The Week in Review- Week 36 2019

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Cuenca from the hilltop

So yep, still madly in love with DJDM. He still rocks my world even from 1,593 miles and 1,000 feet away. (Elevation of Cuenca, Ecuador 2,500km, Elevation of Medellin, Colombia, 1,500km) It’s been 10.5 days since I left, and I miss him. He misses me. But every day I have total confidence in our relationship and I love him more. 

I did a workshop at a polyamory meetup once and it helped me to narrow down my key relationship values. For me, those three are, Open, Honest, and Connected. My relationship with DJDM checks all of those boxes. (Plus a ton more!) We know that there is nothing we cannot tell each other, our relationship is open, both sexually and emotionally, and we have this amazing connection that never ceases to amaze me. This is good stuff people. And he loves him some Lala… for real! <3

He is so frigging sexy. I sure miss our sexy times. Sex with him was out of this world. There is nothing we couldn’t tell each other that we wanted. We connect on so many levels that the sex is just amazing, every single time. He knows things about me. He does things to me that I simply crave. I need this man in my life. I didn’t know I needed anyone. I was comfortable going on as I was going. But now that I’ve found him, I don’t want to do life without him. Crazy! 

As for my other partners, things are still going well. Benjamin and I were having a bit of a communication miss. I actually talked to DJDM about it and he counseled patience and to hear him out when we finally got to talk. He was right, and things are back on track with Benjamin. I asked him for a little more connection and he’s been good about doing that, so back on track. 

Main park in the center of town

I have to be honest, I didn’t really expect our relationship to last as long as it has from this distance, but it’s still lovely and supportive. It’s not very sexy most of the time, but that’s ok. I am excited to see him in November and rekindle some of that part of our romance too. 

Stefan? We’re still in a one or two text chats every 2-3 weeks. That’s what works for us. It’s exactly what I expected from our long-distance relationship. And then he does and says things that remind me how “there for me” he is. 

I told him I would be in Berlin in November, and his immediate response was “Send me the dates and I’ll make sure you have somewhere to stay.” Until then I was planning to couch surf with my girlfriends, and spend about a week with Benjamin, now I am staying at his old apartment for a week and he’s working on the rest of the time for me. The next time we talked, I told him that I needed to get a few things when I arrived in Berlin. Immediately, he offered his shop for me to send things to and he would hold onto them until I arrived. These things remind me that there is always something special and loving between us, despite the miles. After 3 years, I feel rather secure in that. 

One of the bazillion churches in the town

I always say, our relationship doesn’t look traditional because it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean it is not very real and very special. I am very much looking forward to seeing him in November. I don’t know how much time we’ll get together, but whatever it is, I will cherish it and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Travel Related

I MOVED! I am now in Cuenca, Ecuador. I am kind of loving it too. (Even, despite the fact that I am now in an LDR with DJDM until January.) The weather is cooler 18ish most days (that’s about 68 to my USA friends.) The town is a lovely Spanish colonial city. Most of it is rundown and needs restoration, but it is still so pretty to walk around. 

Details of the New Cathedral

I’ve been enjoying the fresh market, wandering around new neighborhoods, and on Sunday I even found a “gringo” bar that shows the NFL games! (It’s been forever since I was in the right time zone to easily watch the NFL!) 

I did a tour of a bunch of the neighboring cities to see the different artisan areas. That was a fun day and a great way to get to know the country and its culture and people. This week I have a tour of some Inca ruins and a walk up into the mountains coming up.  

Hand-made guitars made the same way for generations!

I also have a very big trip coming up next week. It’s gonna be a surprise, but oh this one is going to be a biggie! So excited! It’s time off of work and everything kind of adventure, so stay tuned for that! 

I have made my travel arrangements for the rest of the year, and it is going to be exciting. Not just next week but a couple more super cool things by the end of the year, so there will be lots of neat pictures and info to come for the rest of the year! 

Lots of street art in the city
Hillsides outside of Cuenca – The Andes Mountains
Ladies selling their fruit on the street just outside the market
More beautiful buildings all over the city


OK, well since I am no longer cooking fun meals at home with DJDM I didn’t think I’d be getting into the cooking much- but to my pleasant surprise, I’ve been pretty good cooking at home and eating rather healthy. I’ve also been enjoying market shopping so that helps. I have found a few cool restaurants and have been having some food adventures. (There are a few more coming up you guys are going to be like HUH?! LOL, I can’t wait for those nights! But I didn’t want to do it ALL in my first week here, ya know?) 

THIS is lunch! $3 usd for a small plate (a few pics down) So friggin delicious!!!

You cannot imagine how delicious this is. Roasted pork, crispy skins, pickled onion and tomato salad, buttery mashed potatoes fried on one side, hominy, all with a touch of this local hot sauce called Ají. OMG!
I saw a sign for wine and cheese from the street and RAN to find out more!
This bread was $.25!
Way too much food. Fried rice with everything!! I am still eating the leftovers!
Fresh salad and chicken from the market!
These beets, onions, carrots, and pork chops are also from the market.

Homemade chicken- guess from where… the market!
This may be the best pizza I’ve had in years, and I am picky about Pizza being from NY and all!
Have to have a good burger.. it was only $4.00 usd! (with fries and sauces!)
The market!
All of this for like $5.00 usd!


I feel really good here. I wrote about that and my current mental this week. The weather is cool, the people are nice. I am sleeping great which is really really helpful! I love my sleep! 

Happily Mental

Right before I left Medellin, I talked to the knee surgeon again. Like literally the day before I left. He read my most current X-rays and he thinks I still have a few years on these old knees. The right one will be the first to go, he thinks in about 3 years (They REALLY do not like to do the surgery when you are in your 40’s because they only last about 12 years. He showed me the bits and wow, they are big and heavy… weird.) I am not sad about that as I am pretty terrified about having the surgery and the scars up my legs- when I usually wear skirts! (So vain but dude!) He said the left one probably has 5-6 years left. 

But he really can’t help me with the pain right now. He wrote me a script for the pain meds I am currently taking, so I have “proof” that I need it if I am ever questioned by customs or immigration officers when entering or leaving a new country. When I go back in January, he wants me to get in touch again and he’s going to schedule me for this plasma replacement therapy.  I read about it, and it’s definitely not a miracle cure, but for the people, it works for, it seems to work really well. I am looking forward to that. Anything that can help alleviate the pain without me having to pop so many pills is a plus in my book! 

Panama hats are actually from Ecuador. I got one! Pink and neutral…

That brings me to something else. I am going back to Medellin in January and DJDM and I are going to live together for the time that I am there. Give ourselves a chance to see how it goes, feel it out after me being away for 4 months. But, because I felt like it was important to give ourselves that time together. Important for us to really give ourselves a chance to see if this is the relationship we want, we can make work, etc. I decided I needed/wanted to be there in Medellin for the whole three months that my visa would allow. Makes sense right? 

Gringo restaurant

Well, that means I won’t be going to Eroticon. It is in the middle of March and I can stay in Colombia until the middle of April so… no Eroticon this year for me.  2021 though! For sure! I am going to have such bad FOMO come March when all my sexy peeps are hanging out and I can only see pics and hear the reports on Twitter! Sorry, gang! MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!! 

A traditional way to make fabrics. I got a gorgeous pashmina from this woman! Hand made and all-natural dyes!

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8 Replies to “The Week in Review- Week 36 2019”

  1. Noooooo! I am so sad you won’t make it to Eroticon! I understand your reasons though, but I am still sad! I love how in love you are 🙂

    Rebel xox

    PS: It seems that despite being subscribed to your blogs I don’t get any updates by email 🙁

    1. I am so sad that I won’t be going, but I think the reasoning is sound too. I’ll see you again the next year for sure!!!

      (Still working on the subscription thing!)

  2. Eres realmente increíble, y escribes increíblemente. Me encanta como describes cada cosa con tal facilidad y me halaga enormemente que hables de mi de la forma en que lo haces. Cada vez me siento mas enamorado de ti y cada vez quiero hacerte mas feliz independientemente de lo que ello implique, porque se que el amor es libertad y tu eres libre y aunque a veces cuando amamos queremos a esa persona solo para nosotros hay que entender al amor de formas mas complejas. El amor ágape, el amor libre, el amor sacrificio; el sacrificio gustoso, ese que te da la felicidad de ver a tu pareja feliz aunque no estés a su lado. (creo que me volveré escritor también jejejeje y todo gracias (nuevamente) a ti, tu me inspiras, eres mi musa).

    1. Mi amor, tambien creo que deberías escribirle. Tus palabras son hermosas y me conmueven. Amo la forma en que me amas. Me encanta cómo me aceptaste por lo que soy y hacemos que funcione. ¡Gracias mi amor!

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