had decided to stay the full 6 months- you know- DJDM and all!) 

DJDM and I have done a couple of fun things, especially since he hasn’t been working so we have had time together. We went to the big local mall and saw their huge flower installation and then had dinner at a small Costeño restaurant. (He is from the coast here, not from Medellin.) 

We went to a local artisan fair in another mall. We followed that with the beer festival in the garden. THAT was a totally fun night. Even though there was a big crowd of people (I kind of hate crowds) and the live music was canceled and there was just a DJ. I had a lot of energy that day so we decided to take advantage of it! We got some cool German beers (Love being able to combine my “lives”) and met some other local people sitting around. 

 A couple of guys in front of us asked me to dance. I did and that was a ton of fun. In the past I might have said no, and I definitely would have said no to dancing with other guys while my husband stood by- he would have laughed and been ok with it, but seething and angry underneath. But DJDM grabbed the camera and took videos. He joked and laughed with another guy who was shocked that “The Gringa can dance!” He told him, “Of course she can, music is in her blood!” 

We met another guy who is a Guatemalan man from Chicago- “F.” I told DJDM that he would be an option for a threesome if that ever “comes up.” We got home and had crazy passionate sex. (As usual) And we had even invited the other guy to come over, but it was like 3 am by the time he answered and we were passed out by then! LOL But we are both very into the idea of another MFM threesome (hopefully with a more experienced partner than last time), and either way “F” seems like a cool guy to hang out with, so we’ll probably do it again. 

We had too much fun the night before, so the next day we got kind of a slow start. But regardless, I was determined that we would enjoy a Friday Funday. (I don’t work on Fridays, so I try to dedicate the time to exploring my surrounding area.) So DJDM and I headed out to a town called Carmen de Viboral. It’s almost 2 hours outside the city and it’s known for its handcrafted ceramics. We hopped on a bus and headed out. 

The town is lovely and the main square has restaurants, cafes, little bars, and of course the church surrounding it. We were hungry so we found a place to eat and it was delicious! (See the next section on food!) And then we wandered around to see the different handcrafted shops and the different items for sale. A huge black storm cloud was heading our way and we snagged a bus back to Medellin just in time to stay dry. 

I am very used to having adventures. What I am not used to is having adventures with a partner. Over the past 5 years, I’ve only had a few. It was a delight to walk hand in hand and figure out what was next and how to go about it with him. We have found that even though we have only been together a short time, we have a rhythm like people who have been together for a long time. It is truly enjoyable. 

Flea Market

The next day we went out again! This time to El Centro (the city center) to an open-air artisan market in Botero Plaza. There was also a huge flea market in addition to all the usual kiosks and veggie stands etc. OY! The sun was so strong that we didn’t stay out too long, but it was a nice day regardless. 

That night he had a music gig. He doesn’t do music professionally anymore, (it takes too much time away from friends and family) but he is well known with some of the bigger names in the industry here and a friend asked him to fill in for him in case he didn’t make it himself. At first, I thought it was at a local bar or something, but this was a gig that was part of the flower festival so it was at Zoo Park! There were three stages and tons of food booths, bars, artisans. Once we finally found the stage and his friends, it was so amazing to see his face and how happy he was to be playing again. It was also very cool to see this part of the Flower Festival I never would have experienced otherwise. 

Again we came home, had too much wine and some crazy fun sex. Can one die from too much sex? Cause damn we’re doing it- A LOT! We woke up in the morning and realized we hadn’t eaten the night before, so we ate and went back to bed for more!! 


Speaking of eating, so much good food this week! (As usual!) Between the Flower Festival and our home cooking adventures, it has been too much fun and too much deliciousness. We have fallen into the habit of him making our breakfasts every day and that is quite lovely too! We just didn’t take a lot of pics of the food. 

All this for less than 14$ USD. So delicious too! Everything!
Menu del dia at a local cafe I work in sometimes. Lunchtime menu. $6 USD, plus soup and homemade juice.
Yummy snack! They give you plastic gloves so you can eat with your hands.
Late night dinner snack


I am definitely relearning how to have autonomy in a very connected and enmeshed relationship. It’s been a long time since I spent this much time with one partner, but I am learning how to do things alone but together. He is really great about that stuff too. I was super tired last night so I went to bed at 9:30. He stayed up late watching TV relaxing before he came to bed. You’ll have to read the other post to understand how amazing that is for me!

I have mentioned before that I need a total knee replacement in both knees. Since I’ve been here I thought I was going to go back to Costa Rica to have it done. I have a few friends there who could help me. But some factors such as cost of housing, cost of the surgery (cheaper than the USA but more than Colombia) and some health issues my friends are having. So I talked to DJDM and decided to do it here. He is super excited (and I am too- but not for the surgery) because that means I will be back in 4 months. 

We really want to explore this relationship long-term and long-distance. Me coming back for the surgery and staying for almost 3 months (up until it’s time to go to Eroticon) will give us a chance to really spend time together again and see if it is all still as amazing as we think it is. We have some even longer-term plans brewing that we will evaluate and implement if things go great when I come back. 

In the meantime, I am trying to get some appointments with orthopedic surgeons to see if I can get most of my stuff done ahead of time, so I can have the surgery as soon as I get here in January. I made a few inquiries and was telling DJDM about them. He started calling around too. He doesn’t have to work on Wednesday this week, (holiday) so he is hoping to help me make some appointments that he can attend as well. I mean seriously?? (BIG PUFFY HEART!) 

The Amazing Wonderful World of Sex Bloggers 

A few blogs and bloggers to note this week:– Fellow SoloPoly gal, world traveler, and amazing photographer!– Met this young lady at Eroticon and just think she’s the bees-knees. Plus I swear she is often in my head when she is writing some of her awesome subby fantasies!– May is super supportive of everyone in our community and happens to write sexy amazing stuff as well as heartfelt real posts from the heart!


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    1. Oh he was so worth the wait and the other wackos I dealt with before meeting him. He is so sweet and he keeps telling me how much he loves me and how awesome I am… I can hardly believe my good fortune! He’s pretty great.

    1. Thanks! SO good for me, in fact, I haven’t blogged in a month! HAHA Maybe that’s actually not good… but it was sure fun falling in love with him! I miss him already like crazy!

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