The Week in Review- Week 37 2019

*** Back on a Weekly Schedule- though with the trip I am taking next week means the weekly post will be delayed next week! LOL Hard to be a person with a strict schedule when you are a person with no “permanent home” and a random travel plan. **********


Still chugging along with my love affair with DJDM. We have such a connection that we can always tell if there is something wrong with the other one, even if we haven’t mentioned it yet. A few weeks ago, I was having a rough day. I didn’t even know it at the time, but he sensed something in my demeanor in our messages and he called me on it. Then I realized it was the day all the craziness started with my ex-husband that finally broke our marriage for good. I hate that the day is still something that is triggered in me, but more importantly for this story is that he sensed even before I did that there was something going on with me. 

Then last night we were chatting and he was out with friends. I asked him a few times what he was doing, and he never really answered. That is not like him. But he was just as loving and sweet as always, so I just figured he was distracted. But I did know it was in the back of my head. Today he didn’t check his messages for a long time and when he did he was super brief. OK. I knew something was wrong. So I asked him what he wasn’t telling me. 


He sent me pics of him in the hospital! He had a bicycle accident! (A huge dog ran into him in the middle of traffic! HA! Poor thing!) He had been in the hospital waiting on an X-ray to see if his wrist was broken. He didn’t want to worry me! But I KNEW something was up! Crazy! Love this guy! Our connection is erie sometimes, too many ways to explain. 

Went up on top of that big “hill” there!! Cojitambo

We made some “happy couple” plans this week too! I’ll leave that to be a surprise for you all, but it made my heart very happy. It seems like being apart is kind of distilling things down for us. Making us remember the important things, and focus on those and not worry about random non-issue things. Not being together also makes us not even notice a lot of these things because we don’t have to deal with the minutiae of our day to day lives. 

So cold at 13,500 feet!!

I can’t tell you how many times in a day I think to myself, “I love my sweet boyfriend.” Or “He is so dang cute!” LOL I am realizing every day how unusual this relationship is. In the best of ways. He sees me. He knows me. He knows that he has to hold on loosely because of my polyamory and my travel bug, and he is willing to do that. He is willing to love me exactly the way I am. He gets it. 

This church is built right into the mountain.

He said to me the other day that I am the one who makes a lot of sacrifices or adjustments for our relationship, speaking Spanish, living in his country/city. But he makes a huge sacrifice and adjustment by loving me exactly where I am. Literally and figuratively. He knows our relationship will always look different from the outside. His family and friends will question him about us, about what we have. I will probably never live with him full time, and I will probably always have other loves. He has taken that on, willingly, lovingly, and beautifully. We’ve committed to seeing it through, and talking and adjusting each step of the way. I love that! 

Living on the edge!

Travel Related 

I did two big day trips this week. So I have mixed a lot of photos into this post (again.) Cuenca, the city I live in, is at about 2.500 meters (8,200 ft). The trips I went on were all over 3.000! I saw Inca/Cañari temple ruins, a church built into the mountain with the sparkliest alter I have ever seen, and an Inca ruin on top of a mountain (3.200 mt, 9,910 ft) with crazy amazing views! 



Inca- Cañari Ruins
Traffic Jam

Then the next day I went to the Cajas National Park where we went on a short hike at 13,000 ft. (3.962 mt.) Let me tell you, a “short hike” at those altitudes when you have a touch of asthma and still have your bronchitis cough? That was rough. Plus all the walking I did the day before, and now this was more of a hike… I struggled a bit, but I was super happy I did it. Even though it was FREEZING for a while and it was too cloudy (and the clouds were on the ground at that altitude) to take pics. Eventually, the sun came out and we had a nice lunch and got some better pics.   

Trout ponds. Lots of trout farms up in the mountains.
I decided against riding in the big cage- too windy and cold!


Speaking of a nice lunch. There is a thing in Ecuador (Colombia too) it is called “Menu del Dia.” The menu of the day. It is a set meal that people go into the restaurant and get without using the menu. Usually, it is very inexpensive. Yesterday at the national park, a more touristy area, the trout meal was $5 USD.

Trout Menu Del Dia at the national park

Many of the restaurants in town sell their menu del did for $3.00- 4.00. I have been eating those when I have time to get out in the middle of the day with work. 

Was craving McDonald’s but this was a good substitute! Especially since McD’s here doesn’t have the same breakfast we have in the USA.

Usually, it is a soup (potato and cheese or garbanzo bean and corn and cheese- something like that.) Rice, a protein, (sometimes you can choose, sometimes you can’t) a salad some sort, sometimes plantain, a fresh juice, and a small dessert. All that for the price. You pretty much are expected to get the menu and not use the “carte” (menu) during lunch hours. YUMMY and healthy. I looked in the mirror last night and I think I may have lost some weight since I have been here. Walking and walking and eating light like this. YAY! 


I don’t have a lot of new info for you here. I have been thinking a lot about my polyamory and what it looks like now that I have one relationship that is much more traditional in appearances and feelings than my others. I’ve been thinking about what to write about that, I think I’ll get to it soon. 

The Sparkley Alter! And you can see the mountain too…

Yesterday on the tour, there were a few single retired women. One is nomadic like me, the other has been living here by herself for 6 years. They both enjoy the single life, making their own decisions, doing their own thing. I didn’t ask them about romantic relationships, (we’d only just met after all) but I imagine they have a lot of freedom there too. I could see myself in them. When I picture my future, I can picture myself like them, (these ladies were at least 20 years older than me,) still doing my thing, still enjoying my life on my terms. 

The “God is With You” Bus
There is a “bed” at the front of this bus… they tell me it’s where people sit when there are no more seats. It also gives access to the engine.
Hot milk.. then you put the coffee in. It was actually so delicious I bought some of this instant coffee and I am going to try it at home!

I also can see my life with romantic partnerships, deep love, lovers. None of that is different from how I feel right now. I already see my nomadic “solo life” changing, because of my love for DJDM. We are working towards a bit more entangled life together, part-time. It just may be the best of both worlds. I know we are hopeful for that! 

I don’t know if these thoughts even make sense yet, I guess in the end what it feels like, is just plain right. Good. I feel like my life is what it is supposed to be, right now at this moment, and probably for the future too. 

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