The Week in Review: Week 4- 2019

***Each week I will spell out the days and my various dates, adventures or lack thereof. If I have written a story about that particular date or event or whatever, I will link it here as well. I will also add a summary and some “parting thoughts” at the end.***

Monday: I cannot believe what a beautiful day it was today. We’ve been very lucky to have a few beautiful sunny days this past week or so. I spent yesterday doing nothing but working all day, so when I saw the sunlight shining outside my window, I had to break with tradition again and get out of the flat and enjoy the cold crisp sunshine. I headed to the cafe and got quite a bit of work on this crazy project done. I even worked again until the early morning hours AFTER I went out for a bit of fun in the evening.

Took some pics on my way around the neighborhood today!

The best part of the day- as always on the third Monday of the month- Smut Slam! A Dirty Story Telling Community Spoken Word event. It’s a place I go that makes me feel like I’m Norm in Cheers. They call my name and people pat me on the back as I go up to tell my story, I meet and greet so many beautiful humans there. They’re really my people! I’ve been going to Smut Slam for more than a year and it has grown bigger and better every month!

The story I told was a spoken version of this one, about a sexy spanky threesome with a friend.

Time to Discover

Check out Smut Slam International to see if there is one in your town! (I’ll be going to the one in Edinburgh in March!)

Tuesday:  Still pretty deep into the work project. It was due today, so I set the alarm early, even though I worked so late the night before and finished it up. I have such a flexible day job that when the big shit hits the fan, I make it happen so I can keep having the flexibility and freedom to travel and write with the schedule I want.

I celebrated finishing the project with a long soak in the tub some Prosecco, my own writing, and binge watching UnReal on Hulu. I really know how to party.

Exploring Saturday Nights

Wednesday:  Got my work done at the cafe. I am there so often the staff jokes that I am part of the furniture. I love to sit there and do my work and writing. In the late afternoon, I went to meet my writing pals to talk about our books, plot points, synopsis’s, and agent letters.  Oh, and more work. I am sensing a theme this week.

I also posted a story about my some of my explorations of the desert in Namibia:

Exploring Spitkoppe

Thursday- I got my hopes up earlier in the week that I would get to see Stefan today, despite him telling me last week he didn’t think we’d be able to spend time together. So, when he texted me to confirm that we would NOT be meeting I was pretty sad. I have so few days left here, and we generally only see each other once a week, so to not see him for a third week in a row was difficult. But to make myself feel better, I swiftly implemented Plan B! A nice long hot bath and some lovely wine. On a happier note, I think negotiated two dates with him next week (maybe.) THAT will make me happy, even though he did tell me not to expect too much, his life has been hectic and the ole libido might not be up for a lot of action. As much as I adore our crazy awesome sex life, just being with him is important to me. We do snuggling on the couch really well too.

I did get a blog post done:

Dirty Talk

 Friday – As always, it’s Friday Funday. Actually, it’s the last Friday Funday that I can do with my friend before I leave. We went to the aquarium. It’s not the most fabulous aquarium I’ve been to, but it was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Right about the time we were done, Benjamin called to say he had made it to town. YAY! I haven’t seen him since the weekend before Christmas! We went out to a really nice little corner wine bar and sat on cozy old-fashioned furniture and drank two bottles of decent Spanish Tempranillo and talked and talked.  It always seems to take us some time to get acclimated to one another again, so sitting and chatting all night was pretty perfect. We fell asleep snuggled up on the couch.

Cozy Wine Bar

Saturday– I love waking up with him next to me in the bed. He is the only person with whom I sleep comfortably and don’t stay awake all night unable to sleep. We even slept in until after 11! It was great to reconnect with him and our sex life too. I loved walking around the Stasi (German GDR Secret Police Force) museum that afternoon, knowing I had nice red fingerprints on my ass. We have a very easy camaraderie and always enjoy just hanging out together.

After the museum we walked to the market in the cold rain. My knees were bothering me, so he parked me at a cafe (like granny!) and I had a coffee while he purchased all the groceries needed to make me a traditional German dinner! YUMMY! We went home and settled into a lovely domestic scene. He made our food and we had some really good discussions about love and life and sex. Dinner was delicious and snuggling on the couch watching old 90’s sci-fi shows was just geeky enough for us both.

Dinner- Homemade with love!

Sunday– After we met Benjamin’s business partner for coffee and breakfast, he helped me get a bunch of things done around the flat that have to be done before I leave. (He also helped me to navigate some of my final German paperwork, THANK GOODNESS!) If we lived closer, he would be “that” boyfriend. The one who does domestic relaxed things with me. The one who fixes the drawers on the bed, so they close properly, and who calls on his way home from work to see if I want to watch TV together that night. It sucks that we never got the chance to have that, primarily because we are long distance partners, but also because our relationship was “hijacked’ pretty early on because of the separation from his wife.

As he prepared to leave, I was pretty emotional. I don’t know if I will see him again before I leave, and if that’s the case, then it also seems I may never see him again- period. A year is a long time to try to maintain a long-distance relationship across continents. I struggled with seeing him only once a month, from just a few hours away! But he was wonderful, calm, encouraging and supportive. He kept reminding me what a great adventure I have in front of me and even better, that “home/Germany/Berlin” wasn’t going anywhere and he/it would still be here when I got back.

I have no expectations for what our relationship will be or look like once I leave, and honestly, we haven’t even discussed it. It’ll be what it is, and we’ll make of it what we can. If I believe that relationships should all be allowed to find their own level, and I do, then I have to allow this one to continue to grow and change as we both move forward into new chapters. Him into his divorce and a different kind of family life, and me half-way across the world in a new country. If we can maintain a friendly romantic relationship that would be lovely. If not, I am prepared for it to slowly fade away. Either way, I am better for having known him, for having had him in my life here in Berlin.


  • 1 Friday Funday at the aquarium
  • 1 afternoon at the Stasi museum
  • 1 awesome weekend with my boyfriend
  • 1 very nice bottom reddening over the chair spanking
  • 2 nights of sleeping next to my love
  • 1 homemade romantic dinner
  • Too much work
  • Not enough days left in the city I love


So there ya go. Another not very exciting week in review! LOL Good thing polyamory is not “all about the sex” because lord knows I don’t always have very much of it. I do however, have awesome friends and lovers who help me stay on this wild ride called life!


This post added to Masturbation Monday. Click the image for stories that are much sexier than mine and written by some pretty amazing sexy bloggers!!

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    1. Smut Slams are so much fun. The community, the energy, people are open and vulnerable, and Camryn does an amazing job of fostering a safe space for all of that to happen. Having been a professional trainer and sales person for most of my career, public speaking is not something that makes me too nervous- I like the energy and the high!

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